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The Lorenvale Campaign

Monday April 05, 2004

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Welcome to Lorenvale!


Giving you a glimpse of how all this came about--the history behind this endeavor--and a brief history of a little place called Lorenvale, where it all began.  The story is rich, and the characters memorable, and I'm actually working on the novel...  There's also a page that gives the principles of our play, setting the boundaries for both DM and player.

What's Inside

New classes, new races, house rules, combat rules, critical hit & critical miss charts, spell failure charts & phobias, shelves of books, and etc!!  Don't miss the character sheet, downloadable and fully functional in Microsoft Excel!  Also includes a few articles that I have penned about this amazing game, along with a few by other authors.  I have tried to give appropriate credit for anything that is not original with me.  But, if you happen to see something that reads exactly like something else, and the credit is omitted...please don't get your panties in a wad.  Just send me a note so that I may do my duty and give credit where credit is due.

Player Interaction

Here, the PCs tell in their own words what's going on in their world.  No bias in these pages!  Look for interesting angles, odd details remembered (or conveniently forgotten), and even a hint at the character's INT score.  Only the DM's log will be official canon, but will probably be the worst reading.  Includes short biographies of the PCs, the official calendar of events, and "pdf" files of the PCs' character sheets for players to download.

Noteworthy Links

On this page are some of the websites I've found most helpful & interesting, places I've gone routinely to broaden my own horizons or glean an idea for the next great adventure.  Huzzahs to AEG, Sword & Sorcery, Monte Cook, Bastion Press, Fantasy Flight Games, and of course many huzzahs to Wizards of the Coast!

Contact the DM:

You can send me your feedback via the nifty little feedback-thingy on this page, or you can send me an e-mail directly at the "mailto:" address.  I appreciate ALL your comments, whether critical or admiring.  If you have issue with any house rule incorporated here, give me your argument, and I'll consider it.  If you have an idea that might further enhance this campaign, let me know.  I will make an honest attempt to answer all queries I receive, and I ask only that you be cordial in your critique.


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