Countdown v1.1

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How To Use

Download for Mac OS X, Ubuntu, and Windows

Countdown.jar  Java archive (JAR). Download and double-click.

Countdown should run on any Mac OS X, Ubuntu, and Windows computer that contains a Java Runtime Environment (Java 1.3 or later).

If after installing Countdown you can't get it to run (e.g. it asks you what program to use to open Countdown.jar) then please refer to the GreekToMe Java help page. (Substitute the name Countdown.jar for GreekToMe***.jar in the detailed instructions.)

Instructions for Mac OS X.1.5, OS X.2 users:

Create a folder called Countdown and drop Countdown.jar into it.

You need to use the Terminal utility (located in the Applications/Utilities folder) to launch Countdown. After launching Terminal, change the current directory to your Countdown folder. If your Countdown folder is located on your Desktop, type the following command at the Terminal command prompt and press return:

cd ~/Desktop/Countdown

or, if your Countdown folder is located in the Applications folder:

cd ~/Applications/Countdown

Finally, type this command and press return to launch Countdown:

java -jar Countdown.jar