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Kevin's Wantlist


*** Baseball set needs -1980 to present***
Mets Want List 2000 to present
*** Baseball - 1950-1979 and my 1962-1999 Mets needs
Mets Want List 1962-1999

Updated 6/5/21

EVERYTHING IS BASEBALL UNLESS NOTED OTHER WISE.. This page is my Vintage Page 1950-1979 And Mets want lists from 1962-1979 Pre-1950: I will take any card 1950-1959: Looking for VG at least (For my upgrade sets I am very picky with my condition requirement for ex+ or better the set like my 1957-1958 set, Then I am looking for NM (Nice Color, no dinged corners, No writing, good centering, No gunk on Card, No Gum Stains, No mis-cuts, Blemishes, No issues with the sides of the card and no glue) (I am Very Picky when it comes to my update sets requirements) 1960-1969. I will take all cards EX+ or better (Unless updating the set, then please read above) I am Very Picky when it comes to my update sets requirements 1970-1979 I will take cards NM/MT (unless upgrading the set, please read above) 1981 To Present Mint

E-mail: (link is at bottom of page)

1909-11 T206 (Have) Updated 5/24/18, Thanks to Jerry Coker, OBC. I have

34 - Kitty Bransfield 266 – Simon Nichols Bill Abstein

1910 T218 Aviators Series of Champion Athletes (Have): New Set as of 4/13/17. I have the following

Chas K. Hamilton Arch Hoxsey J.BMoiant

1911 T205 (Have): Updated 6/22/20, I have the following

136 Fred Payne 155 James T Sheckard 167 Edgar Summers Nick Maddox Black Borders W.R. Dickerson Gold Borders

1912 T207 Recruit Cigars (Have): New Set as of 7/11/17. I have the Following

Roy Golden

1919-21 W514 (Have): Updated 7/26/19. Thanks to Andy Cook, OBC. I have the following

Babe Adams Charles Hollocher

1922 E120 American Caramel (Have) New set as of 12/4/19. I have the following: Larry Gardner

1923 W572 (Have): New Set as of 4/13/17. I have the following

Chas Jamieson

1931 W517 (Have): New Set as of 4/13/17. I have the following

13, 41, 50

1931 W626 (Have): New Set as of 8/26/19. I have the following

2 Leo Hartnett

1933 Goudey (Want List). Updated 12/7/19, Thanks to Steve Archibald, OBC:

1,,11.12,15,16,19,20,21,22.23.24,25,26,27,29,30 31,32,34,35,36,37,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,52,53,54,55, 56,57,58,59,60,61,62,63,64.66,67,68,69,72,73,74,76,77,78,80,81, 82,83,84,85,,90,91,92,94,95,96,97,98,99, 101,102, 103,104,105,106,107,108,109,110,111,112,113,114,116,117,118, 119,121,122,123,124,126,127,128,129,130,131,132,133,134,135, 136.137,138,140,141,142,144,146,147,148,149,150,152,153,154, 155.156,157,158,159,160,163,164,165,166,167,168,169,170,171, 172175,176,177,178,180-203,205-230,232

1933 Wide World Gum (Have): New Set as of 4/13/17. I have the following


1934-1936 Batters-up (Have): Updated 6/22/20. I have the following

9, 11, 29, 39, 41, 43, 44, 48, 62,63, 74, 80, 190

1934 Goudey (Have): Updated 12/25/20, Thanks to My OBC Santa, Randy Welk,I have the following:

36, 44, 47, 71, 92

1934 National Chicle (Have): New Set as of 4/13/17. I have the following

5, 22

1934 Wide World Gum (Have): New Set as of 4/13/17. I have the following


1934-1936 Diamond Stars (Want List): Updated 11/25/19. Thanks to John Scott, OBC/OCT and VCT, I need

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25, 26,27,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,38,39,41,42,43,44,45,46,48,50,51, 52,53,54,55,56,58,59,60,61,63,64,65,66,67,68,69,70,71,72,73,74, 76,77,79,80,81,83,84,85,86,88-108

1935 Goudey 4 in 1 (Have): New set as of 10/12/19. I have the following 2 – Wilson/Allen/Jonnard/Bricket 6C - Phillies

1936 Wide World Gum (Have): New Set as of 4/13/17. I have the following


1939 Playball (Want List): Updated 12/25/20,Thanks to My OBC Santa, Randy Welk. I need

3,4,6,7,9,11,13,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,24,25,26, 27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,38-62,66,68,69.70,71, 72,73,74,75,76,77,79,80.81,83, 84,85,86,87,88,89, 91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,100,101,102,103,104, 105,106,107,108,110,112,113,114,115,116,117,118, 119,120,121,123-

1939-46 Exhibits Salution (Have) Updated 11/4/27. I have the following

Andy Pafko Bobby Thompson Bucky Walters Lon Warneke

1940 Playball (Have): Updated 7/16/19, Thanks to Kent Goto, OBC,Kent sent me 3 hits,Way to go Kent!! I have the following

12,13,25,47, 102, 123

1941 Double Play (Want List): Updated 12/4/19, I need:

1,2 Larry French - Vance Page 3,4 Billy Herman - Stanley Hack 5,6 Linus Frey - John Vander Meer 7,8 Paul Derringer - Bucky Walters 9,10 Frank McCormick - Bill Werber 11,12 Jimmy Ripple - Ernie Lombardi 13,14 Alex Kampouris - John Wyatt 15,16 Mickey Owen - Paul Waner 17,18 Harry Lavagetto - Harold Reiser 19,20 Jimmy Wasdell - Dolph Camilli 21,22 Dixie Walker - Ducky Medwick 23,24 Harold Reese - Kirby Higbe 31,32 Mel Ott - Babe Young 35,36 Bob Klinger - Stanley Brown 37,38 Terry Moore - Gus Mancuso 39,40 Johnny Mize - Enos Slaughter 43,44 Max West - Carvel Rowell 45,46 Dan Litwhiler - Merrill May 51,52 Buck Newsom - Hank Greenberg 53,54 Barney McCosky - Charley Gehringer 55,56 Pinky Higgins - Dick Bartell 57,58 Ted Williams - Jim Tabor 59,60 Joe Cronin - Jimmy Foxx 63,64 Joe DiMaggio - Charley Keller 65,66 Red Rolfe - Bill Dickey 67,68 Joe Gordon - Red Ruffing 69,70 Mike Tresh - Luke Appling 71,72 Moose Solters - John Rigney 77,78 Joe Krakauskas - Bob Feller 81,82 Ted Williams – Joe Cronin 83,84 Joe Gordon - Charley Keller 85,86 Hank Greenberg - Red Ruffing 87,88 Hal Trotsky - George Case 89,90 Mel Ott - Burgess Whitehead 91,92 Harry Danning - Harry Gumbert 95,96 Jimmy Ripple - Bucky Walters 97,98 Stanley Hack - Bob Klinger 99,100 Johnny Mize - Dan Litwhiler 101,102 Dominic Dallessandro - Augie Galan 103,104 Bill Lee - Phil Cavaretta 105,106 Lefty Grove - Bobby Doerr 107,108 Frank Pytlak - Dom DiMaggio 109,110 Gerald Priddy - John Murphy 111,112 Tommy Henrich - Marius Russo 113,114 Frank Crosetti - John Sturm 115,116 Ival Goodman - Myron McCormick 119,120 Lloyd Waner - Henry Majeski 123,124 Nick Etten - John Rizzo 125,126 Sam Chapman - Wally Moses 127,128 John Babich - Richard Siebert 129,130 Nelson Potter - Benny McCoy 131,132 Clarence Campbell - Louis Boudreau 133,134 Rolly Hemsley - Mel Harder 135,136 Gerald Walker - Joe Heving 137,138 John Rucker - Ace Adams 139,140 Morris Arnovich - Carl Hubbell 141,142 Lew Riggs - Leo Durocher 145,146 Frank Crespi - Jim Brown 147,148 Don Heffner - Harland Clifft 149,150 Debs Garms - Elbert Fletcher

