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UFOs and Apparition Phenomenon at LaSalette

FOREWARD By Christopher Montgomery


During my research into the UFO phenomenon, I have uncovered a mysterious paradigm between unidentified flying objects and phenomenon involving apparitions with a religious context. The ones that we will examine in this series, involve the mysterious appearances of what many believe to be the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM), otherwise known as the mother of Jesus Christ. There are many parallels between these apparitions and contacts with UFO occupants. Apparent UFO activity has been documented before, during and after those events. This UFO activity and appearances of the BVM have been documented by myself, and presented herein.

Few authors have actually made direct connections between the two, save perhaps Jacques Vallee and myself. But the evidence presents a thread of evidence, which woven together forms a complex and beautiful tapestry of undeniable connectivity. Back in 1984, I began my initial research into the UFO/Fatima connection and published an article on UFOs and appearances of the BVM. (Reference #1).

Once I had conducted my own initial inquiry, my research stopped there and I rested for over two decades. I had always wondered if the UFO/BVM paradigm was consistent throughout all appearances of BVM. This nagging suspicion was followed up recently, more by a hunch than actual evidence, as these appearances are not well publicized by the media or other news organization.

I have recently discovered that it was. My latest research has presented further evidence of the UFO/BVM connection, which I shall present here. What I had found was that UFO activity at Fatima, Portugal was not the only place where this phenomenon occurred, but that it was, in fact, consistent throughout all appearances of this self proclaimed BVM apparition.

After a recent dream of my death, I had decided that this was the time when I should publish this data. Publication of this data may begin and end with myself, or at least may be many more years until someone else makes this discovery. As fantastic as it seems, I shall present the evidence as it is, as well as my observations concerning same, to illustrate the dynamics of these visions and their any possible meaning one may make of them. I now draw your attention to the parallels that exist between UFOs and the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

When I write the words "Blessed Virgin Mary, "BVM or "The Immaculate Conception," I am not stating my patent approval that this is what these apparitions are. Please understand that I utilize these phrases because it is simply easier to write them in that style, rather than adding "alleged apparitions of the BVM, "Blessed Virgin Mary," etc. etc. My personal beliefs would not allow a scientific examination of the facts, as I would rather present them using this standard aseptic journalistic approach. Personally, I do not know what they are.

Despite the fact that all of the eyewitnesses involved truly believe that they are experiencing visitations by the BVM, anyone who truly understands the UFO phenomenon would be quick to dismiss this on the grounds that those may only be the subjective interpretations of an actual event, the basis of which no one truly understands! The fact is, if we can accept the UFO phenomenon as real and occurring in our world today, it is an even greater stretch to state what they are, where they come from or if they are only a psychic abherration of the human psyche.

Moreover, I would venture to say that it could be somewhat dangerous to assume that these ARE appearances of the mother of Jesus Christ, who WAS a real person and did actually bear a son who was named Jesus. I do not dispute this fact. It has been well documented.

In popular Christian theology, an apparition of a person who did in fact die can not appear again, in that the Biblical texts suggest that those who are dead are asleep, and await the return of the Massiah. This goes for everyone living on this planet today. This could explain why in the early apparition cases that I have studied, the Catholic Church was often quick to dismiss those apparitions as satanic/demonic in origin. This was usually their default explanation and may still apply today!*

All well and good. But herein lies a mystery. According to legend, Mary was taken up into heaven after her death, allegedly by the angels of God.



*The Catholic Church has been more accepting of Marian visitations recently, which conflicts with their stance during the visions at Fatima and Lourdes.

Reference #1: APPARITION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN ON THE MOUNTAIN OF LA SALETTE the 19th of September, 1846. Published by the Shepherdess of La Salette with Imprimatur by Mgr. Bishop of Lecce;

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