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A comprehensive list of Disney License Plates and related items.

By Steve Garner


Last Updated May 31, 2021
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1. Catalog Introduction and Site Guide
Describes the purpose of this site and what can be found on it.
Disney License Plate Introduction - A PowerPoint Slide Show
Updated December 31, 2012
2. Disney License Plate Catalog
Here you will find images and information on all of the known Disney license plates that have been produced.
Disney License Plate Variations
Updated May 31, 2021
3. DLPC News
A monthly newsletter detailing web sites changes, additions, recently discovered and released license plates, plus other Disney license plate related news.
Updated May 31, 2021
4. Catalog Notes
General information on the plates listed in the catalog.
Updated November 30, 2019
5. Resources
Postal, e-mail addresses and phone numbers for sources of Disney license plates, including Disney Mail Order Departments.
Updated November 30, 2017
6. Disney Property Opening Dates
Historical data on opening dates of the theme parks, hotels, resorts and other Disney properties.
Updated January 31, 2020
7. Disney License Plate List
A complete list of plates, frames and other items listed in the catalog. Data includes: catalog numbers, descriptions, ID numbers, material type, UPC numbers and year of release. In Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You will need the Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view or print this file.
Updated May 31, 2021
8. Disney License Plate Want List
My detailed want list of Disney license plates that I am looking for. The list also includes the images that I am missing for the catalog. Revised format December 15, 2003.
Updated April 30, 2021
9. Alphabetical Index of Disney License Plates
An alphabetical list of the license plates listed in the catalog. Clicking on the Catalog Number link in the index will take you to the catalog page where the plate is listed.
Updated April 30, 2021
10. Printable Checklists of Disney License Plates
Complete checklists of the license plates in the catalog. The master checklist is updated each year with the completed year of releases and discoveries. Current year releases and discoveries are listed in a supplemental checklist.
Updated May 31, 2021
11. History of Disney License Plates
Brief General History
History of Disney license plates based on my collection and the knowledge I have gained in collecting the several hundred plates in my collection.
Updated July 31, 2009
Historical Articles and Reference Data
Links and Reference Data for published articles on Disney License Plates.
Updated January 31, 2008
Club 71 Blogs by Ryan Crochet
Blog articles published from 2007-2008 on Disney License Plates. (PDF Format)
New August 12, 2009
Disney History seen through Disney License Plates - A PowerPoint Slide Show
Updated January 31, 2008
12A. Unique Items
Frames, bicycle and other non-standard license plates are cataloged in this section. Complete with images and information in similar style as the license plate catalog.
Disney License Plate Frames
Frame and License Plate Combinations
Disney Bicycle License Plates
Disney Property License Plates
Autographed Disney License Plates
Plates in Attractions and on Attraction Vehicles
Official State License Plates with a Disney Theme
Movie Prop License Plates Used in Disney Movies
Products Made with Disney License Plates
Disney/Pixar CARS License Plates
Updated May 31, 2021
12B. Non-License Plate Items
Non-license plate items with a license plate theme or style are cataloged in this section. Complete with images and information in similar style as the license plate catalog.
Disney License Plate Pins
Disney Wonder Bread License Plate Stickers
Disney Wild Racers License Plates
Updated January 31, 2021
13. Hidden Mickeys on Disney License Plates
A List of plates featuring Hidden Mickeys.
Updated August 31, 2009
14. Price Tags on Disney License Plates
Data and images of price tags found on Disney License Plates.
Updated April 30, 2021
15. Disney License Plates Mysteries
A list of Disney License Plate Mysteries.
New February 25, 2009
16. Links to Other Disney License Plate Web Sites
A List of hyper-links to the other sites featuring Disney License plates.
Updated November 30, 2017
17. FAQ's
Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions regarding the site and Disney license plates. If you don´t find an answer here or have other questions, e-mail me at the address on the bottom this page.
Updated February 6, 2002

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