1941 Goudey (Have): New Set as of 4/13/17, I have the following:

8, 17

1941 Playball (Have): Updated 7/11/17. I have the following


1947-66 Exhibits W461 (Have) Updated 2/5/20, Thanks to Taylor Shock, OBC,OCT/VCT. I have the following

Ralph Branca Chico Carrasquel Walker Cooper Roger Craig Alvin Dark Larry Doby Del Ennis Walter Evers Jim Hegan Johnny Hopp Alex Kellner Buddy Lewis Bob Lemon Hank Majeski Del Rice Phil Rizzuto Warren Spahn Ed Stanky Vern Stephens Earl Torgeson Mickey Vernon 1947 Bat Bucky Walter

1948 Bowman: Updated 9/18/18,6,7,8,12,13,14,16,17,168,19,20,22,24,26, 27,28,29,30,33,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,45,46,48

1948 Leaf: (Have): Updated 11/7/20, Thanks to JD, OBC.I have the following


1949 Bowman: Updated 9/27/19 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,14,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28, 29,32,33,34,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,44,46,48,50,51,52,53, 55,57,58,59,60,61,62,63,64,67,68,69,71,72,73,78,80,82, 84,88,89,95,96,97,98,99,100,101,102,108,110,112,113, 114,120,121,124,125,127,131,133,137,138,141,142,144, 145,147,148,149,153,154,155,156,157,158,159,160,162, 163,164,167,169,172,174,176,177,178,179,180,181,183, 185,186,187,188,189,190,191,192,193,194,195,196,197, 199,201,203,204,205,207,208,209,210,211,213,214,215, 217,218,219,221,224,226,227,229,230,232,233,235,236,238,

1949 Playball: Updated 4/13/16 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21, 22,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40, 43,45,46,47,48,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60, 61,62,63,64,66,67,68,69,70,74,75,76,77,80,81,82, 85,86,87,88,89,92,93,94,97,99,100,101,103,105, 106,107,109,110,111,112,113,114,116-

1950 Bowman: Updated 6/5/21 1,2,4,11,12,15,16,19,22,23,26,31,35,40,43,44,47,48,52,77,78, 84,86,93,95,98,100,112,114,119,120,125,126,133,137,143,147, 152,155,156,166,172,173,186,193,201,202,203,205,206,210,217, 225,228,235,244,245,246,251

1951 Bowman: Updated 3/26/21, Thanks to Bob D’Angelo, OCT/OBC 1,2,3,6,7,10,13,15,17,20,24,26,27,30,31,34,46,49,50,53,56,73, 81,84,92,109,122,126,134,146,151,153,161,165,186,189,196, 203,216,217,218,219,223,232,243,253,254,257,259,260,271, 272,278,279,280,282,283,286,289,290,291,295,296,298,299, 300,305,306,310,314,322,323,324,

1951 Berk-Ross Hit Parade of Champions: (Have): New Set as of 4/13/17. I have the following


1951 Topps Blue Backs: (Have): New Set as of 4/13/17. I have the following

15 of 52

1951 Topps Red Backs: (Want List): Updated 5/26/19. I need

1,2,4,5,6,7.9,12.,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25, 26,28,29,30,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44, 45,46,47,48.50,51,52,

1952 Bowman: Updated 3/11/21 1,10,14,15,23,27,29,30,31,32,35,38,44,45,46,52,66,67,70,74, 76,80,81,87,89,93,94,96,101,103,106,107,110,115,116,141, 142,143,146,147,150,152,154,156,157,158,162,166,168,170, 173,176,180,181,183,185,188,189,191,192,196,200,207,211, 217,218,221,223,224,228,229,231,235,236,237,238,239,240, 241,242,243,245,246,247,248,249,250,252

1952 Topps: Updated 11/2/20 1,2,4,5,9,10,11,12,14,15,16,22,23,25,26,28,29,30,31,33, 34,36,37,38,39,41,42,43,45,48,49, 52,54,56,58,59,60, 62,65,67,71,72,74,75,76,77,80,88,136,142,151,157,159, 166,168,172,175,177,178,180,183,191,196,198,202,215, 217,218,221,222,227,232,235,239,240,242,243,246,248, 252,256,258,259,260,261,264,268,271,272,273,274,275, 276,277,278,280,281,282,285,286,287,288,289,290,291, 294,295,296,297,298,302,309,310,311,312,313,314,315, 316,317,319-371,373-497

1952 Topps Blacks Backs (Want List): Updated 10/20/18, Thanks to Mike Gailbreath, OBC. I need

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,13,14,16,17,21,22,23,24,26,28,29, 30,33,36,37,39,44,45,47,49,51,54,58,59,61,63,64,65, 66,67,68,69,70,71,72,73,74,75,76,77,78,79,80

1953 Bowman Color: Updated 2/24/21, Thanks to John Scott Gray, OBC/VCT and OCT 9,40,44,57,59,61,62,81,93,97,99,104,107,115,116,117, 118,121,122,123,125,126,132,133,134,144,153,160

1953 Topps: Completed 5/28/18. I am now looking to Upgrade my set to EX of Better

1953 Topps Upgrade EX or Better (No Creases): Updated 2/3/21 1, 24,26,36,41,42,43,44,45,50,54,60,61,63,66,70, 71,72,78,82,83,85,86,87,95,102,104,105,106,111, 117,119,121,124,127,128,129,135,136,143,144, 145,146,151,152,153,154,157,158,160,161,162, 165,167,168,169,170,171,174,177,184,187,188, 190,191,197,202,208,209,211,216,221,222,226, 228,229,230,231,233,239,240,244,245,248,249, 252,254,255,256,264,265,266,269,274,277,278, 280

1954 Bowman: Updated 3/13/21, Thanks to Dave Toback (Dr. Chaos) OBC 15,26,62,64,65,66,89,90,132,145,161,164,171,177,196

1954 Topps: Updated 7/25/20, Thanks to Chuck Bosshardt, Trading Bases, OCT and VCT 1,10,32,52,85,90,93,94,109,128,132,136,155,158,180,190, 201,235,239,250

