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Dick Whittington
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Robinson Crusoe
Allo Allo

Welcome to the D & B Panto Group!

Last year a few of us got together to perform a pantomime. Led by our parish priest, who was also our director, we got together to read the script for Cinderella.

Cinderella, Baron Hardup and Buttons meet in the Village!

Fairy Godmother and Cinderella having a talk about the Ball!

The King and Prince Charming having a heart to heart talk!

Prince Charming and Cinderella fall in love at first sight!

Cinderella meets the Fairy Godmother who is in disguise!

Bodgit, Wreckit and Scarper busy do nothing!

Cinderella, Fairy Godmother and Barry Putter discussing what went wrong at the Ball!

Prince Charming and Dandini talking about meeting girls!

Cast rehearsing the final song.

Monsieur Alphonse seeking inspiration?

Poor Buttons! He never gets the girl.

The Factotum keeps everyone in line

Her Majesty, Queen Bossy Boots!


King: Desmond Walker

Queen: Patricia Seymour-Thompson

Prince Charming: Gill Marley

Fairy Godmother: Anne Robson

Apprentice Wizard: Paul Stephenson

Builders: Betty Welsh, Sylvia Smart and Alan Taylor

Buttons: Cheryl Forster

Alphonse: Martin Wray

Ammonia: Kathleen Walker

Anaemia: Eda Chiverton

Baron Hardup: Geoffrey Cook

Wicked Step-Mother: Trish Spraggs

Cinderella: Rachel Gallimore

Dandini: Susan Stephenson

Factotum: Anna Smith

Lady Mellisa: Eleanor Cook

Pumpkin: Jessica

Coachman: Kyle

Mice: Julia, Charlotte, Lauren and Kati

Producer & Director: Martin Wray

Pianist: Richard Scothon

Prompt: Maureen Ross

Set Designer: Terry Gibbon

Stage Manager: Tim Chiverton

Costume Designer & Wardrobe: Judith Kenny

Lighting & SFX: Damascus Road Group

Make Up: Sarah & Clare Kenny

Production Assistants: Fred Gibson, Stan Ross, Margaret Salkeld, Evelyn Stevenson, John Kirkpatrick Jr. & Brian Kenny

Catering & Refreshments: Carole Wray