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Iīve decided to concentrate most on statics and the LATEST news on Anna. Iīve seen so many pages that has the results from some tournament, 4 months ago or so, and they say they always update there pages. Iīm so tired of that. So on my page I always, and I really mean always try to have the latest in news and results on Anna. And ofcourse I hope you guys think Iīm succeed in doing that! If you guys allow me to say that, I think in that category my page is among the best sites on the internet. Please sign this guestbook and tell me what YOU think about this page. And please only give your comments about the page in this guestbook. Comments about Anna and so you can give in the other guestbook below on this page, ok! Thank you very much for visiting. I really hope youīll enjoy the page. And remember, every time you wonder if Anna has played a tournament lately, just go to my page! Thanks alot!

Anna Kournikova


Born:1981-06-07 Moscow, Russia
Residence: Bradenton, Florida
Height:5'7" (173 cm)
Weight:113 lbs (55kg)
Plays:Right handed (Two handed backhand)
Turned Pro:October 1995
Current Ranking:14
Career Win/Loss Record:57-29

Anna began playing tennis when she was only five years old. When Anna was nine years old, she was spotted playing in the Kremlin Cup in Moscow, by IMG Agents. They took her to the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Bradenton, Florida.
When Anna was only 13 years old she made it to the final in the Rolex Orange Bowl tournament. There she unfortunatley lost to 18 year old Spaniard Marion Ramon, 7-5,6-4. If Anna had won the match she would have been the youngest winner in the tournamentīs history. But the revange for Anna would come as soon as the next year. Then Anna made it all the way to the final again and there she defeated Sandra Nacuk of yougoslavia, 6-3,6-2. The same year, Anna also won the European Championships, and the 1995 Italian Open Juniors. She made it to the semi final in the juniors Wimbledon, and Anna also was a French Open Juniors quater finalist. She ended 1995 as the ITF Junior world Champion ranked No.1.
With a terrific play through the all of 1995, Anna really showed what a great tennis player and big talant she was. In 1996, Anna turned professional and it didnīt took long time before Anna stod as the champion of her first tournament as a pro. This happened in a ITF Womenīs Circuit Satellite event in Midland, Michigan, USA, where she qualified in to the tournament and then went all the way to a terrific win over Lindsay Lee in the final. Later on the same year Anna took her second tournament win as a pro. As the fifth seed, she earned the win of an ITF Womenīs Circuit Satellite event in Rockford, Illinois, USA. Anna also made her Grand Slam debut in 1996. This was in the U.S. Open. After winning her first three qualifing matches in the tournament, Anna made it to the fourth round where she unfortunatley lost to number one seed, Steffi Graaf, wich later on won the hole tournament. Anna ranking at this time was 144.
But with a lovely tennis so far in the 1997, Anna has moved up to the top 50 on the world ranking list. And her coach Bollettieri predicts her to be a future top 10 player. Anna coutinued her -97 season with great play. The highlight came in Wimbledon where she became the second woman in the Open Era to reach the Wimbledon semifinals in her career debut in the tournament, upset fifth-ranked Iva Majoli in the quarterfinals and 10th-ranked Anke Huber in the third round; came back from match point down in the second round to defeat Barbara Rittner. Unfortunatley she lost in the semifinals to world number one, Martina Hingis. But she still can be very satisfied with her play through 1997. Six of her seven losses in 1997 were to players in the Top 10.
And with that talant Anna got I think she in the future will be a serious contender to the world number one spot in the womenīs tennis. Anna is not only a great tennis player, sheīs got the look to and sheīs very nice to watch, anyway thatīs what i think. I wish her all of luck in the future. GO ANNA!

Annaīs latest Tournament

US Open, USA

Third Round Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
A. Kournikova(RUS)(15) 6 6 -
S. Farina(ITA) 4 1 -

Anna played a fine third round match against the italian Silvia Farina and won in two straight sets. Especially in the second set Anna played very good tennis and it took her just 28 minutes to win it. In the next round Anna will play Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario, I think itīs gonna be a tough match but I really hope Anna will win it.
Here is the match statics.
Here is an interview from after the match.