1955 Bowman: Updated 3/26/21, Thanks to Bob D’Angelo, OCT/OBC 22,23,59,97,103,158,168,169,171,179,184,191,202,227, 230,231,232,236,238,240,241,242,243,246,247,250,251, 252,254,256,257,258,259,260,261,262,265,266,267,268, 271,272,273,274,277,278,279,280,281,282,283,285,286, 291,293,296,300,302,303,306,308,309,313,318,319,320

1955 Topps: Updated 11/2/20 28(Ernie Banks),47 (Aaron),50 (Robinson), 124 (Killebrew RC), 164 (Clemente RC),180,189 (Phil Rizzuto),194 (Mays), 198 (Berra),210 (Duke Snider)

1956 Topps: Updated 8/10/20, Thanks to Chuck Bosshardt, Trading Bases, OCT and VCT


1957 Topps: Completed 8/4/12 at the Baltimore Nationals. I am now updating this set to EX or Better (no Creases, no dinged corners, decent centering, no writing, no gunk on the card, some corner wear is OK). Updated 10/8/20 1,2,7,10,15,18,20,21,24,25,28,29,30,35,55,62,76,81, 84,85,91,95,97,99,100,108,110, 121,127,133,137,146, 149,150,154,157,165,166,167,168,170,171,174,175, 180,185,188,198,204,205,210,212,214,215,234,240, 241,242,257,259,260,262,263,264,269,270,272,275, 277,281,286,288,289,290,291,292,293,295,296,297, 299,300,301,302,303,304,305,307,311,316,317,322, 325,327,328,338.342,346,359,362,369,373,375,382, 391,392,394,395,398,400,401,407

1958 Topps: Completed 12/25/10, Thanks to my OBC Santa, Bill Malson. I am now updating this set to EX or Better (No dinged corners,no Creases, decent centering, no writing, no gunk on the card) Updated 11/2/20 3,4,5,8,9,20,24,37,43,45,56,61,70,85,90,91,106, 112,118,120,,134(not checked), 145.148,150,161,162,167,175,178,192,199,201, 205,209,216,219,220,221,223,228,230,237,247, 252,253,255,256,257,263,265,268,269,270,272, 275,279,280,281,283,284,285,290,295,296,300, 302,303,304,305,306,308,311,312,313,316,318, 319,320,327,330,334,337,339,340,341,347,350, 351,353,354,358,359,360,362,364,366,367,368, 376,377,378,381,386,391,392,395,405,413,418, 420,424,439,440,441,446,448,450,452,455,457, 463,464,465,469,471,472,475,487,489,490,492,493,

1959 Fleer Ted Williams: Updated 9/19/19, Thanks to John Stamper, OCT/VCT and OBC,

2,4,6,10,11,13,14,16,17,18,19,25,30,31,32,36,37,42,44, 47,52,53,54,55,58,61,65,66,67,68,70,74,75,77,80

1959 Topps: Updated 6/5/21 40A (Spahn ,Born 1931,), 40B (Spahn,Born 1931”3” is partially obscured), 163(Koufax), 180 (Berra), 202(Marris), 251, 461 (Mantle BT), 464 (Mays BT), 509 (Norm Cash RC), 510 (New York Yankees CL), 514 (Bob Gibson RC), 515 (Harmon Killebrew), 521,525,533,564 (Mantle AS)

1960 Fleer Greats: Updated 1/23/14 3 Babe Ruth 42 Ty Cobb 53 Jimmy Foxx 62 Honus Wagner 72 Ted Williams

1960 Topps: Updated 9/18/18 326 (Clemente), 490 (Frank Robinson), 563 (Mantle AS)

1961 Fleer Greats of the Game: Updated 7/26/19, Thanks to Greg Henthorn, OBC 14,55,75,89,90,91,92,93,95,96,99,100,101, 103,107,109,110,111,113,116,118,119,121, 123,124,125,131,133,136,137,139,140,144, 145,146,148,150,151,152,153,

1961 Golden Press (Have): Updated 8/14/19, thanks to Mike Glasser, OBC. I have the following


1961 Nu-Card Baseball Scoops: Updated 6/27/20, Thanks to Pete Pianelli, Trading Bases and Bob Donaldson. OBC

404,412,414,415,416,417,418,419,420,421,422,423, 424,425,426,427,428,430,432,433,434,435,438,439, 440,443,444,445,447,448,450,451,452,453,455,456, 462,464,465,467,468,469,473,475,476,477,479,480

1961 Post: Updated 6/2/20, thanks to Chuck Paris, OBC 1,2,4,5,7,9,10,21,22,23,24,36,38,47,49,50,58,60,65, 68,69,70,72,73,75,81,83,84,92,93,94,101,102,103, 105,106,109,110,113,116,121,125,131,132,133, 138,142,143,144,145,146,147,156,157,163,172, 182,183,184,186,191,193

1961 Topps: Updated 2/3/21 344,371,388,401,406,408,425,430,471,472,475,478, 480,482,525,531,539,540,541,545,547,554,558,563, 565,567,570,571,572,574,575,576,578,580,582,583, 586

1962 Post: Updated 2/3/21, Thanks to Steve Rittenberg, OBC 2,10,11,35,45,47,69,82,84,92,95,101,107,108,109, 113,114,116,125,127,131,138,140,151,153,156,158, 164,169,172,173,174,178,180,188,196,198

1962 Topps: Updated 3/11/21 1,5,10,25,30,150,159,199,218,234,251,310,313,314, 317,318,320,340,350,380,383,387,395,398,400,401, 415,421,423,458,464,469,471,473,500,530,544,552, 554,555,561,567,570,571,572,591,593,594,596,597

1963 Bazooka All-Time Greats (Have): New set as of 10/29/18 (Have). I have the following


1963 Fleer: Updated 3/13/21, Thanks to Dave Toback, (Dr. Chaos), OBC


1963 Post: Updated 2/3/21, Thanks to Steve Rittenberg, OBC

3,5,6,8,13,15,16,17,18,21,24,26,30,36,37,38,39,41,42,44, 45,48,50,53,58,59,60,61,62,64,65,66,71,78,80,86,87,88, 89,90,96,98,100,102,104,105,106,108,109,111,113,114,116, 118,119,121,126,128,129,130,131,132,135,138,139,140,141, 143,144,145,148,150,151,152,153,155,156,159,162,166, 167,169,170,172,173,174,176,180,181,182,184,186,187,188, 194,195,196,197,199

1963 Topps Upgraded list (Want List), looking for EXMT+ cards (good centering/Decent corners (No dinged corners, fussy ok/no creases and writing, no gum stains, no dings on the card) Updated 2/3/21 1,2,6,7,10,14,20,38,54,67,68,93,115(Yaz),119,120,124, 125,126,129,130,133,139,143,147,148,149,154,157, 159,162,164,169,183,208,227,232,233,237,250,252, 261,275,285,288,290,296,300,302,304,306,307,309, 312,313,315,318,320,322,323,324,325,328,329,331, 332,343,359,362,363,370,375,382,383,384,394,401, 408,420,421,427,428,437,445,451,464,466,468,469, 475,480,500,509,510,520,521,540,552,555,563,569

