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"Southside" Johnny Lyon -b. Dec 04, 1948 Neptune, NJ
Clip of song "It's Been A Long Time"Singing: Southside Johnny, Steven Van Zandt and Bruce Springsteen

                   Another singer that got his start in Asbury Park, is
                   Johnny Lyon, known as Southside Johnny.  He started in
                   Asbury Park about the same time as Bruce Springsteen and
                   have been friends and involved with each other in music
                   for all these years.  Johnny is also known as the best
                   "white man" of soul music.  His band members have come
                   and gone but as a unit they are called The Asbury Jukes.
                   Stevie Van Zandt was a member of the Jukes before he
                   was one of the E Streeters.  Southside Johnny can be
                   seen in the movie "Adventures of Babysitting" where he
                   sings one of my favorite songs, "Future In Your Eyes".
                   You also might remember another great of his, written
                   by Bruce, sung with Bruce and Stevie, "It's Been A Long
                   Time".  Some other hits of his are: "We're Having a Pary",
                   "Walk You All The Way Home" and "Cadilac Jack". Pictured
                   below are some of his albums.  Johnny starts a tour in 
                   Europe soon, and will be in concert at Hampton Beach, NH
                   on August 23, 2003 in the Casino Ballroom. Brucefan and
                   Lorrie plan to attend this concert.

                           Southside Johnny emails Lorrie
                           Subject:  Re: I did a page on you- 
                           Date:  Tue, 9 Sep 2003 17:14:54 -0700 (PDT) 
                           From:  john lyon johnnylyon@(left blank on purpose) 
                           To:  Lorrie 

                           Nice site Lorrie. I couldn't find the guest 
                           book, so take this as my signature.
                           Southside Johnny


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