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"Below are some odds and ends people collect, in addition to:
posters, lps, 45rpms, cds, dvds, vhs and concert T-Shirts"

Rare Key Chain
Bruce's 1984 Tour
Promotion Item from
KMET (94.7) Los Angeles
Glory Days by Dave Marsh
About Bruce during the 80s
On sale in 1987 and probably
the most desired bio of Bruce.
It is now out of print.
Back Stage Pass
Back Stage Pass
Buttons And Badges
Highly Collectible
From Various Tours.
Light Switch Cover
A Novelty Item and
Steel cigarette Box
Another Novelty Item
And Collectible.

Novelty Item
Bruce Pewter
Belt Buckle

A Wall Plaque
Made of Wood
With Bruce and
A Novelty Item
Bruce Springsteen
Street Sign

This Is An Unusual
Bruce Badge -
paint on metal

There Are Bruce Stamps
To Collect As Well. This
One Is From Grenada.

This item caused much
discussion among the
security guards at the
Rochester show. This
is not a real pass.
It is a novelty item
only, but still a nice
This is a set list from
the 10/18/02 show.
These are collectible
because they are in the
"Boss's" own handwriting.
Brucefan's daughter, Mindy
received the set list at
and for the Rochester, NY
on 03/11/03 show.
(see Rochester page)
Library Card Application
Bruce Springsteen
Adele's Signature
(his mother)
Actual Library Card
Bruce Springsteen
Feb 16, 1959
Freehold, NJ
Credit Card
Bruce Springsteen
Dated 1880
Handwritten Lyrics
This one is from
Bruce Springsteens
Album "The River"
Newspaper Articles
This one is

Created September 16, 2002
Updated Weekly
İBrucefan's Collection
İBrucefan, New York
İL&M Creations
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