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T.C. Campbell
Breakthrough Intl.

Course exam Number 13
Dance of Manahaim Study Course

In the dances of the nations, and particularly the agricultural or harvest dances, we often see the very heart of the people's religious beliefs. The nation of Israel had, in the Old Testament; and still has specific feasts and dances associated with agricultural times of the year. The bible is filled with references to the agricultural times of the year, and the importance of this to the Jewish people. One of the titles we sometimes hear for God is that of "The Lord of the Harvest." He makes the sun to rise on both the evil and the good, and sends rain on the just and the unjust. (Matt. 5:45) Another name for CHAG ADONY is what?


From your Dance of Manahaim syllabus, what is this sometimes translated?

In many countries, the people live under superstitutions, as to what brings forth harvest. Some know God is the Creator, but are like the centurian of the Italian nand whose name was Cornelius in Acts 10:1. He was doing his best to follow God to the extent that he understood who God was and what He required. God did not judge this man for his ignorance of spiritual things, but showed His great mercy and care in doing something. What was this, from Acts 10.

English Maypole and Morris dances are related to the Spring growing season. These are dances have pagan ritual woven throughout them, although the Morris dance may have been a corruption of the biblical sword dance.

France also has various harvest dances. One such dance done in upper Provence, is a mime of wheat and cereal growing, in the form of a procession. Gestures imitated are that of sowing, mowing, sheaving of wheat, gleaning, and threshing.

The Koreans perform a circle dance called Kang Kang Sullae, when young women from farming villages participate in a circle dance at this festival. In this dance, movements mimic warding off foreign invasion. In the bible, foreign invaders robbing the land of it's produce is a familiar figure. (See the story of Gideon, in which he was threshing wheat and hiding it from the Mideonites. Judges 6:11)

Another is called a Vine Stock Dance, in which beribboned stock is taken to the church by the vine growers, to receive a blessing. Dance accompanies the priests blessing of the vine harvest. The blessing of produce, such as the Russian practice of taking easter bread to the church to be blessed is common inn many countries.

While paganism is the ignorance of the biblical knowledge of God, the basic desire to acknowledge God as the Creator, and that we receive our sustenence from Him, is a good thing.

Cornelius act of drawing near to God, caused God to draw near to him, and to give him greater revelation concerning God's person, and how to serve him appropriately.

What sort of harvest dance is specifically mentioned in your syllabus that is done in France?


In Finland, what implements do dancers carry on their shoulder in the dance processions?


In the "Bean-Setting" dance, what is imitated or pantomimed?


There is a song that the angels in heaven cannot sing. What is this song?


Look up any scriptural references you can find about this song in the bible, and include them here.





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