Gary Earl Ross and The Writer's Den

Gary Earl Ross

Professor Emeritus, University at Buffalo Educational Opportunity Center (UB/EOC).
555 Ellicott Street, Buffalo, NY 14203

Playwright, Novelist, Short Story Writer, Poet, Public Radio Essayist, Popular Culture Scholar, Speaker,
Writing Workshop Leader, Editor and Manuscript Consultant, Occasional Actor and Director.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Gideon Rimes Mysteries are now available from SEG Publishing.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Chhoti Productions of Mumbai, India, (now CITOC Motion Picutres) has released films based on Gary's plays The Scavenger's Daughter and Matter of Intent, the latter now State Vs Malti Mhaske. Both films are now part of TATA Sky Theatre, an Indian streaming service.

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Gary's newest play, Split Wit, onstage at the Paul Robeson Theatre in November 2023, was well received. Detective Maxine Travis (from The Scavenger's Daughter) had to figure out how to get a witness with Split Brain Syndrome to reveal what he saw of his sister's murder. Another Maxine Travis mystery is currently under consideration for future production.
As well as Split Wit, Stoker's Guest from 2022 remains available for production.

The Writer's Den presents Shadows and Mirrors--Four African-American Suspense Plays. Together in one volume are Matter of Intent, The Scavenger's Daughter, The Mark of Cain, and The Trial of Trayvon Martin.

The Writer's Den also presents Killing Grounds: Three Stage Thrillers and One Anti-War Play. Together in one volume are Picture Perfect, Split Wit, Stoker's Guest, and The Guns of Christmas.

Also available is Gary's latest short story collection, Beneath the Ice.


Last Updated November 20, 2023