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                    One can hardly have a web site about Bruce Springsteen
                    without mentioning Madam Marie, the psychic fortune
                    teller who's booth occupied a space on the Asbury Park
                    boardwalk for decades.

                    It has been written she opened for business in 1932.
                    One conjurs up a picture of dark haired, Hungarian gypsy 
                    woman, in purples and blacks with celestial trimmings. 
                    The fact is she has been described as a blonde, looking 
                    a bit like Vermonica Lake, and costumed herself in a 
                    white Egyptian-type tunic trimmed in gold.  

                    Her booth was small as evidenced in the photos depicted
                    here.  Inside has been described as having a ceiling
                    painted in dark blue with glowing stars and moon.  The
                    walls were a lighter blue with scounces holding black
                    candles.  One table and 4 chairs occupied the booth,
                    and a tiny closet that held secret potions, tarot cards
                    and a crystal ball.

                    Bruce mentions Madam Marie on his album "Greetings From
                    Asbury Park, in the song "Sandy".  He refers to her again
                    in his gospel style introduction of The E Street Band as
                    "the gypsy woman who told him he needed a band."  

                    Bruce's parents decided to move to California when he was
                    16.  Bruce stayed behind and took up residence in Asbury
                    Park.  One of the places he hung out was Madam Marie's.

                    It has been written that Bruce and Madam Marie had a 
                    little thing going.  He would bring her food in exchange 
                    for her convincing the pretty beach girls that they would 
                    fall in love with him.  True story or not, it makes for 
                    cute telling as one pictures this young lad beaming at all 
                    the attention the gals were giving him.

                    As Asbury Park started to dwindle and decline Madam Marie
                    and her daughters moved to Ocean Township to practice her
                    trade. Asbury Park is slowly getting a face lift and hopes
                    to come back alive like the "good ole days".

                    Bruce went back to Asbury Park to promote his lastest 
                    release, "The Rising".  Madam Marie, age 90, came out of
                    retirement to attend this exciting event.  Today her
                    granddaughters run the booth on the boardwalk keeping
                    nostalgia alive in Asbury Park.                 -Lorrie

Photo One
Brucefan Visits Asbury Park
and took this front view of
Madam Marie's Booth on the
boardwalk. In bad need of
paint and repair, the booth
still stands in memory of
days gone by.
İBrucefan (Greg Goldsmith)

Photo Two
The side view that seems to
be the most popular side the
photographers use to exhibit
this booth.
İBrucefan (Greg Goldsmith)

Photo Three
This is one angle of the back.
A good artist needs to repaint
and preserve this small bldg-
yet a big memory- of the days
when Asbury Park was a busy
shoreside resort.
İBrucefan (Greg Goldsmith)

Photo Four
This is again a rear view at a
different angle. These photos
were taken May 3, 2003.
İBrucefan (Greg Goldsmith)

Photo Five
July 4, 2004, Madam Marie comes
out of retirement to give readings
once again at Asbury Park. She
will be giving readings all through
the summer for 2 hours on each
Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Photo Six
Madam Marie's booth has a new coat
of paint. She has been giving
readings from this booth for over
65 years.

                    Madam Marie Castello passed away on June 27th, 2008.
                    She was a fortune teller and psychic reader on the
                    boardwalk of Asbury Park.  Born May 25 1915 in America,
                    she claimed to be a gypsy.  Bruce paid tribute to her in
                    a couple of his songs.  Judy Garland is just one of many
                    celebrities that visited her booth.

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