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Travel Articles

The following articles have appeared in various magazines and ezines. Click on the title to link to the complete article.


Silver Lining: Idaho Road Trip

Travel the old Mullen Road that miners followed to get to the mines of Silver Valley along a centuries old Indian trail to the bison hunting grounds of Montana.

Pistol Packin' Pioche, Nevada

At one time there were more shootings in Pioche than in any other city in Nevada. Boot Hill was full of permanent residents resulting from shootings before the first person died of natural causes.

Mobile Bay, Alabama

The home of southern hospitality, Mobile's Bellingrath Gardens showcases the epitome of genteel living. Flip the coin and take one of Captain Gene's Swamp Tours into the bayou and see exotic bird life and alligators.

Arizona Outback

In the desolate reaches of the low desert, Swansea was once a bustling metropolis of more than 500 raucous copper miners, boisterous saloons, and even a newspaper--run by one of the few women in town.

Point Reyes

California's Pt. Reyes Peninsula, a National Seashore, would not look much different today than when Sir Francis Drake stepped ashore in 1549, except that the great 1906 earthquake moved the whole peninsula 21 feet further north.

The Legend of the Mojave Desertís Lost Ships

Seldom do legends of both desert treasure and sunken ships occur together. There is one place in the desert southwest where this phenomenon exists.

No Dragons In St. George

Colonizer Brigham Young, prophesied, "There will yet be built between those volcanic ridges a city . . . with many inhabitants" which he envisioned exceeding 30,000, causing more than a few raised eyebrows.

Live Free or Die

 It is not just history that lures visitors to the scenic green state of New Hampshire. There are mountains to climb and trails to hike, lakes to paddle and photos to take, country stores and farm stands to browse, and fall colors to dazzle your eyes.


Rarely does anyone leave this fossil site, in the remote northern Washington town of Republic, without at least one fossil of plants or fish that lived here millions of years ago.