Dr Laura's PhD(2/19/98)

ccdrogan wrote:
>Then how is it that she can claim that she is a "licensed psychotherapist"?

Not having had the pleasure of cross-examining her on the issue, I would only be guessing as to how she rationalizes that claim.

>And how do you know she isn't?

She is not a medical doctor and she does not have a license to practice clinical psychology, nor does she even claim to. California's Business & Professions Code 2902 and 2903 define the practice of psychology, which includes the use of such terms as "psychotherapy" and " psychotherapist." The use of those terms in describing one's services to the public is restricted to licensed clinical psychologists and medical doctors. While MFCC's and LCSW's provide services of a psychological nature and may use "applied psychotherapeutic techniques" in doing so, they may not advertise themselves as providing psychotherapy. That is not merely my opinion. That is also the position of the Board of Behavioral Science Examiners, which has jurisdiction over MFCC's. That position is consistent with a legal opinion the Board requested from the Attorney General which concluded: "Licensed marriage, family and child counselors are prohibited from using the terms "psychotherapy," psychotherapeutic service," or words of similar import in advertisements. "The word "advertisements," btw, includes such things as one's business card, letterhead, and any other written or oral statement about the nature of one'spractice.

>You would think it she were making such claims some board of Psychotherapists would jump on it wouldn't you?

The Psychology Board is a branch of the Bureau of medical Quality Assurance. It has no jurisdiction over MFCC's. A complaint was made to the Board of Behavioral Science Examiners, which does have jurisdiction, but the Board declined to act because it considers her broadcast not to constitute "a therapeutic relationship as defined by the laws and regulations," and that she was "not offering or providing professional psychotherapy services" in her radio program. To illustrate: I have neither a degree in psychology nor a license to practice psychology. I could state in print or broadcast media that I "have a license to practice psychotherapy." Even though that would be a total lie, so long asI do not attempt to solicit paying patients or to attempt to treat anyone, the state will do nothing because I have not broken the law.

--TJ OLta.f.d_b