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Bruce Springsteen's first album-
"Greetings From Asbury Park"
Released: January 5, 1973

Bruce sits and holds his
first Album.

                        Asbury Park, second home of Bruce Springsteen
                        after his parents moved to California. He was 
                        just 16, a young lad wanting to become a star.
                        He played with various groups that entertained
                        there and more recently he has been back. Now
                        with fame and fortune it seems he has made a
                        complete circle.

                        James Bradley of New York purchased 500 acres
                        of shore side land in 1871.  He retired here
                        in the woods, along the shore to recooperate
                        from an illness.  It was then he decided to
                        turn the acreage into a seashore resort and
                        named the area Asbury Park in honor of Bishop
                        Francis Asbury.  

                        Asbury Park became an incorporated city in 1897.
                        It suffered its "ups and downs", fire destroying
                        blocks of property and the plight of the great
                        depression years, all taking it's toll. By the 
                        mid 1900's it was acclaimed to be the greatest 
                        and finest boardwalk in the world.  

                        In the late 1970's it started to decline again.
                        New super highways, Alantic City competition,
                        poor business ventures, and scandals all
                        contributed to a slow but sure death of this

                        Today it is coming back alive.  The resurrection
                        is slow but steady.  Some buildings are being
                        preserved, some are being destroyed, and some
                        are being restored.  There are many projects 
                        ongoing to save this resort including the "Save
                        Tillie" project.  Displayed are pictures of
                        Asbury Park in different stages of its existance.

                        To read more about Asbury Park, check out the
                        links provided below.  

Brucefan is sad to announce The Palace and The Carousel
House came down in Asbury Park on May 26, 2004. There
was no "saving Tillie" after all. A sad day for the Bruce fans.

Update: In an effort to save Tillie, the Wonder Bar
had him removed before the demolishion of the
Palace Arcades. It adorned the Wonder Bar until
its closing. The latest plan is to rebuild the Palace
and place Tillie back in the lime light - 2008

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