These are the Rules, people. Pay attention. by Lawrence



Sorry, Folks... this discussion has been declared officially dead pursuant to Usenet regulations 7.9.5(c) and 9.1.3 through 9.3.5.

All participants are directed to refrain from public discussion of religion for a period of three (3) weeks and are further cautioned that a repeat of these offenses will result in further sanctions.

Usenet Regulations (excerpted)


{- actions specifically prohibited -}

[ It is forbidden to...]

7.9.5(c) ... repeat any portion of an arguement more than 30 times in one week without some significant elaboration or explanation which would result in some intellectual improvement on 'Is not - Is too'.



Regulation Nine addresses the need to post in a manner that recognizes the public nature of Usenet. Sanctions may be imposed for any of the following infractions...


9.1.3. ... failure to be interesting.

9.1.4. ... excessive stress on the virtue of oneself.

9.1.5. ... excessive reliance on cliches.

9.1.6. ... confusing an opinion with a fact.

9.1.7. ... asking for a cite for an opinion.

9.1.8. ... being dull.

9.1.9. ... failure to proofread for meaning (see 9.1.3 and 9.1.8)


9.2. [ Religion ]

Religion may be discussed so long as the following guidelines are observed...


9.2.1. ... First & foremost; recognize that your beliefs are *beliefs* only.

9.2.2. ... Saying 'God told me...' is grounds for being massively ridiculed.

9.2.3. ... Regardless of 9.2.2. there is no penalty for failing to ridicule.

9.2.4. ... An atheist can be as boring and witless as any religious person.

9.2.5. ... Separation of church and state is a well established principle in the U.S.

9.2.6. ... Shut up about 9.2.5. already, these are my rules.

9.2.7. ... There is no such thing as a _real_ Christian.

9.2.8. ... Shut up about 9.2.7.

9.2.9. ... Shut up.


9.3.[ Entertainment Value ]


9.3.1. ... Let's try to keep it light folks, this ain't the Boston Review.

9.3.2. ... have a toke & don't suck

9.3.3. ... try to throw in a few cultural allusions.

9.3.4. ... If you really *want* to be a weenie, do it in email.

9.3.5. ... stop with these inane, endless, mindnumbing, teethgrinding, lip-biting, blood pressure-raising, hives-inducing, hair-pulling, head-pounding, monitor-smacking, idiotic, asinine circular arguements!!!!

9.3.6. ... don't get carried away with the adjectives.


Lawrence who knows about these things...