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    So, here it is, the fine print. I promise it will be neither difficult to read, nor complicated. It is just an outline of my basic rights as webmaster of this site.

    1) No images or text, unless otherwise noted, may be taken from this site and used without my permission. If you wish to use an image, please email me.

    2) You may not submit offensive content to this site or my e-mail address.

    3) Third party links are included in this site for resources. I am not responsible for the content on these third party sites.

    That's it! Now, if you can adhere to the three simple rules above, feel welcome to enjoy the site!

    If you feel you cannot adhere to the three basic rules an principles, please hold down the Alt and F4 keys at the same time to be taken where you belong.

    Thank you! AudreyH924, webmistress