1964 Topps Upgrade (Want List) looking for EXMT cards (good centering/Decent corners (No dinged corners, fussy ok)/no creases and writing, no gum stains no dings on the card) Updated 2/3/21 7,9,10,11,12,19,20,23,28,29,32,36.38,40,46,47,48,49, 50,51,53,58,59,63,64,67,69,70,71,72,75,77,78,80,81, 85,87,88,89,90,93,94,101,103,106,107,111,117,123, 125,129,132,133,134,136,137,138,139,140,145,147, 148,149,153,157,158,159,160,162,163,166,167,171, 175,179,190,196,200,205,207,208,216,219,221,223, 224,225,236,243,246,249,259,260,264,265,267,268, 274,275,278,285,286,289,293,295,299,306,310,320, 324,326,330,331,332,339,340,344,353,360,362,375, 380,385,389,390,391,395,396.397,400,406,407,414, 418,419,423,430,433,435,438,440,444,447,448,452, 454,455,458,468,473,476,477,485,486,487,488,489, 490,492,493,494,495,500,504,506,509,510,511,512, 521,524,532,535,538,539,541,545,548,552,553,555, 558,568,569,572,582,

1964 Topps Coins: Updated 12/25/20, Thanks to My OBC Santa, Randy Welk. 13,22,23,35,37,38,46,51,56,57,60,68,76,83,88, 90,100,101,109,110,113,114,117,123,

1965 Topps Embossed (Want Lists): Updated 12/2/17, Thanks to Ken Ortolon, Trading Bases I need

19 Roberto Clemente

1965 Topps: Updated 10/8/20

2 (Clemete/Aarons/CartyLL),3 (Killebrew/Mantle/Powell LL), 5 (Brooks/Killebrew/Mantle LL),50 (Juan Marichal), 160 (Clemente),203,350 (Mantle),355,369,390,410 (Aparicio), 510 (Banks),519 (Uecker),526 (J.Odom/J.Hunter),549

1966 Topps: Updated 9/8/20, 380,460,464,519,526,530,536,538,540,541,543,544,546,547, 548,550,551,552,557,561,562,564,565,566,567,569,571,576, 580,583,584,588,591,593,596

1967 Topps: Updated 8/10/20, Thanks to Chuck Bosshardt, Trading Bases, OCT and VCT , Chuck sends a High number my way.

150,460,535,536,544,553,555,558,560,569,573,574,575, 577,579,581,584,586,587,592,594,600,602,604,605,606

1967 Venezuelan: Have list as of 10/28/15, Thanks to Greg Henthorn, OBC. Greg sent me my fist Venezuelan card, Thanks Greg. I have


1968 Topps Upgrade set (I have completed this set and now I am upgrading it to EX or better (decent centering, nice corners , no creases , writing, blemishes, mis-cuts, gunk, No Dinger corners please): Updated 12/30/19 Thanks to Len Medeiros and Peter Neuser, Trading Bases, OCT/VCT 22,29,30,32,74,76,96,97,103(Don Sutton),107,113,114, 115,119,120,121,123,125,126,132,137,138,139,141, 145(Drysdale),147,165,166,167,172,174,177(Ryan), 179,183,185,186,187,188,189,190,191,196,197,198, 200,215,234,236,237,246,251,255,260,263,264,266, 276,280(Mantle),281,282,293,295,297,300,301,302, 303,308,314,316,320,324,325,330(Maris),331,332,336, 346,355(Banks),365(Brooks AS),366,367,372(Brock AS), 371,373,(Frank Robinson AS),374 (Clemente AS) 380, 382,385,390,395,399,400,403,406,410 (Fergie Jenkins), 411,415,423,425,427,428,430,432,436,441,445,450, 454,459,467,468,473,474,476,477,478,481,486,498, 499,501,502,504,505,513,521,522,524,525,531,532, 533,534,539,541,548,556,557,559,561,563,564,574, 577,583,592,594,598,

1969 Topps Upgrade set (I have completed this set and now I am upgrading it to Ex+ or better- decent centering, nice corners, no creases or Dinged Corners, ) Updated 4/15/21, Thanks to Geno Wagner, OBC 5,23,36,37,60, 68,77,80,83,85(Lou Brock),87,95 (Johnny Bench), 101,103,108,109,110,121,130(Yaz),138,142,182,183,185,191, 194,197,198,200(BobGibson),201,208,211,213,214,231,243, 250,256,260(Reggie),265,268,269,273,275,277,287,298,299, 310,311,313,400(Don Drysdale),410(Al Kaline),419,431,432 (Bob Gibson),433,435,436,437,441,443,446,450,451,458, 459,462,463,464,467,469,470,478,483,489,490,492,495,496, 500(Mantle),502,509,521,522,537,538,539,540,555,557,560, 561,562,568,570,572,573(Jim Palmer),590,598,599,602,604, 629,630,643,644,650(Ted Williams),655,664,

1970 Chemtoy Superballs Mets (Want List) New set as of 5/27/17, Thanks to Mike Napoleon, Trading Bases and VCT. I need

61 Tom Seaver 62 Gil Hodges MG 64 Ron Swoboda 66 Jerry Koosman 67 Jerry Grote 70 Cleon Jones

1970 Kelloggs (Want List), Updated 7/13/20, Thanks to Linda and Tim Fitak, OBC, I need

1,2,4,8,9.10,11,12,17,18,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27, 28,29,30,31,32,33,34,36,37,38,39,40,42,43,44,45, 46,47,49,53,54,58,59,60,63,69,72,

1970 Topps (Want list): Updated 7/11/19, Thanks Steve Sankner, OBC..This is an upgrade set. I am looking for NRMT or Better( Good centering, No Dinged Corners, no writing or Gum Stains, Creases, Blemishes,Side damage) 8,9.10,12,13,30,43,45,50,55,59,61,62,63,65,66,68,70, 73,75,81,84,88,94,96,97,98,110,111,112,116,126,135, 136,140(Reggie),154,157,158,159,160(Niekro),163,165, 166,170,176,181,182,186,188,189,191,196,197,198,200, 202,210,216,223,230(Brooks Robinson),235,238,243, 244,247,250,(McCovey),254,257,258,259,261,262,264, 269,280,299,300(Seaver),303,313,327,336,353,358,362, 373,374,377,380,383,387,391,393,394,397,399,401,403, 404,409,411,418,419,420,421,427,431,439,440,443,444, 451.458(Pete Rose AS),459 (Reggie AS),461(Yaz AS), 462(Aaron AS),463,466,467,468,470(WillieStargell),473, 474,475,476,483,485,493,495,496,497,498,499,500,502, 506,511,513,515,516,517,520,521,523,524,525,526,528, 531,533,535,538,540,546,547,548,550,551,555,556,557, 559,561,566,567,568,569,571,576,579,580 (Pete Rose), 583,584,585,593,594,596,597,598,600 (Willie Mays),601, 605,606,609,612,616,622(Don Sutton) 624,628,629,631, 634,635,638,640(Al Kaline), 641,642,643,648,652,656,657, 660,661,662,663,666,667,668,669,670,673,675,677,680, 683,685,689,692,697,700,701,702,704,711,712(Ryan),713, 714,715,720,

