Wonder Bread Crazy Disney License Plate Stickers
Circa 1970

Wonder Bread and Walt Disney Productions created a set of fifty "Crazy License Plate" stickers and a wall poster honoring the United States.   There were two stickers mounted on a single sheet that were placed in specially marked loaves of Wonder Bread.   The stickers featured Disney characters and a "play-on-words" or "phonetic" spellings of the state names.

Stickers and poster are copyrighted by Walt Disney Productions.

Crazy License Plate Stickers

Twenty-five sheets each containing two different stickers were produced.   Each sticker featured one of the fifty United States.   The sticker sheet measures approximately 3" wide by 2 5/8" tall with the individual sticker size being approximately 2 7/8" wide by 1 1/8" tall.   The stickers vary in size depending on how they were cut from the full printed sheet.

WB-01 -- Nebraska and Massachusetts

WB-02 -- Alaska and North Dakota

WB-03 -- Illinois and Arkansas

WB-04 -- South Carolina and Alabama

WB-05 -- Rhode Island and New Jersey

WB-06 -- Pennsylvania and Indiana

WB-07 -- Oregon and Ohio

WB-08 -- Oklahoma and Virginia

WB-09 -- New Mexico and Iowa

WB-10 -- Montana and South Dakota

WB-11 -- Nevada and Idaho

WB-12 -- New Hampshire and Maryland

WB-13 -- Mississippi and Colorado

WB-14 -- Kansas and Louisiana

WB-15 -- Texas and California

WB-16 -- Florida and Connecticut

WB-17 -- Hawaii and Wyoming

WB-18 -- Maine and Minnesota

WB-19 -- Missouri and Vermont

WB-20 -- Michigan and Tennessee

WB-21 -- Kentucky and West Virginia

WB-22 -- Wisconsin and Arizona

WB-23 -- Georgia and New York

WB-24 -- Utah and Delaware

WB-25 -- Washington and North Carolina

Wall Poster

The wall poster was a map of the USA and provided spaces to place all of the fifty "Crazy License Plate" stickers as well as providing educational information on the states, plus puzzles, quizzes and games.   The size of the poster folded is 6" wide by 11" tall and it opens to a size of 22" wide by 25" tall.

The outside of the poster, when folded, has the front, inside and back covers and when folded out, has a section showing the stickers with facts and figures on each state.

The inside of the poster, when unfolded, shows a map of the United States and has a place for each of the stickers to be attached.   The section for sticker placement, lists the states in order that they joined the union.

Poster Outside

Poster Inside

Front Cover

Back Cover

Inside Left

Inside Right

Close-up Detail of Outside Top Section
Facts and figures listed for each state

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Sample Printer's Sheet

In January of 2021 this Printer's Sample Sheet was found on e-Bay.   The size of the sheet is 26" X 52". Included in the auction was a package that held the folded sheet.   On the outside of the package was written "sample sheet to print 2/19/76".   The sheet was well worn and folded in such a manner that it distorts the sheet.   The sheet only has forty of the fifty stickers that were produced.   The sheet was digitally re-created and can be viewed by clicking on the following link:
Digitally Re-created Printer's Sheet.

Printer's Sheet

Printer's Package

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