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The story of John Tillotson is a complex and fascinating one. His troubles with the law are well documented, as shown below.

Official records reflect poorly on John Tillotson:

(1650) "John Tillotson, it is well knowne what he is, the town gave him 30s but this winter to make a bane."

(September 1650) John Tillotson was sued by James Noyes for killing his mare, for which he had to pay 27 pounds. John did not like this. He was later presented in a public church meeting "for scandalous and reproachful speech cast upon the elders and authorities."

(April 1656) John Tillotson was admonished for chaining his wife to the bedpost with a plow chain to keep her within doors.

(19 November 1657 at court in Ipswich) "John Tilison sentenced to the house of correction, but released and bound to "good behaviour and to live with his wife and prvyde for her acording to his place as a husband ought to doe."

(1659) John Tilison, upon complaint of Mr. Dummer, fined for false oath, and to pay fees of the Constable of Newbury.

To add to this list of black marks, John also had a child before his marriage to Dorcas Coleman. No mother is named:

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