1971 Kelloggs: (Want List) New set as of 7/29/19. I need

1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11,12,14,15,16,17,19,20,21,22,24, 25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,43, 44,45,46,47,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,58,59,60,61,62,64. 65,66,68,69,70,71,72,73,74,75

1971 Topps (Want List): This is an upgrade set. I am looking for NRMT or Better (Good centering, No Dinged Corners, no writing or Gum Stains, Please), Updated 12/9/19, Thanks to Vaughan Kastor, Trading Bases I need

3,20,47,54,55,65,67,69,111,114,138,140,141,145,148, 172,181,182,202,204,207,213,218,234,245,257,261, 264,268,272,274,276,277,283,285,286,287,300,302, 303,304,305,306,307,308,309,317,318,320,321,325, 337,338,339,342,344,351,359,363,371,373,377,380, 381,383,384,386,407,415,416,425,437,439,440,445, 462,464,465,472,474,478,488,497,498.501,510,513, 527,528,537,539,541,542,544,545,546,549,550,551, 557,558,559,563,565,566,568,576,577,582,584,585, 594,598,602,604,605,607,608,609,611,614,615,621, 622,623,624,625,626,627,628,630,632,636,637,639, 641,643,644,645,649,650,652,656,657,658,660,661, 662,664,688,689,694,695,696,705,709,717,722,724, 733,734,735,736,737,739,743,747,750

1972 Kelloggs (Want List): Updated 8/11/20, Thanks to Joe Denning, OBC, I need

3,5,6,8,12,13,16,18,20,24,26,28,29,30,31,32,33,35, 36,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,54

1972 Topps (Want List): This is an upgrade set. I am looking for NRMT or Better( Good centering, no Creases, dinged corners, writing on the card or Gum Stains), Updated 9/19/19, Thanks to Steve Sankner, OBC, I need

4,44,49,87,106,114,140,150,153,176,182,195,218,247, 297,314,316,321,326,328,361,376,420,427,429,436, 437,438,439,440,443,445,448,460,463,469,473,476, 483,485,494,495,496,508,510,512,517,518,519,520, 526,527,528,529,530,539,542,544,547,553,556,559, 560,563,565,569,576,577,578,580,582,583,595,596, 601,602,605,616,619,620,622,625,627,630,632,635, 645,646,648,651,652,656,657,658,659,660,662,663, 667,668,669,670,671,672,673,674,675,676,677,678, 679,680,681,683,687,688,692,693,694,696,697,698, 699,700,701,702,703,704,705,707,708,710,711,712, 713,715,719,720,722,724,725,726,727,729,732,739, 740,741,742,749,752,753,755,760,768,771,772,774, 776,778,780,785

1973 Topps (Want List) this is an Upgrade set, (Upgrades needed nrmt or better please, good centering front and back/corners (No Dinged Corners/no creases. writing, Sharp Corner no gum stains or blemishes): Updated 7/19/19, Thanks to Joe Stout, OBC. I need

1,190,200,235,264,265,266,290,310,320(Brock),325, 330,344,346,(Gaylord Perry),347,353,356,357,360, 363,364,365,371,373,374,377382,384,385,390,391, 396,406,409,413,420,423,424,427,430,431,438,440, 443,446,447,449,467,468,474,475,479,480,486,491, 494,498,501,502,503,507,514,518,519,520,522,530, 532,537,538,539,540,543,545,548,549,550,553,556, 560,562,564,566,568,569,572,573,575,576,577,578, 581,584,587,589,590,592,593,594,595,596,597,600, 601,602,603,604,605,606,607,608,610,611,612,614, 616,618,620,622,624,625,627,628,631,632,633,634, 635,636,638,641,645,650,652,653,660

1973 Topps Team Checklist (Want List) Updated 12/19/18, Thanks to Michael Salinsky, Trading Bases, OCT and VCT. I need

NL – Reds

1975-76 SSPC (Want List): Updated 6/26/19, Thanks to Linda and Tim Fitak, OBC I need

5,39,40,167,168,214,238,255,310,314,316,317,318,320, 322,334,351,353,354,355,356,357,358,359,360,364,365, 366,367,369,370,371,372,380,402,403,404,405,408,409, 410,421,424,425,428,433,434,435,445,450,452,454,457, 459,462,464,465,466,467,468,471,473,474,475,476,482, 496,504,506,524,528,537,541,573,589,590,594,616,618,619,631-

1976 Isaly’s/ Sweet William Discs: Completed 2/16/14, Thanks to Mark Talbot OBC and The VCT

1979 Kelloggs: Updated 8/21/18, Thanks to Larry Beil, VCT. Lary sends along the McCovey 5a (Palmer pct 649),10a (innings pitched 1665),11a (hits 397), 14b (Traded to Rangers),19a,(Begins 1972), 21a (Parker Ave .281), 22a, 22b(Rose 1978 3B 33),23a (Runs 819), 25a (2b 101), 26b (Games 642), 27a,(1978 Minnesssota), 33b (Last line Terry Stole),34a (Age 24), 38a (1977 Games 86),39a (1978 AB 674),41a (1978 Hits 13),45a(Yaz AB 9930), 46a(Reggie 1978 games 162),49b,(1973 Hits 325),51b(last line In those years), 53a(2b 31),56a(1978 Pct .577),59a(Last line his best)

1979 Topps Recompleted 8/6/18 thanks to Bob Chapman, OBC

Mets want List 1962-1999

1962 Topps (Mets) (Want List): Updated 1/1/13, Thanks to Tim Morales, OCT, Steve Hitzeman and Lynn Miller, OBC and Chuck Bosshardt, Trading Bases, OCT, VCT and The Dugout, Steve Archibald, VCT. And Mark Talbot, OBC and VCT, Bob Bard 2x, VCT, Matt Schultz and Pat Looney, Trading Bases. I need

572 Bob Miller

1962 Topps Mets Upgrades Needed (Want List):,(EX+ OR BETTER, no creases, ink spots, gum stains, good centering and no dinged corners) Updated 5/12/13, Thanks to Pat Looney, Trading Bases. I need

29 Casey Stengel

1962 Topps Baseball Bucks Mets (Want List): New set as of 1/19/13. I need:

8 Gus Bell 36 Gil Hodges 53 Felix Mantilla

1962 Topps Stamps Mets (Want List): Updated 12/26/14, Thanks to Michael Salinsky, OCT and The Dugout and Randy Welk-My Secret OBC Santa. I need:

Roger Craig Gil Hodges Jay Hook Hobie Landrith Felix Mantilla Lee Walls Don Zimmer

1962 Topps Stamps Panels Mets (Have): New set as of 8/11/12. I have the following:

226- Colts/Mets

1963 Fleer Mets: Completed 12/1/11, Thanks to Tom Biggs, Trading Bases and The Dugout

1963 Fleer Upgrade Mets (Want List) Looking for (Nrmt-MT): 49 Rod Kanehl

1963 Post Mets (Want List): New set as of 2/23/18, Thanks to Jay Tysver, OBC. I need:

193 Gil Hodges 194 Marv Throneberry 195 Charlie Neal 196 Frank Thomas 197 Richie Ashburn 199 Rod Kanehl 200 Roger Craig

1963 Topps Mets (Want List): Updated 9/2/12, Thanks to Chuck Bosshardt 2x Trading Bases, OCT/VCT and the Dugout, Thanks to Tim Morales, OCT and Len Medeiros, OCT/The Dugout, Mark Talbot, OBC and VCT and Jim Jakubonis, Trading Bases, Richard Dingman, OBC/OCT and VCT and Steve Soklow. I need

