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Through harmony with the green leaf to harmony with the Cosmos | The first production of the human was musical and geometrical | The past is archaeological, the present is creative, the future is at the cross roads.

Dacian Civilization Highway
a compendium from the book The Way to Kogaionon written by Andrei Vartic


This page is dedicated to Marija Gimbutas who restored the begining of human in Old Europa

Reliable ancient sources (Herodot, Platon, Strabon, Iordanes) mention the enigmatic dacians (getae-dacians-thracians), doctors or priests of Zalmoxis, which had built Cycoplean walls and cosmogonical sanctuaries in Middle Carpathians (commune Orastioara de Sus, Hunedoara Country, Romania). We speak about the hardly known civilization of dacians and his country Dacia, which was admired by Socrates, Julius Caesar and Iordanes as well.

The research carried out by the Institute of Dacian Civilization showed that these mysterious Dacians used to be genius masons: they lived in nice houses in Carpathian mountains; they terraced mountains and built fortresses of wonderfully shaped stone on hardly reachable peaks (in the masonry technique, without mortar) and water pipelines from burned clay; they were familiar with non-calcium bactericide mortars and knew how to obtain the superfine a-iron 99,97% Fe, without any cemensite, and which does not get corroded for 2000 years.

For the last five years the ICIDAC teams have also discovered remarkable samples of Dacian ceramics and terracotta on which the Corinthian acanthus (10) appeared, as well as the Egyptian lotus (8), the Indian lotus, the mistletoe of Druids (11) and other plants and trees that were venerated in ancient times.

Why the Dacians collected these singles of the ancient civilization? Our answer is univocal: because they were ktistai.

Ktistai - that was how Strabon called the brothers of Dacian scholars and anchorite, which still kept up the spiritual traditions of Pythagora. The Romanian archeologists translated this term as follows: "founders of towns". The Grecian dictionary gives us a more precise term: ktistai mason.

The Dacians were unsurpassed masons indeed. The monument from Adamklissi (108AD) and Trajan's Column (114AD) show us the ktistai as lighted brave people dressed in overalls of masons, in clothes of other civilized ancient peoples and wearing an exceptional variety of "professor" beards. Their main sanctuaries from Sarmisegetuza Regia are built on immense terraces, specially arranged in the mountain's rock. The algorithm of Pantheon in Rome (43,2m), builted in 125AD, mysteriously coincides with the dimensions of dacians andezite stones and geometrical sanctuaries what surrounds a horseshoe of 21 pillars, cosmically oriented, encircled in its turn with one circle of 108 pillars and another of 314 pillars (104+180+30).

The future research will show whether the Cycoplean walls and sanctuaries of the Dacians have been positively built by the ancient brotherhood of ktistai lead by Burebista, Deceneu, Decebal, Vezina and other Great Priests or Kings of the dacians. Sir Arthur Evans, please, come to Dacia for discover Dacian Civilization Highway!


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