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Dick Whittington and his Cat

Welcome to our latest pantomime.

Over the coming months, as preparations for this year’s pantomime begin to take shape, we plan to include this special page dedicated to the D&B Panto Club. Follow the cast and crew each month as they work to present our Christmas Pantomime.

Copyright T. Gibbon

Dick Whittington…fact or fiction the action is fast and furious!

The Pantomime ‘Dick Whittington’ which we will present this year is one of the few traditionally “English” stories, along with that of Robin Hood and Robinson Crusoe which appears in “pantoland”. It is a pantomime that presents both fact and fiction, although in panto it is mainly fiction. The story is based on the very real person, Richard Whittington, who unlike his pantomime character was quite wealthy, being the third son of Sir William Whittington of Gloucester. Richard Whittington was born around the 1350’s, and moved to London where he traded in expensive imported fabrics. Dick Whittington of Pantomime marries Alice Fitzwarren, as did his real life counterpart. Alice was the daughter of an Alderman, and Dick later became Alderman himself, and later became High Sheriff. King Richard II, who favored Dick, elevated him to the prestigious role of Lord Mayor in 1397, an office he continued to hold in 1406 and 1419. Because of his wealth and prosperity as a merchant he made loans to both Henry IV and Henry VI, he also was instrumental in founding the Whittington School in London.

Unfortunately Richard Whittington’s history does not show any recollection of owning a cat! However, on Highgate Hill there stands a statue in honour of this faithful creature, on the site where, legend has it Dick Whittington heard the bells of London call him back to become ‘Three Times Lord Mayor’.

The Pantomime adds another element to the story in the form of rats, and includes the arch villain of Pantomime “King Rat”. In our tale Dick and his cat journey to Siam, where ‘Tommy’ as the cat is traditionally known rids the country of rats, earning Dick half the King’s wealth as a reward. The introduction of rats into the story is possibly a response to the Black Death that held Londoners in such fear for centuries. The cause of the plague was the enormous number of rats that arrived into the port of London from the multitude of trading ships, which brought men like Whittington so much wealth. The defeat of King Rat in the pantomime harkens to the ultimate victory over the Black Death and would be a very popular and significant ending to the tale.

National Lottery gives Dick Whittington thumbs up!

IT IS WITH GREAT DELIGHT that we are able to announce that the Panto Club has recently received £1900.00 towards the cost of staging this year’s pantomime.

“This is a terrific gesture from Awards for All,” said a spokesperson of the Club and this means that those who come to see Dick Whittington as part of their Christmas celebrations will be in for a real treat.” The grant has been given to the Club for scenery, costumes and all the other very expensive items associated with staging a sparkling and exciting extravaganza.


Since formally announcing our next production the D&B Panto Club has had a rush of new members all wanting to get involved. So this Christmas there’ll be many of the stars of our last production on stage who will be complimented by quite a few new cast members. ‘Dick wasn’t at all difficult to cast”, said the producer, Revd. Wray, although it has more characters than Cinderella we have not been short of people to fill the parts. Naturally we gave our founding members of the Club an opportunity to take part first, those who later joined have all been given parts.. There are only one or two minor roles to fill at this stage. We have widely advertised for members of the Club in Breakthrough and in our two churches. This is a policy which has clearly had beneficial results, Club membership is going from strength to strength.” he said.

Amazing Sets!

EXPECT to be amazed when you visit the panto this Christmas for there are some wonderful experiences in store. In total there will be eight separate sets to be created. The audience will be transported though a variety of special effects. Expect to see a sinking ship and a fuming volcano plus a whole lot more that we want to keep under wraps so as not to spoil the element of surprise.

Set designer Terry Gibbon believes it will take all of the six available months to create the sets and the special effects that go with them. Thanks to the funding from Awards for All Terry will have all the necessary available funding to help audiences of Dick Whittington to fully experience a truly magical event.

Cast of Dick Whittington and his Cat

Dick Whittington, our bold hero whose ambition is to be rich and famous Jamie Oliver

Tom the cat, our hero's true and trusted companion Nicola Durkin

Alderman Fitzwarren, a rich London merchant, he has the first penny ever given to him Tony GaIlimore

Alice Fitzwarren, The Alderman’s daughter who always does as she oughter! Rachel Gallimore

Cissy Soufflé, The alderman's housekeeper with designs on a man any man Julie Cockburn

Mark & Spencer, apprentice shopkeepers now with a shop in every high street Susan Stevenson & Gayle Oliver

Simple Simon, another apprentice who dreams of marrying Alice but ends up with????? Cheryl Forster

Hyssop, a quaint local herbalist with a cure for everything, even if it kills you Ann Robson

Fairy Queen, she really doesn't know who she wants to be We won't spoil the surprise, wait and see!

King Rat, He's a black hearted villain who casts gloom wherever he goes Martin Wray

Capt. Coracle. Master of the Naughty Nelly, He’s all at sea, even on dry land Alan Taylor

King of Siam, A very rich & powerful potentate full of Eastern promise! Gill Marley

Princess Kupateetee, don't let her get her eye on you she wants a husband Anna Smith

The Chancellor, every bit a statesman from the tassel of his fez to the end of his curly slippers Paul Balderstone

The Swami, a wise man from way down upon the swami river Maureen Wilkinson

A peasant stallholder, but still every bit a lady Betty Welsh

Mermaid Princess, A nautical beauty even though she's 20,000 leagues under the sea Elizabeth Galimore

Limpet, Advisor to the Mermaid Princess Jessica Partington

The Demon of the Deep, Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water! Judith Kenny

and children from Tudhoe's Primary & Junior Schools plus song & dance by the talented Nicola Durkin

Technical Crew

Lighting & SPX: The Damascus Road Lighting Group

Set Designer: Terry Gibbon

Stage Manager: Terry Gibbon

Assistant: Brian Kenny

Production Assistants: Malcolm Orchard, David Appleby, Joe Smith

Wardrobe/Costume Designer: Judith Kenny

Prompt: Trish Spragg

Front of House/Catering: Sandra Chaytor, Maureen Ross, Carole Wray

Pianist: Richard Scothon

Dick and Tom meet the Alderman and Cissy

Captain Coracle talking to the Alderman

Simon, Alice and Dick having a chat!

Alderman Fitzwarren and Co.!

On board the Naughty Nelly

Ths lovely Mermaid Princess

Beware the Demon of the Deep!

The King of Siam, his Chancellor and the Swarmi of the Inderloo River

The exotic Princess Kupateetee

On Skull Mountain, King Rat's evil lair!

King Rat and the Good Fairy sing 'I got you babe'

King Rat and Simon having a laugh before the show

Our three Caterers, Sandra, Carole and Maureen

The Evil King of the Sewers, His Majesty, King Rat!

Robinson Crusoe
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