473 Mets Team

1964 Topps (Mets) (Want List): Updated 12/30/17, Thanks to Michael Guastaferro, Tom Szczygiel and Pat Looney, Trading Bases, Michael Garron OCT, Steve Archibald, Bob Bard and Randy Anglin, VCT and Lynn Miller, OBC and Ralph Genova, all my OBC friends that attended the Anaheim National and Len Medeiros, OCT, Trading Bases and VCT. I need

477 Mike Joyce 527 Larry Bearnarth

1964 Topps Coins Mets (Want List): Updated 3/19/11, Thanks to Bob Reed, OBC. I need:

43 Jesse Gonder

1964 Topps Giant Mets: Completed 12/12/10, Thanks to Tim Smith, Trading Bases

1964 Topps Stand-Ups Mets: Completed 5/3/16, Thanks to Joel Freedman, OBC

1964 Mets Revised Year Book: Thanks to Bill Malison, My OBC Santa (Have)

1965 OPC Mets (Want List): Updated 12/31/17, Thanks to Ken Monk 2x,VCT, Wayne Graves, Trading Bases and TJ Valacak (2x) and Ed Schott. I need:

93 Jack Fisher 205 Warren Spahn 227 Bobby Klaus

1965 Topps Mets: Completed 2/27/19, Thanks to Scott Duguid, OBC

1965 Topps Mets Upgrades needed: Looking for ex+ or better (Good corners, good centering, no creases and no writing): I need:


1965 Topps Embossed Mets: Completed 6/9/12

1966 Topps Rub-Offs Mets (Want List): Updated 12/24/17, Thanks to my OBC friends at the 2015 Nationals and for Sal Domino OBC letting me know the Boyer card was A Cardinal in the set and, Jimi Thayer, Trading Bases, VCT and OCT and Randy Griffin, OBC/OCT and VCT I need:

Jack Fisher

1966 Topps Mets, (Want list) Updated 1/2/13, Thanks to Jack Downs, Alan Ballard, Trading Bases, Brian Beta, Ray Luurs, Sal Domino, OBC, Steve Archibald and Bob Bard, VCT and Carl Kogut, Trading Bases and VCT. I need.. 561 Choo Choo Coleman 589 Lou Klimchock

1966 Topps Upgrades Mets (Want List): (Looking for EX+ or BETTER - No dinged corners, good centering, no creases and no writing): Updated 7/9/20, Thanks to James Richards, VCT and OBC. I need these


1967 Coke Cap Mets (Want List) Updated 3/22/19, Thanks to Mike Rich, OBC and Mike Napolean 2x, Trading Bases and the Dugout. I need:

Don Cardwell Jack Fisher Tug McGraw Jerry Grote

1967 Topps Mets (Want list): Updated 7/26/19,Thanks to Jeff Sinclair, TJ Valacak and Ray Luur, OBC, Michael Guastaferro, Jack Downs and Kelly Glazner, Trading Bases, Brian Betza, OBC/VCT, Steve Archibald and Bob Bard, VCT and Brian Walker 2x, Dugout and VCT Gordon Davis, Trading Bases and The Dugout and Greg Henthorn. OBC, and Ralph Genova and my Trading Bases Secret Santa, I need


1967 Topps Mets Upgrades (Want List) (Looking for Nrmt or better- good centering, good corners(No Dinged Corners), no creases or writing, No Gum Stain, no marks on the card), Updated 7/29/15, Thanks to Mike Kelemen, Trading Bases and Randy Krolewicz, VCT I need.

42 Mets Team Card 470 Bob Shaw 487 Tommie Reynolds 522 John Stephenson

1968 OPC Mets (Want List): New set as of 7/16/06, Thanks to Andy Blackwood, OCT and VCT. I need:


1968 Topps Mets (Want List): Updated 1/10/12 Thanks to Brian Betza, OBC and Michael Garron, OCT and VCT, Alan Ballard, Tim Smith and Stu Gash,, Trading Bases and Bob Bard, VCT and Ralph Genova, Santa from GA and Jerry Hoover, I need

177 Rookie Stars - Nolan Ryan & Jerry Koosman 569 NL Rookies (Murrell/Rohr

Upgrades needed (NRMT or Better centering good/No Creases, No Writing, and Good Corners): 114(Ron Swoboda),401

1969 Citgo Mets (Want List): Updated 2/27/14, Thanks to Sal Domino, OBC. I need

Tom Seaver

1969 Globe Imports Playing cards Mets: Completed 11/19/12, Thanks to Mark Bock and Colin Mercer, Trading Bases andconfirming it was complete Tom Biggs, OBC.

1969 OPC Mets: Completed 1/14/17, Thanks to Ken Monk,VCT

1969 OPC Mets Upgrade Needed: 55,72,112,127,144,193

1969 Rheingold Beer Coaster Mets World Champions.(Have), received 5/22/08,Thanks to Damian Varga, Trading Bases

1969 Topps Mets (Want list): Updated 8/23/10, Thanks to Owen Sterner, Mark Nickerson ,Joe Dalton, and Santa (Jeff Whitmore)Trading Bases, Ralph Genova and Chuck Bosshardt, Trading Bases,OCT, VCT and the Dugout, Jeff Sinclair, TJ Valacak, Lynn Miller and John Stamper, OBC, Brian Betza, OBC and VCT and Jerry Hoover. I need: 533 Nolan Ryan

1969 Topps Mets (Want List) Upgrades need to NMRT-MT (Nice corners, centering, no creases): Updated 2/18/12, Thanks to Bill Organ, Trading Bases who sends a Seaver EX+ card. I need


1969 Topps Decal: Completed 12/26/15, Thanks to Len Medeiros, OCT and VCT

1969 Topps Deckle Edge Mets: Completed 1/28/08, Thanks to Mark Talbot, OBC and VCT

1969 Major League Baseball Stamps Mets (Want List) : Update 3/5/18, Thanks to Joe Dalton, Trading Bases and the Dugout, Mike Rich and Larry Gersbach (Gersh), OBC. I need

Tommy Agee Ed Charles Cleon Jones Jerry Koosman Ron Swoboda

1970 Kelloggs Mets: Completing the set was Stu Gash, Trading Bases

1970 Laughlin 1969 World Series Mets: Completed 9/18/18, Thanks to Steve Burns

1970 Major League Baseball Photostamps Mets (Want List): New set as of 8/24/08, Thanks to Michael Salinsky, OCT and The Dugout. I need

Tommie Agee Donn Clendenon Joe Foy Jerry Koosman Ed Kranepool Nolan Ryan Tom Seaver Ron Swoboda Al Weiss

1970 OPC Mets (Want List): Updated 4/3/18, Thanks to TJ Valacak 5x, Randy Welk, Aaron Shirley, Sal Domino 2x and Ed Schott, OBC. I need:


