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The story of Michael Sessom, and the murder of his son David has been passed down for many generations, and has been published in several Texas genealogy magazines. As to the authenticity of the accounts, it is merely speculative. To my knowledge, there is no factual evidence to support this story.

The Sessom family were well known in the San Marcos community of Texas. David's father, Michael, helped to settle the then blossoming community, and even helped to establish the first church in San Marcos.

The fate of the Sessom family, however, would not be one of happiness and contentment. Tension was rising in the east, and the impending Civil War was at the footsteps of every home in America. We may never know the true feelings adopted by Michael Sessom and his family, however, as many of their neighbors sided with the Confederate Indigent States, so too did they take up the Southern cause.

As with any conflict, however, minds grow suspicious, and friends and neighbors become distant. After the Confederates had been defeated, dejected Southerners looked for reasons. Perhaps they needed justification for the amount of dead and wounded, who after years of battle, seemingly fought for nothing. At was at this time, that a man by the name of Mayes, put David Sessom's name forward, accusing him of spying for the Union. David was subsequently tracked down and killed.

On learning of his son's murder, Michael took up arms and sought out to kill Mayes. No one knows for certain if he achieved his aim, but shortly after David's death, Mayes was found dead. His death was attributed to the Indians, whose activities had been suspect at the time, and Michael Sessom was never charged with the crime.

It is said that Michael confessed all on this deathbed, however, this is only the story handed down by Sessom descendants.

David's death left a lasting mark on the Sessom family. He left behind a young wife, and three young children. Their lives would be forever scarred by this tradgedy.

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