Singles; Second Round
A. Kournikova(15) d. R. Bobkova(CZE) - 6-3, 6-4.

Anna had a rather easy win over the check girl Radka Bobkova in her secon round match. Anna could win in two straight sets even though she made very many unforced errors (33) and 3 double faults. But I think if she have plans for some big things in this tournament she have to improve that kind of tihings. In the next round Anna will play the Italian Silvia Farina.
Here is the match statics.
Also take a look at this interview done after the game.

Singles; First Round
A. Kournikova(15) d. L. Ghirardi(FRA) - 6-1, 6-3.

Anna had a good start of the US Open, when she pretty easy in two sets beated the french player Lea Ghirardi. the match were over in just 51 minutes. With this win Anna improved her -98 win/loss record to 35-13.
I really hope anna will do well in this tournament. I know she like to play here and I really think she deserves a great success right now. After her injury and all that I mean. In the second round Anna will play Radka Bobkova. I wish you all of luck Anna!
Here is the match statics.
Also take a look at this interview done after the game.

Doubles; Second Round
A. Fraizer, K. Schlukebir(USA) d. A. Kournikova(6), L. Neiland(LAT)(6) - 6-2, 4-6, 6-3.
Anna and her partner are now out of the doubles with a surprising loss over the American couple. The only good thing with that is that Anna now can concentrate only on her singleplay.

Doubles; First Round
A. Kournikova(6), L. Neiland(LAT)(6) def. J. Craybas, T. Snyder(USA) - 6-3, 6-2.
Anna and her partner also had a good start of the doubles winning in two straight sets over the american couple Crybas/Snyder.


Lipton Championshipīs At Key Biscayne, Fla

- Annaīs best tournament of the year, maybe her best ever!

V. Williams def. A. Kournikova - 2-6, 6-4, 6-1
Unfortunatley Anna lost in the finals of the Lipton Championships against the 17 old American, Venus Williams, ranked number 11 in the world. Anna started the game good winning first set 6-2. But then Venus got to strong for her, with her powerfull tennis she won the to following sets pretty easy. Anna sed after the match she felt pretty tired. And that you ofcourse can understand. In this tournament she has played four though matches against top seeded players. Ofcourse Anna got tired. I think she played her best tennis ever and this was her best tournamnt ever. Iīm so impressed!! Now I really hope anna can continue with this kind of play through this year, I really think she can. Anna has now sheīs also a great tennis player, not only the sexiest girl on the earth!
Here is an article dealing with the game!

Semi Finals
A. Kournikova def. A. Sanchez Vicario(SPA)(8) - 3-6, 6-1, 6-3.
Yes Yes Yes!!! This is so great! Anna is through to the finals in the lipton Championships! Anna played awsome tennis and beated her 4:th top seeded player in the tournament. Now Anna won over the number 8 seeded, Arantxa Sanchez Vicario from Spain. Iīm so happy for Anna, now she really really shows what a great tennis player she is! In the finals Anna will play the young American Venus Williams wich ha been a real comet this year. Itīs a very tough match for Anna but I belive she can win, sheīs playing so good tennis right now. I can say I really look forward to this final, and I really hope with all of my heart Anna would win it!!
You all guys take a look at this

Quater Finals
A. Kournikova def. L. Davenport(USA)(2) - 6-4, 2-6, 6-2.
Anna is playing so lovely tennis now, maybe the best tennis of her life. Sheīs now through to the semi finals winnig over the number two seeded! Lindsay Davenport from USA. Anna has played so great all the way through the tournament, beating three top seeded players, Seles(5), Martinez(9) and now Davenport(2). This is what we all have been wating for!! In the semis Anna have another tough opponent to beat, the spanish number 8 seeded, Arantxa Sanchez Vicario. But I think Anna have a good chace if she can play the same fine tennis as ahe has in the earlier round. I really hope she will win the match!!
Take a look at this article about the lovely tennis Anna is playing right now!

Singles; Fourth Round
A. Kournikova def. C. Martinez(SPA)(9) - 6-3, 6-0
Anna is played teriffic tennis in the fourth round against the old spanish veteran, Conchita Martinez, winnig easy in two straight sets. This is great!