1970 Topps Mets (Want list): Updated 8/10/15, Thanks to Jack Dworetzky, Mark Nickerson, Alan Ballard, Tom Moss, Pete Pianelli, John Malusis, and Kelly Glazner, Trading Bases and Mike Mackie and Guy Mitchell, VCT 2x , Jeff Sinclair, TJ Valacak and Kent Goto, OBC, and Brian Betza 2x, OBC and VCT, Michael Salinsky, The Dugout and OCT and Joe Dalton, Trading Bases and The Dugout and Ralph Genova, Eric Swartz, my friends at the Shea Stadium Sept 9th 2007 Game and Jerry Hoover and Greg Campbell, VCT. I need

712 Nolan Ryan

1970 Topps Upgrades need Mets (NRMT or Better Please): Updated 4/14/17, Thanks to Michael Salinsky, Trading Bases, OCT/VCT 183,300,610,692

1970 Topps Poster Mets: Completed

1970 Topps Super Mets (Want List): New set as of 7/29/15, Thanks to Randy Krolewicz, VCT. I need

5 Tom Seaver –SP

1971-80 Fleer World Series Mets: Completed 12/22/08, Thanks Pete Pianelli, Trading Bases.

1971 Kelloggs Mets (Want List): Updated 10/13/15 Thanks to Pete Pianelli, Trading Bases and Jay Tyser, OBC an OBCER at the 2015 National I need 46A Tommie Agee 313 RBI 46B Tommie Agee 314 RBI 66B Bud Harrelson Dated 1970, 112 RBI

1971 Milk Dud Mets (Want List): New set as of 5/17/15, Thanks to Peter Mead, OBC and VCT. I need

Tom Seaver

1971 OPC Mets (Want List): Updated 2/27/19, Thanks to Ken Monk, VCT, Mark Talbot, OBC and VCT, TJ Valacak 3x, Mac Wubben, OBC 2x, Joshua Levine, Richard Dingman and Scott Duguid OBC . I need


1971 Topps Mets: Completed 1/11/13, Thanks to Taylor Schock, OCT,OBC,VCT and The Dugout

1971 Topps Upgrades (Looking to Upgrade this set to NRMT or Better) Mets (Want List): Updated 1/11/13, Thanks to Taylor Schock, OCT,OBC,VCT and The Dugout. I need 641 New York Mets Team Card 648 Mets Rookies Jon Matlack-Rich Folkers-Ted Martinez SP 751 Al Weis SP

1971 Topps Coins Mets (Want Lists): Updated 8/16/16, Thanks to John Malusis, Trading Bases, Ted Clayton, Trading Bases and VCT and Someone at the National 2016, I need:

91 Tommy Agee 103 Cleon Jones

1971 Topps Coins Mets Upgrade Want List (EX+ or better), Updated 7/17/16, Boone Benton, VCT/OCT

1971 Topps Super Mets (Want List): Updated 8/15/12, Thanks to Sal Domino, OBC and The OBC Swap session at the 2012 Nationals. I need 53 Tom Seaver

1971 Topps Tattoos Mets (Want List): Updated 12/11/15, Thanks to Colin Mercer and Rick Lyons, OBC, Trading Bases. I need

New York Mets Banner S2 Jerry Koosman S3 Donn Clendenon S6 Bud Harrelson S13 Tom Seaver S14 Tom Seaver FAC S14

1972 Kelloggs Mets (Want List): Updated 5/4/16, Thanks to Doug Dejong and Mike Rich OBC. I need

1A Tom Seaver ERR 1970 ERA 2.85

1972 OPC Mets (Want List): Updated 5/10/16, Thanks to Andy Blackwood, OCT and VCT, Larry Gersbach Spike Glidden, Sal Domino, Rick Lyons, Gord Ellis, Aaron Shirley, Mac Wubben, Mike Rich and TJ Valacak, OBC and Mark Talbot, OBC and VCT. I need:


1972 Topps Mets (Want List): Updated 2/22/15, Thanks to Michael Guastaferro, Jack Downs and Mark Nickerson, Trading Bases ,Dan Angland, Mike Rich, Larry Gershbach, John McLauglin, Sal Domino and Brian Betza, OBC, Michael Salinsky and Mark Gilmore, OCT and the Dugout, Ralph Genova, Steve Soklow and Bob Bard, VCT, Richard Dingman, OBC/VCT and Nate Mack, Trading Bases, VCT and OCT I need

445 Tom Seaver 698 Jerry Koosman IA 708 Tim Foli IA

1973 Kelloggs Mets: Completed 2/9/13, Thanks to Randy Anglin, VCT

1973 Kelloggs Upgrade Needed: 46 (Seaver)

1973 OPC Mets (Want List): Updated 5/10/16, Thanks to Gary Mandell, Trading Bases, OBC and OCT, Andy Blackwood, OCT and VCT, Tom Szczygiel, Kelly Glazner, Trading Bases ,Aaron Shirley, Sal Domino and TJ Valacak OBC and someone from OBC at The National .I need..


1973 Topps Mets (Want list): Down to needing just 2 cards as of 4/3/8, Thanks to Ralph Genova and Chuck Bosshardt, Trading Bases, OCT/VCT and The Dugout, Jeff Sinclair, Lynn Miller and Aaron Shirley, OBC, Mark Nickerson, Trading Bases AND Mark Talbot, OBC and VCT, I need 305 Willie Mays,540 Cleon Jones - Looking for both these cards in NRMT condition

1974 Kelloggs Mets: Completed 12/1/11, Thanks to Tom Biggs, Trading Bases and The Dugout.

1974 OPC Mets (Want List): Updated 12/18/17, Thanks to Andy Blackwood, OCT and VCT, Rick Lyons 2X, Randy Welk and TJ Valacak 3x, OBC TJ sent 7 hits to this set Way to go TJ. I need


1974 Topps Mets: Completed 9/4/10, Thanks to Tom Biggs, Trading Bases, and The Dugout

1974 Topps Black Backs Mets (Have): New set as of 1/13/12. I have the following:

Mets Team Card

1975 Hostess Mets (Want List): Updated 2/14/15, Thanks to Linda Fitak, OBC, Mark Talbot VCT/OBC and Jim Jakibonis, Trading Bases. I need 70 Joe Torre 111 Felix Millan 123 Cleon Jones

1975 Kelloggs Mets (Want List): New Set added 4/24/16, Thanks to Michael Salinsky, Trading Bases,OCT/VCT and The Dugout. I need

10 Jon Matlack

1975 Post (Mets): Completed 2/19/13, Thanks to Randy Anglin, VCT

1975-1976 SSPC Mets Completed11/1/19:

1975 SSPC Mets/Yankees (Mets): Completed 3/19/11, Thanks to Mark Talbot, OBC/VCT

1975 SSPC Superstars Mets: Completed 10/24/12, Thanks to Stan Miller, Trading Bases.

1975 Topps Mets: Completed 7/28/12, Thanks to Randy Anglin, VCT

1975 Topps Mini Mets (Want List): Updated 11/13/12, Thanks to Jack Downs, Brian Walker, Pat Looney and Bobby Leonard, Trading Bases and Michael Salinsky 4x, OCT and The Dugout, Geno Wagner OBC and Mark Gilmore, Trading Bases, VCT and The Dugout, and Ralph Genova I need..

