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About Me
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Dylan Carreiro

AKA: Stupidhead, Hey You

Age: 18

Major: Film and Digital Media Production

Minor: Information Technology

Occupation: Student/big sister/I'll be the slightly gay pirate, you can be pretty boy Orlando, let's go find Keira Knightley

Likes: Lesbians, sunflower seeds, Finding Nemo, people with accents, puppies, Xena: Warrior Princess, writing, the New Orleans Saints, politics, reading, Evan Rachel Wood, TV, movies, Brilliant Brunette Shampoo + Conditioner, the internet, Radiohead's OK Computer, the cheeseburgers from Glory Days on Carson and Woodruff, the 'snooze button', things that smell like vanilla, blondes.. and redheads... and uh, brunettes

Dislikes: Mayonnaise, my height, people who wake me up in the morning before I need to be up, mushy apples, George W. Bush, low-carb diets, Tom Cruise, spicy food, people who can't respect other people's religions

Bio: Dylan wrote this bio @ 4:28 AM this morning, which tells you nearly everything you need to know about her

Personal Quote: I curse Hillary Duff and her sub-mediocre singing abilities that forced her lackey songwriters to write unchallenging melodies that require no vocal gymnastics whatsoever and as a result produced a song that is so. Freaking. Catchy. GAH!