Students of Rebel High
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Casey Farrell

Age: 15
Bio: Casey's a sophomore from New Orleans, Louisiana. Her dad, Conor is a sports lawyer who previously worked for the Saints. She has one cousin, Shannon, who still resides in Louisiana and three more who live in New York. Her grandparents live in the family estate on Long Island. She's always under pressure by her family to join their legacy. As a result, Casey feels torn between conforming to her family and her class and taking a risk on something more.
Likes: the beach, good bourbon, every kind of music, and traveling.

Jamie Devlin

Age: 14
Bio: Jamie's a freshman at Dean High School, who's lived in Long Beach all her life, along with her brother Clark, her sister Alice, and her father, Tyler. Her mother was killed in a drunk driving accident when she was 11 years old. Jamie's an idealistic and innocent girl who's always dreaming of something more.
Likes: traveling, although her family can't often afford it, Victorian novels, singing, and puppies.

Mia Hazelwood

Age: 14
Bio: Mia's also a freshman at DHS. Her parents are divorced. She lives with her father. Her mother has remarried, and lives in Newport Beach, although Mia never gets to see her often. From her mother's marriage, she has one step-sister. Mia's always been ignored and overlooked by her family, and because of her upbringing, she has an addiction for attention and a problem allowing herself to be vulnerable.
Likes: martinis, fast cars, dancing, and poetry.

Clark Devlin

Age: 15
Bio: Clark is a sophomore at DHS. After his mother's death, he became the glue that held his family together. As a result, his baby sister idolizes him, his father confides in him, and Jamie always relies on his support.
Likes: theatre, Antonio Banderas, playing guitar, and Spongebob Squarepants.

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Shannon Farrell

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Casey's house

View from Casey's balcony