Gender: F
Birth: 1562
Place: Giggleswick,Yorkshire,England
Christening: Eng.
Death: in Giggleswick,Yorkshire,Eng.
Married: #1 Adam PRESTON on 2 June 1583
of Giggleswick, Yorkshire, England Adam Preston: Born: 1564
Place: Giggleswick,Yorks,England
Married: 2 Jun 1583
Died: 8 November 1593-England

Children Margaret PRESTON
Born: b: 24 Aug 1583
Place: Giggleswick,Yorkshire,England
Born: 20 Aug 1585
Place: Giggleswick,Yorkshire,England
Born: Giggleswick,Yorkshire,England
Katherine PRESTON
Born: 13 Apr 1589
Place: Giggleswick,Yorkshire,England
Born: 23 Jan 1590/1591
Place: Gigglewick,Yorkshire,Engl.
Richardus PRESTON
* Richard PRESTON birth b: 30 Sep 1594 in ,Giggleswick,Yorkshire,England Margaret PRESTON birth b: <1592> in Margaret PRESTON
Born: Giggleswick,Yorkshire,England
Birth: <1594> in Janet PRESTON birth b: <1596> in Katherine PRESTON Born: 1598
Place: Giggleswick,Co York,England
Born: 1600
Giggleswick,Co York,England

William Preston came to Dorchester, Massachusetts on the Truelove with his second wife, Mary, in bringing himself and his children to America he moved to New Haven, Connecticut. Signed the fundamental agreement and was a churchwarden.

WILLIAM PRESTON, 44, of Giggleswick, county York, Mrs. Mary Preston, 34, Elizabeth Preston, 11, Sarah Preston, 8, Mary Preston, 6, and John Preston, 3, were on the list of passengers on the TRUELOVE, John Gibbs, Master. She sailed 19 Sept 1635 from London and arrived at Boston late in November. (The Planters of The Commonwealth in Massachusetts, 1620-1640, page 17 He was the son of John Preston and Anna Saunders, married Mary Seabrook by whom he had six children in England, when he came to America in 1635, in the good ship "Truelove," and settled at New Haven, Connecticut, where four more children were born to him. (Preston Family Genealogy, page 83) Among the passengers by the Truelove from London to New England, Sept. 19, 1635, were the following persons: William Preston, . 44; Marie Preston, . 34; Elizabeth Preston, . 11; Sara Preston, . 8; Marie Preston, . 6; and John Preston, . 3. Also Edward Preston, . 13, came over in the Christian, March 16, 1634, and Daniel Preston, . 13, came over in the Elizabeth & Ann, April 27, 1635. Mr. Savage thinks that both of these boys were sons of the William Preston before mentioned and were sent out to prepare for the rest of the family who were soon to follow.

In his will, dated July 9, 1647, he speaks of children of the first and second wife. Hence we conclude that the Mary Preston, . 34, who came with him from England was his second wife, and we may infer that his first wife was Sarah Loomis from whom his daughter Sarah was named. It is said that he possessed real estate in Yorkshire, Eng., which he inherited from his father. This does not appear to me to prove that he did not marry the daughter of John Loomis of Braintree, for I think it probable that John Loomis came from the vicinity of Manchester.

(The Descendants of Joseph Loomis Vol I, page 13)

Tom Campbell is a descendant, is married to Alana and lives in Washington state.

Ebenezar Howe

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