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A Fat Old Lady Keeps On Climbing
Alaskan Adventures Continue
Summer 2001

Bird Ridge, Rendezvous Peak, and Bodenberg Butte are places I climbed last year, and repeated this year with my new climbing partner, Jascha.

Bird Ridge in early June 2001:


Rendezvous Peak, June 23rd:
It was clear and sunny in Anchorage, and started out fine on Rendezvous Peak too. As you can see in the photo, it was sunny there. But the ominous clouds you see on the other side of the valley suddenly moved in our direction, bringing heavy rain and lightning. Yesterday, on Flattop, Jascha enjoyed the fireworks, but he does NOT feel the same about lightning.

July 1st, the Bodenberg Butte:

Yeah, yeah, been there, done that.
Now on to some new and wonderful places we visited this summer.

Back to Flattop... '01

New Adventures:
Mount Baldy, Bear Point, Carte Lake Trail '01
Kesugi Ridge, Mt. Alyeska, Winner Creek Trail '01