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~Rules To Live By~

Here at ECHO, we like to maintain a professional apperance. There a few simple rules you must follow if you decide to become a member. We would like to believe that these are no big deal, but if you have comments about them, or ideas for new rules you think we should enforce, please e-mail us!
1. Please Be Honest - We appreciate people for who they really are, not a fake act they put on to try to impress others.
2. There is nothing wrong with speaking your mind and voicing your opinion, but if you insult others in the process, you will not be tolerated in ECHO.
3. Please refrain from using profanity and other inappropriate language.
4. Keep the message board password to yourself and do not share it with anyone.
5. You must post or reply on the message board at least once a week in order to remain a member of ECHO. If in the event you cannot post at least once a week due to vacations, computer trouble, prior responsibilities, etc., please let us know.
6. If you have a problem or concern about another member, or anything going on in ECHO, please tell us! It is imperative we know our members' likes and dislikes. This way, problems can be fixed and ECHO is that much better.
7. Last, but not least, HAVE FUN! That is what ECHO is all about!

If you break any of the rules, you will recieve a warning by e-mail. The second time, you will be asked to leave.

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