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A Fat Old Lady Takes up Climbing
Alaskan Adventures
Part 4

The trail to Byron Glacier, near the visitor center at Portage, is flat, easy and under a mile long. It's not a climb, but just a nice walk. Because the local glaciers have receded tremendously in recent years, the trail leads up to a snowfield that used to be part of the glacier, but is now separated from it. You can cross over the snowfield and still reach the glacier. The glacier and the snowfield are inhabited by iceworms.

Flattop is so near my home, and so beautiful and inviting, that I couldn't resist climbing it twice more, even as the temperatures dropped and snow began to fall. Here's the view from Flattop in early September.


I snapped this shot on the way back down, after summitting, in October. Some of the trail, especially on the
rock climb at the top, was frozen and slippery, so I don't expect to climb it again until next June.
But the snowy views in all directions were worth the climb in the crisp autumn air.

1. Flattop, The Butte, Exit Glacier
2. Flattop & Mt. Marathon
3. Bird Ridge & Rendezvous Peak

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