So, what does Laura Look Like?

Well, this. I snagged this image. So it's stolen. I'm very immoral. But then I screwed around with it in Photoshop, so it's "art" and now it's mine.

I have no idea who said it first, but the phrase, "A face made for radio" gets tossed around alot at artd-l. It's pretty accurate. We have a lot of very talented flamers, and Laura seems to inspire the very, er-- worst in them.

Top Ten (Okay, it's eleven. With Laura, you need eleven) Adjectives used to describe Laura:

A few very descriptive posts from some observant folk at artd-l:

All time greatest portrait of the Beast. By Lawrence
Brief glimpses of horror. Various Artists
This space reserved for GOSMG, as soon as he writes something that won't get me TOSed
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