Singles; Third Round
A. Kournikova def. M. Seles(USA)(5) - 7-5, 6-4
Anna won her third round match over the American, Monica Seles. This was a comeback match for the American and Anna got a little bit to tough for her. Good Anna!!

Singles; Second Round
A. Kournikova def. M. Lucic(CRO) - 6-4, 6-2.
Anna is now through to the third round in the Lipton Championshipīs, there she will play Monica Seles for the first time in her career, I really hopes she wins. In the second round Anna defeated the 16 year old crotian, Mirjana Lucic; ranked 46:th in the world, in two straight sets. Itīs not every day Anna plays a younger opponent then her self, but now she did and she did it very well!!
Here is an Article dealing with the second round game.

Doubles; Quater Finals
A. Sanchez Vicario(SPA), N. Zvereva(BEL) def. A. Kournikova, L. Neiland - 6-4, 4-6, 6-3.
Anna and her partner is now out of the tournament.

Doubles; Third Round
A. Kournikova, L. Neiland def. C. Barclay, K-A. Guse(AUS) - 3-6, 6-2, 6-2.
Anna is playing very good double tennis too and now she and her partner are through to the Quater finals.

Doubles; Second Round
A. Kournikova, L. Neiland(LAT) def. K. Kunce(AUS), C. Morariu(USA) - 7-6(8-6), 6-7(3-7), 6-1.

Annaīs all Tournaments in -98

Pilot Pen International:
Second Round in the Singles, no Doubles.

du Maurier Open:
Third Round in the singles, no Doubles.

Eastbourne Championships:
Semifinals in the Singles, no Doubles.

Australian Open:
Third Round in the Singles, Second Round in Doubles and Second Round in the Mixed Doubles.

Open Gaz de France:
Second Round in the Singles and the FINALS in the Doubles.

Faber Grand Prix
Semifinals in the singles and Second Round in the Doubles.

Austrian Open:
Quaterfinals in the singles, there were no Doubles.

Evert Cup:
Third Round in the singles, no doubles were played.

Lipton Championships:
FINALS in the singles, Quater Finals in the doubles.

Bausch & Lomb Championships:
Quater Finals in the singles, Anna didnīt play the doubles.

German Open:
Semi Finals in the singles, no doubles.

French Open:
Fourth Round in the singles, Semi Finals in the Doubles and Second Round in the Mixed Doubles.

(for more information go to the statics page)

..Latest News..

I know Anna is back from her injury now and that she right now is playing in the US Open, I think itīs great that sheīs back now!

Ok you all guys, I really want to appologize. Iīve not done anything with this page for I think two month or something, and Iīm really sorry for that. But it is like this. Iīve been on a long long holliday you know. First I were in France for 1 month, then i were in England for a couple of weeks and after that i traveled around for some weeks in my home country, Sweden. But now Iīm back and I will try to do my best to get this page updated again. As i say on this page i always have the very latest on Anna, especially when it comes to her latest results. And I will continue with that, OK!!!!

Iīm really, really sad. And I bet Anna is to. Anna canīt play in the wimbledon, her thumb damage didnīt heal as fast as she thought it would. I really hope she will get better as fast as possible.
Hereīs an article about it.

Anna can play in the Wimbledon!! Itīs so great, I donīt know what would do if she had to drop out from the tournament.

Annaīs first round match of the Wimbledon is against Kimberly Po, Incline Village, Nev. (Wimbledon starts the 22 of June)

Anna is now ranked NO. 11 (1932 points) on the WTA list!! Her doubles ranking is NO. 19.

Today itīs Annaīs BIRTHDAY. I really have to congratulate her!! Anna is now 17 years old (one year younger then me).

Ok, take it easy guys. Anna has NOT cut her hair. It was a swedish tv comentator who belived she had. Annaīs friend had said that if Anna cut her hair she would get a lot of money. After this Anna was going around in the hotel with a short hair cut. Everybody thought she had cut her hair but it was only a periwig.


Anna is now ranked 8:th on the money list for this year with her 340,043 dollars in prize money so far this season.

Anna was supposed to play for Russia in the Fed Cup, but now she has been withdrawn because of a straind stomach muscle.Here is an article dealing with it.

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