The Scavenger's Daughter

The Scavenger's Daughter by Gary Earl Ross,
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A searing family drama of Alzheimer's, madness, and murder . . .

When John Pickett is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, his children--Alan, Brian, and Connie--find themselves in a virtual war with their stepmother Ruthie. At every turn she thwarts their efforts to secure John’s care and the family's security. Finally, she resorts to a shocking act of violence. Wading into family conflicts and long-buried secrets, Detective Maxine Travis tries to piece together what made Ruthie Pickett point a gun at her husband and pull the trigger.

“Ross has mixed family dynamics, mental illness and dementia… A family torn apart by time and the problems of the human brain… Worth seeing and thinking about as you grow older.”
A. Wamer, Online Buffalo

“His dad's struggle with the long goodbye proved to Ross that Alzheimer's is not a communicable disease but a community disease. The story is told in flashback, and here Ross the mystery writer shines...Each recollection deftly discloses clues. Listen carefully… The Scavenger's Daughter is a complex tale of our times. Ross tells it well.”
Ted Hadley, Buffalo News

The Scavenger's Daughter
Cast from the Ujima Production in Buffalo: Willy Judson and Cindy Miller (John and Ruthie, Hugh Davis (Alan), Brandon Williamson (Brian), Saron Ephraim (Connie), Shanntina Moore (Detective Travis). Directed by Gary Earl Ross

Scenes from the Northstar Players Avenue Blackbox Theatre Production in Rochester: Irving Murph(John) Deborah Washington (Ruthie), Robin Brown (Alan), Chris Fields (Brian), Vanessa Ryland-Buntley (Connie), Shelia Rankin (Detective Travis). Directed by David Shakes

ISBN 9781105896798
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Two years after the film rights were sold to Chhoti Productions (now CITOC Motion Pictures) in Mumbai, India, the following poster turned up on IMDB:

The film has moved to TATA Sky Theatre, an Indian version of Netflix, and is no longer available for US viewing.