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Manuel Aguirre (UAM)

Isabel Soto (UNED)


Clara Fernández (GeorgiaTech)

Eva Herreros (UAM)


Nancy Bredendick (UAM)

Paul Giles (Cambridge)

Jim Lawley (UNED)

Tony Lopez (Plymouth)

Esteban Pujals (UAM)

Roberta Quance (Belfast)

Philip Sutton (UAM)


THE GATEWAY PRESS is a non-profit-making publisher. With Studies in Liminality and Literature, THE GATEWAY PRESS offers its readers a first in Spanish academic publishing: a series of scholarly works in English focused on the poetics of the threshold. THE GATEWAY PRESS is an independent academic publisher dedicated to research in literature in English, with a comparative, interdisciplinary and historical slant. The series Studies in Liminality and Literature has been created to cater to the growing number of scholars currently working in a vast and mostly ill-defined ‘territory’ which is (paradoxically) shaped by lines, thresholds, demarcations, and which (again, paradoxically) is placing the question of peripheries at the centre of research.

SLL publishes authoritative working papers in English and is designed to provide a forum for research on various aspects of literature to which the concept of liminality is relevant. Both SLL and THE GATEWAY PRESS have been launched to meet a perceived need in Spain: for an academic press devoted to publishing scholarly work on literature written in English and addressed to an international readership.


The Gateway Press is proud to present its new release, SLL 4. Mapping The Threshold: Essays in Liminal Analysis, edited by Nancy Bredendick (more)

Click here for information about the 4th International Seminar on Liminality and Text at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, March 2005

Manuel Aguirre

Departamento de Filología Inglesa / Department of English Studies
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
Cantoblanco 28049 MADRID, Spain


P.O.Box 15.133
28080 MADRID, Spain

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