370 Tom Seaver

1976 Crane Potato Chips Discs Mets: Completed 3/10/14, Thanks to Mark Talbot, OBC and VCT

1976 Hostess Mets: Completed 2/23/16, Thanks to Michael Salinsky, Trading Bases, OCT/VCT and The Dugout

1976 Isaly/Sweet Williams Discs Mets: Completed 1/25/08, Thanks to Richard Kimball, and James Moleta OBC.

1976 Kelloggs Mets (Want List): Updated 12/27/08 Thanks to Bill Malson and Ken Morganti and Doug Dejong, OBC. I need:

32A Tom Seaver ERR 1967 Pct. 552 w/no Decimal Point 49A Jon Matlack ERR 1975 ER 879,32,49, Thanks to

1976 OPC Mets (Want List): Updated 8/13/15, Thanks to Mark Gilmore, Trading Bases, VCT and the Dugout, Mark Talbot, OBC and VCT and Mac Wubben, OBC. I need

5,16,40,64,93,120,143,166,222,245,268,291,314, 337,372,442,468,494,517,585,600,633,655

1976 Orbaker’s Disc Mets (Want List): Updated 4/9/16. Thanks to Jack Downs, Trading Bases and Mike Napoleon, Trading Bases, and the Dugout. I need:

Dave Kingman Tom Seaver Joe Torre

1976 SSPC Mets (Want List): New set as of 9/16/12, Thanks to my OBC Friends at the Baltimore National Convention OBC Swap Session. I need:

271 Joe Lovitto 354 Mickey Lolich 370 Billy Baldwin 533 Ed Kranepool 534 Mike Vail 535 Del Unser 536 Felix Millan 538 Jesus Alou 539 Wayne Garrett 540 Mike Phillips 541 Joe Torre 542 Dave Kingman 544 Jack Heidemann 545 Bud Harrelson 546 John Stearns 547 John Milner 548 Bob Apodaca 549 Skip Lockwood 550 Ken Sanders 551 Tom Seaver 552 Rich Baldwin 553 Hank Webb 554 Jon Matlack 555 Randy Tate 556 Tom Hall 557 George Stone 558 Craig Swan 559 Jerry Cram 560 Rod Staiger 608 Bill Gallagher 609 Jerry Koosman 610 Joe Frazier 616 Willie Mays 617 Phil Cavarretta

1976 Topps Mets: Completed 7/15/10, Completing the set was Jack Dworetzky, Trading Bases

1976 Topps Mets Upgrades: Completed 1/7/14, Thanks to Randy Krolewicz, VCT

1976 Topps Traded: Completed

1977 Hostess Mets: Completed 11/25/12, Thanks to Randy Anglin, VCT

1977 Hostess Upgrades Mets (Want List): (EX+ or better please) Updated 3/8/17, Thanks to Mark Talbot, OBC/VCT. I need

77 Jerry Koosman 96 Felix Millan 114 Jon Matlack SP

1977 Kelloggs Mets: Completed 12/27/08, Thanks to Doug Dejong, OBC

1977 OPC Mets (Want List): New set as of 1/7/16, Thanks to Joel Freedman, OBC/VCT. I Need

60 Ed Kranepool 132 Jon Matlack 205 Tom Seaver

1977 Post Mets (Have) : Updated as of 12/12/06, Thanks to Erik Greenwood, OBC and Richard Labs, Trading Bases,OCT/VCT and The Dugout. I have the following. 7,60

Upgrades Needed: (Good corners, good centering,no creases, no writing)


1977 Sportscaster Mets (Want List): Updated 8/25/16, Thanks to Jimi Thayer, Trading Bases, VCT/OCT and Jim Nelson, The Bench. I need:

Nolan Ryan Gil Hodges Lee Mazzilli

1977 TCMA Catch All the Action on Lynchburg Cablevision Mets (Have): New set as of 7/21/16, Thanks to Anthony Arbeeny, OBC,Trading Bases, VCT and The Dugout, I have the following and they are have on card autographes 357,364,367

1977 Topps Mets: Completed 7/30/07. Thanks to Tom Massimo, Trading Bases, OCT, OBC, VCT and SCT, Jack Dworetzky and Stu Gash, Trading Bases, TJ Valacak, OBC and Bob Bard, VCT.

1977 Topps Cloth Stickers Mets: Completed 5/12/13, Thanks to Pat Looney, Trading Bases.

1978 Batter Up Game Cards Mets (Have): New set thanks to Guy Mitchell VCT. I have the following: Bob Apodaca Rick Baldwin Bruce Boisclair Nino Espinosa Doug Flynn Bud Harrelson Steve Henderson Ron Hodges Jerry Koosman Ed Kranepool Skip Lockwood Jon Matlack Lee Mazilli John Milner Felix Millan Bob Myrick Lenny Randle Roy Staiger John Stearns Craig Swan Jackson Todd Mike Vail Joel Youngblood Pat Zachry

1978 Hostess Mets (Want List): Updated 9/18/18, Thanks to Bob Bard, VCT and Erik Greenwood, OCT and Bob D’Angelo, OBC and OCT. I need.

143 Willie Montanez

1978 Landsman Sports Deck Division Mets: Completed 12/21/11, Thanks to Mike Kelemen, Trading Bases 1978 OPC Mets: Completed 2/4/19, Thanks to Tom Biggs, Trading Bases.

1978 Saga Mets (Have): New set as of 2/3/14. I have the following

Jerry Koosman

1978 Tastee Freez Mets: Completed 3/10/14, Thanks to Mark Talbot, OBC and VCT

1978 TCMA The 60’s Mets: Completed 11/14/12, Thanks to Don Roth, Trading Bases, OCT/VCT and The Dugout

1978 Topps Mets: Completed 12/17/08, Thanks to my Trading Bases Secret Santa. Autos (Have): Bobby Valentine, Thanks to Mark Gilmore, Trading Bases -July 30,2009

1978 Topps Zest Soap Mets : Completed 5/8/16, Thanks to Don Berg, Trading Bases

1979 Kelloggs Mets: Completed as of 1/25/08

1979 O-Pee-Chee Mets: Completed 1/4/16, Thanks To Tom Biggs, Trading Bases and The Dugout

1979 Hostess Mets (Want List): Upgraded 3/8/17, Thanks to Erik Greenwood, OBC, Mike Napoleon, Trading Bases and VCT and Mark Talbot, OBC/VCT. I need 124 John Stearns

1979 Hostess Mets Upgrades needed(Good corners, good centering,no creases, no writing)


1979 Topps Mets: Completed as of 7/30/07, Thanks to Jack Downs and Jack Dworetzky, Trading Bases. and Tom Massimo, Trading Bases, OBC,OCT.VCT and SCT ,Kent Goto OBC and Bob Bard, VCT.

1979 Topps Mets Autos (Have): New set as of 2/20/10, Thanks to Ron Brown, Trading Bases. I have the following

Mike Bruhert