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Included in the download section, are the Kirkland /Woodhead family gedom file, as well as links to tools you may need to access the information offline. If you need any assistance downloading these files, or have questions as to how to install them after you download them, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.

Kirkland/Woodhead Family Gedcom File

To download this file, right click the file image and "save target as".


This will link you to the official homepage for the Winzip utility.

Legacy Family Tree software

Link to the Legacy Family Tree oficial site. If you are unsure as to whether Legacy is the program for you, download their free software  (does not have all available functions) for a trial. There is no obligation, and no limited time frame. Great for beginners to get their feet wet! I recommend checking it out. The full version of the software is also available to buy through this site.

NOTE: Legacy Family Tree also offer a fantastic online tutorial for their software.