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Here are som interviewīs with Anna, Iīll try to update this page as soon as I find some new things on Anna.

Wimbledon 97 - After Anna lost to Miss M. Hingis.
Wimbledon 97 - After Anna beated Miss I. Majoli.
Wimbledon 97 - After Anna beated Miss H. Sukova.
Wimbledon 97 - After Anna beated Miss C. Rubin.
At U.S. Open -97.
At U.S. Open 8/29/96.
At U.S. Open 8/31/96.
At U.S. Open 9/02/96.
At French Open 5/29/97.
At French Open 5/31/97.
At Lipton Chamionships - Anna def. Seles.
At Lipton Chamionships - Anna def. Sanchez.
At Lipton Chamionships - Anna lost to Williams.
Look at this interview made after Annaīs First Round win in the French Open -98. (Download RealPlayer)
This interview was made after the Second Round win in Paris.
This interview was made after Annaīs third round win of the French Open -98.
This interview was made after Annaīs fourth round loss in Paris.
An interview made with Anna after her withdrawing from the Wimbledon.
This interview is done after Annas first round win of the US Open -98.

Here are some articles on Anna, itīs the same here, Iīll update this as soon as possible.

Kournikova tops Sanchez Vicario at Open.
Kournikova upsets Huber at Wimbledon.
Kournikova tales French Open spotlight
Kournikona could future of womenīs tennis.
Tennis- Teen Kournikova stays a live at Open.
Kournikova likes the attention.
Kournikova: Part Phenom, Part Press Agentīs Dream.
Martina pips Anna - Australian Open -98.
Kournikova keep on winning.
Kournikova beats Lucic in Lipton's battle of 16-year-olds.
Youth movement: Williams and Kournikova in Lipton final.
An all-teen final at Lipton: Venus vs. Anna.
Kournikova stuns Hingis at German Open.
Kournikova upset in German Open semis.
Kournikova Fights Off Crowd Favorite: French Open 1998.
Kournikova Powers Her Way Into Third Round: French Open 1998.
WTA smells like teen spirit.
Kournikova Double-Bagels Carlsson: French Open 1998.
Novotna Uses Veteran's Guile to Down Kournikova: French Open 1998.
Restroom dispute highlights Anna's loss : French Open 1998.
Kournikovaīs Out - Anna canīt play in the Wimbledon -98.

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