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A Fat Old Lady Keeps On Climbing
Alaskan Adventures Continue
Summer 2001

Winter 2000-01 was dark and damp, unusually mild, not cold enough for winter sports and not warm enough for summer sports. I spent the time planning some summer climbs, and patiently waiting. None of my friends seem very interested in hiking up mountainsides, so it seemed like a good idea to get a dog as a climbing partner. His name is Jascha (pronounced YAH-shuh) and he is a MacKenzie River Husky that I found at the local animal shelter.

 Last year, I climbed Flattop once a month, June through October. This year I was eager to get started, and the weather cooperated, so we went up May 28th. It was icy on the rocky scramble at the top, but a beautiful sunny day made for a lovely, invigorating hike. Jascha had a great time and even helped pull me part of the way up. There was plenty of snow around for him to quench his thirst. When the snow is gone, he'll need a pack to carry water and snacks for himself.

 In June, we went up one day after the summer solstice, because it was pouring rain on the solstice. Half of Anchorage was up there with us, and some people brought party food, fireworks, and even tents to stay the night. I was surprised to see that Jascha loves fireworks. He would leap into the air, apparently trying to catch them. Sorry, no pix. I thought I had the camera in my backpack, but alas...
In July, my sister visited from New York, and we went up Flattop together. She has photos of the three of us, and when she sends me one, I'll put it up here. Feel free to hassle her at this email addy: <> Just say something like, "Hey Betsy, send your sister the photos from Flattop. And while you're at it, send her the one of Jascha with Norman Vaughn, too."

Climbed again August 14, and, again, forgot camera. So just trust me on this, I did climb Flattop once a month, May-October. :-)

Septemer 9th (left) was another beautiful, sunny climb, but it was starting to get quite chilly up there.

Then, October 7th we went up for the last time this season. It was snowing lightly the entire time. Back down in the Anchorage bowl flatlands, we watched as the snowline crept down the sides of the Chugach Mountains, and the foothills, day by day. The snow moved into town on October 11th, and with a major snowstorm six days later, my climbing season was officially at an end.

This page was just about Flattop. Alaskan summers are short and must be enjoyed fully, but quickly. Between May and October, we went on many other hikes and climbs. And, oh yes, I took my camera.

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