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Marian Apparitions and UFOs

Lourdes Archive Directory


Just to show you the sheer number of well documented apparitions that occurred at Lourdes, France...we have listed each document for your inspection. References and related information will follow. We hope to link these up to their respective documents, as soon as possible. You may find, (as I did), that most of these documents DO NOT contain direct references to any actual UFO sightings, but a surprising number of them do.

Although most of the information contained herein does not refer directly to any UFO object, there is sufficient information to warrant their inclusion, as many of these documents contain information that mirrors experiences reported by modern day UFO contactees that I have both spoken with and documented.

In addition to those, the thread that binds all of the Marian apparitions is represented by the story, which you are about to examine. We have linked the archived documents to this directory, which was completed on May17, 2000. We continue to work on the references and foot notes as of this writing (ditto) and hope to have them completed soon.

Text remains as it is found on the web site listing the apparitions (See references below). Foot notes below the text give my annotations, as well as other references to foot notes found within the text.

First Apparition - Thursday 11 February 1858
Second Apparition - Sunday 14 February 1858
Third Apparition - Thursday 18 February 1858
Fourth Apparition - Friday 19 February 1858
Fifth Apparition - Saturday 20 February 1858
Sixth Apparition - Sunday 21 February 1858
Seventh Apparition - Tuesday 23 February 1858
Eighth Apparition - Wednesday 24 February 1858
Ninth Apparition - Thursday 25 February 1858
Discovery of the Miraculous Spring

Tenth Apparition - Saturday 27 February 1858
Eleventh Apparition - Sunday 28 February 1858
Twelfth Apparition - Monday 1 March 1858
Thirteenth Apparition - Tuesday 2 March 1858
Fourteenth Apparition - Wednesday 3 March 1858
Fifteenth Apparition - Thursday 4 March 1858
Sixteenth Apparition - Thursday 25 March 1858
The Lady Reveals Her Name: 'I Am The Immaculate Conception'
(Que Soy Era Immaculada Conceptiou)
Seventeenth Apparition - Wednesday 7 APRIL 1858
The Miracle of The Candle

Eighteenth Apparition - Friday 16 JULY 1858
The Final Apparition Of OUR LADY OF LOURDES
in The Grotto of Massabielle






Archive Document Source:; Copyright 1990-2000 Catholic Online. All Rights Reserved. All other rights apply

Annotations by Christopher Montgomery and the UFO Resource Center, © COPYRIGHT 1999, 2000 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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