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After the great flood of Noah's Day, God promised to never again send a world wide flood. The recent tsunami which created such devastation by flooding 12 countries however, shows the world that the Lord can bring forth a vivid recollection of Noah's flood. He can allow the world to be reminded that the end times will be "as in the Days of Noe!" Survivors fortunate enough to escape the flood waters in boats told of scenario's similar to Noah's day, in which they were sadly unable to assist victims engulfed in the waters.

In a newspaper article, one victim was in a small boat dangerously over-loaded primarily with children they'd rescued. As the waters of the sea began to roll back out to sea and the turbulance subsided, those in the boat became more aware of the people crying for help as they bobbed in the water nearby. They were villagers who had been swept off the penninsula. People were crying: Help us! Help us! Children were crying! The day comes when this door or that door is shut, as the door of the ark was. Now is the day of salvation!

"But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord." (Genesis 6:8)

"For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men, teaching us that denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly in this present world. Looking for that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of our great God and Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ." (Titus 2:11-15)

"And the fine linen is the righteous acts of the saints..." (Rev. 19:8) (Greek text)


Surely the death of all flesh would come before Me, were it not for the fact that I am a merciful and a wonder-working God. Look not on the things which are temporal says the Lord. For all these shall pass away in a moment and with fervent heat. But look to that which is eternal. For I have created a place where you may dwell and never fear being displaced, for My covenant is a new and an everlasting covenant. And the testator is the Teacher of Righteousness," through whom I rain righteousness on the earth, I even the King of Righteousness.

Go and call people to My righteousness and tell them of a land wherein dwells righteousness. For they are longing to hear. For hardly have they put their foot down in an attempt to be righteous, when suddenly there arises such a furor against all that is holy and righteous and true. But to you has been administered such an abundant entrance into My righteous kingdom says the Lord. And you can testify saying:

"I have seen it and have dwelled therein."


"Things says He that is holy, He that is true, He that has the key of David, he that opens and no man shuts; and shuts and no man opens...I know your works." (Rev. 3:7)
"Open to me the Gates (doors) of righteousness I will go in." (Psalm 118:19) (Acts 14:27)

I give the
"Key of Righteousness," to My own, that they might open the door of Righteousness that others might go in. Be a preacher of righteousness, says the Lord. for these are the days in which you shall behold a "righteous wonder and a sign." Let it rain righteousness through you My beloved. You have no idea what a sign and a wonder My righteousness is, in this generation, but I said that both you and the children that I have given you shall be for a sign and a wonder to this generation.

For so was My righteous Servant, the Branch, says your God. And I would extend your territory and cause it to "branch out," through the "sceptre of My righteousness," and enlarge the place of your feet. Even of that place on which you stand. Stretch forth the rod of My righteousness says the Lord. See it blossom! There's a fragrance to this, My righteousness which will cause others to long for the presence of your God, as for the living water.

This has a root and I defy anyone to try to cut off the root of My righteousness in this earth says the Lord. For the root and the offspring of the Lord your righteousness shall spring forth as a double witness to this My glory. For I said thy righteousness shall go before you and My glory shall be your rear-guard. I have loved the fragrance of righteousness and it is as a beautiful flower which grows in the garden of God.

"I will raise unto David, a righteous Branch." (Jer. 23:5)


And I will cause those of the synagogue of Satan to come and to worship at your feet and to know that I have loved you, for you have laid hold of the Branch, My righteous servant, and you shall never be removed; so long as you drink of the rain of My righteousness. So long as you allow the sun of My righteousness to shine upon you.

And know that where they would impune your righteousness, there is false righteousness at work. And work it shall, as leaven in the loaf, so have no part of it, says the Lord that bought you with the redemption price which no man on this earth could pay, save He that can say: All the silver and the gold is mine, and with My silver and My gold I shall extend to you the opportunity to build My house.


A lion shall roar out of Zion, and the young lions shall take heart. And the crowned lion shall arise among them and take precedence in these last days. See that you understand the meaning and the significance of this "crowned lion," says the Lord. See if you can tell Me the significance of the "lion's roar." For roar he shall, and many shall mistake this as a false note, and they will say: What's this? Be prepared to tell them what the lion's roar menas says the Lord. For even in the animal kingdom there is an order. And I would have divine order says your God.

Scripture references on Noah:

But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord. (Genesis chapters 6-7) But as in the days of Noe were...(Matt. 24:37)
Till the day that Noah entered the ark. (Matt. 24:38)
Until the day that Noah entered the ark. (Luke 17:26-27)

I Peter 3:20

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