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I have attempted to categorize my photographs into individual family pages. As I have more photographs for certain branches of my family then from others, I have put all "strays" onto a seperate photo page. If you do not see your family represented, please feel free to e-mail me with photographs you would like to see added to this collection.

Kirkland Family Photographs

Eynon Family Photographs

Shoemaker and Ogan Family Photograph

Sanders Family Photographs

Miscellaneous Photographs

Unidentified photographs of all my families. If you can help to identify any of the persons on this page, please e-mail me with information.

Lawrenny Parish, Wales 

Images of my trip to Wales earlier this year. Includes photos of Lawrenny Parish Church, and Martletwy Parish Church. Of significance to those researching the Eynon family line.

Woodhead Family Photographs  

Farnham Family Photographs