Sign and Exhibit Design... the black sheep of the design family!

I'm not afraid to admit I have worked in the sign industry as a designer and vinyl layer.

It's hard work, but it laid the foundation I have built my skills on.

As a sign and exhibit designer I've worked with many companies both large and small, nation wide as well as internationally.

The scope of my involvement in the projects varied from project to project.

In some cases I may have designed from scratch.

In others I may have received files from the graphics dept. of the client, which I then used to complete projects.

In all cases I worked as the graphics engineer, plotter technician, pattern designer, and vinyl layer.

The following list is a list of some of the companies I have had the pleasure of working with during my years in the sign and exhibit industry.

Although this list is not complete, the list will serve as an example of the types of businesses I have had hands on experience working with.

Cities, Town, or Localities

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