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Heather's Blog
This is Heather's Blog. I met Heather about two years ago at HP4. :o) we're tight now, tight like salami. Heather's really quite famous, even if she won't admit it. she's been in Nickelodeon Magazine, USA Today, on MSNBC, and a ton of other stuff. Bwee bwee ah.

Jenny's Journal
This is Jenny's Journal, hosted on Stories.Com. It's the longest running Stories.Com journal I've seen... Jenny's my buddy, and she's really smart and deep and fun stuff like that. :-) Hi Jenny!!

Nicole's Journal
This is Nicole's e-journal (well, at least it is for now) It seems at this rate I'm going to have to update my Links page frequently, hehehehehe, she's followed Lizzi's Journal pattern and made journals for different seasons and such

Lizzi's Journal

I met Lizzi same time I met Jenny. I don't think I'm as close to Lizzi as Jenny or Nicole, but we're friends, and she's really cool too. 

LL Blogger

This is Lindsay's Blog :o). Lindsay's the one who offered to host me a while back, when geocities was being all stupid and killing FTP. We also met at HP4 um, whenever she came, hehehehehe.

The Daily Prophet

This is the Daily Prophet, it's the site that Heather gets most of her fame from. It's an internet version of The Daily Prophet, from the Harry Potter books, and runs news from the Wizarding World. It's a multiple award winning website, and it's been features in a bunch of magazines, like Nickelodeon Magazine, and things like that. Yeah, I can't remember all its credentials off the top of my head, but it's a pretty impressive site. go there! 

The Rilma Network

This is Lindsay's site. I was going to be part of it, but I moved to Angelfire instead :o). Lindsay not only runs this amazing site, but hosts a few others. 


HP4 :-D. This site has been a huge influence on me over the past couple years. I started at post #175, and now were in the 15,000's. It's got an amazing history, and it's chock full of nice people. Originally, the bard was a Harry Potter discussion board, but we've discussed the heck out of Harry Potter, and there's not much left to discuss on him, heheheheh

HP4 History Page

This is a page put together by Moony, the official HP4 historian, and now co-moderator. It's got stories and poems by the members of the board, a history book, links to all our sites, and tons more. If you want to get briefed on what HP4 is about, this is the place to go.


Eh, this is Stories.Com. I felt an obligatory link was appropriate. I don't agree with a lot of stuff they're doing, but they do host 13 of my works, so, ah well, hehehehe. tell them aaronsar referred you...


:o) on to my websites, this is a Harry Potter fanfiction I've been working on for a while. it's been forever since my last new chapter, but I still keep the site up. I'll get around to a new chapter eventually... The site had a little over 900 hits last time I checked, which is staggering compared to anything else I've put together.

My Portfolio @ Stories.Com

Last but not least, this it my Stories.Com portfolio. This is what houses everything I have posted on Stories.Com. Lots of fun! go check it out, and send me many reviews, mwahahahahaha.