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Simple times
That mean so much
A brief embrace
And the feeling of safeness that it brings
A closeness that is ours alone
And the looks that say it all
The gentle touches
And the brush of our lips
against one another
No words are spoken
As we hold each other
And drift off to a peaceful rest

Curled up
On the cold floor
Darkness surrounding me
Helpless in its embrace
The the flames come
Dancing behind my eyelids
Flickering to the sky
Flames of pain
Flames of defeat
And then they vanish
As soon as they came
And then I am alone again
Feeling the coldness of the floor
Wash through my body again

There is a little demon,
In my head,
Telling me to doubt my life,
Whispering the sweet nothing of oblivion,
To me in my sleep,
Swaying me into dark doubt,
Every time I close my eyes,
Challenging the boundaries,
Of my reality,
Turning my life upside down,
For its own sick pleasure,
Making me doubt myself,
Until I am nothing,
But a shell of my former being,
Whispering, whispering,
Until I hear only it,
Until it is my only friend,
Pulling me farther into the darkness,
Down, down, down, I fall,
Until I land,
In a world I no longer recognize,
Because of this demon,
That was only myself.

Do you love me?
I need to know,
When we talk,
It appears not,
But in your eyes,
Every time we touch,
Seems to say,
ďI love youĒ
When will you tell me?
When will I know?
Will we be together?
Or should I give up hope?

A tattered soul,
Lay on the floor,
Looking for hope,
But has found none,
Looking and wishing,
That life had not done it wrong,
Praying, watching,
Waiting, listening,
For nothing at all,
A tattered soul,
Lay on the floor,
A tattered soul,
I once called my own.

Should it be?
That is to me,
Life with its grand sympathy,
That is for me to despise,
That in the end we all must die,
And go into the great divine.

The past and present,
Slowly dies,
With each passing breath,
With each whispered cry,
Death slowly rises,
While my heart aches,
As time goes by,
Death is at my side,
So here in eternity,
My heart aches,
With each whispered cry,
As I die.

Her lips were soft,
Pink and delicate,
Her eyes a bright as the sunny sky,
Her hair as gold as the fire in her soul,
She held my heart,
She held my soul,
And I love her soul.

But to this day,
I still canít have,
My angel,
My love,
For it is pain to hear her say,
ďI just donít swing that way!Ē

ďToday is a good day to dieĒ
A man once said,
Indeed it was,
Nothing to live for,
Nothing to miss,
All lost this hopeless day,
Nothing to live for,
Nothing at all,
Until I saw the moon so high,
The stars so bright,
The sky so clear,
And I realized he was not right,
To much to love,
In this worthless life.

I donít want you,
Though I used to,
I canít stand your voice,
Before I could not wait to hear it,
I donít need you anymore,
Even though you think I do,
When will you learn?
That we are no more,
When will you realize my love for you is dead?
Though it may be mean to say,
It must be said,
So go leave,
And I can be done with you,
I donít want you anymore,
I donít need you like I did,
Just leave me alone,
And go in peace,
Itís over,
I donít want you.

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