Laura and TV-- *so* not made for each other.


What would be a perfect ending to her failed television career would be to have a modern-day Perseus run out on the stage with Ms. Laura (looking only at her reflection in his shield so he doesn't turn to stone) and then severing, with one smooth stroke,  her Medusa-like head from her evil, dessicated body. ~ Dr. John


Take a gander at the photo of DL @ the microphone in this article. YOIKS!!  I've seen Egyptian and Incan mummies that look  better -- or even those preserved bodies they find in the peat bogs of Northern Europe...  I've seen lots of horrid pix of her weaselly little face (the photo on the back cover of the Bane book is cherce), but this one is my candidate for _oogliest_...What would fashion maven Mr. Blackwell say about her?? Channel 2000 - Dr. Laura Shows Up Nude On The 'Net? ~Gregory Morrow


Saw her nervous appearance on Leno. Is there a man alive who would prefer this wizened hag to the luminous Christina Applegate? Some women get better with age and some get horrific. I would suggest two things to Laura. 1) Wear turtlenecks and 2) get some putty and fill in the cracks on your face.~Randomity


Did anybody see the clips of Laura on Hannity and Colmes?. One clip was the typical Laura face all painted up and coiffed. As usual she looked like some fucked up nightmarish kabuki doll. But in the other clip, she looked even worse (if you can imagine that). I've always thought that if a woman looks ugly in make up she most really be a dog in real life. Laura proves this. She looks old and twisted - liver spots, grayish skin, alligator neck - the full catastrophe. Can you imagine the horror Lew must feel waking up to this ogre? ~Randomity


Great big expensive teeth.

You know the lady's ugly when she reminds you of a pale,  bald, fang-toothed Max Schreck or Klaus Kinski.~August

She needs to gnaw on some pine shavings and wear those babies down some. I always figured she had some rodents in her lineage somewhere. ~Neutrodyne


But can't you say *anything* nice about her??

You left out the "beauty of [her] soul" and her "nicely puckered uterus;" she's quite proud of both of them. ~TJ


So you think we're shallow? Well, we are, but not for this.

On 12/03/99, Peggy Swanson wrote :

There are so many important things to criticize Dr Laura for, her looks aren't important at all.

Pogo Possum, PhD explained:

Yes, they are, when she is busy condemning other people for appearance related things and giving advice about other people's looks.  For example, she condemns cosmetic surgery, tattoos and piercings, obesity and overweight, fashion-following (for teens especially) and immodest dress.  She also comments on her own cuteness and slimness and refers to supposed comparisons that women make between their own breasts and those of other women.  Laura is really screwed up when it comes to her own appearance-related self-esteem and she is very confused about how other people should regard these issues.  That makes her the last person who should be preaching to others about how to tend to their looks.  Most of these posts about her looks are trying to point out that her picture of herself and reality aren't even in the same ballpark, much less congruent.