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Invest: Smart Smoking!

Written by Randall Kensington

With the dismal recent performance of major stock markets and spiraling property costs, Scott Albertson is trying a radical new form of investment -- smoking.

Albertson holds up a recent copy of USA Today which reads "Philip Morris Hit With $28 Billion Punitive-Damage Verdict." "Wow," says Albertson, "and that was just for one old woman. That's way better than the lotto." Yup, you guessed it, Scott Albertson is a wanna-be tobacco industry lawsuit filer. "The way I figure it", says Albertson, 28, as he deeply inhales 4 unfiltered cigarettes, "I've got 10, 20, maybe 30 year of [investment smoking] before I go. I'll spend somewhere between $50,000 and $100,000 on cigarettes, but once I get lung cancer I'll be able to sue for hundreds of billions."

There are smokers, and there are investment smokers

Albertson doesn't plan on seeing any of that money; he plans on using the cash settlement for college for his two young sons and for buying his wife Wilma "a real big house and some new breasts." "I'm so proud of him," says Wilma, confiding in me, "Scotty may not be the brightest bulb but he seems to really have this one worked out. I'll sure be glad when that free money starts rolling in."

And he's not the only one. Sylvia X also began smoking recently because of the headline and the lure of billions. "Look, it's more expensive than alcholism, but the potential long-term cash benefits are enormous. The stock market sucks, interest rates suck and the odds of winning lotto are shit. Smoking is a viable long-term investment."

The medical community does not take the issue of suicide smoking lightly. "I'm appalled", says Dr. Deepdish Sanji. "If these people are working on getting cancer, they'll probably ignore their other health problems as well. Translation: Fewer doctor visits, and fewer Mercedes for Dr. Sanji."

Rumor has it that the tobacco industry has embraced such behavior -- and that major tobacco companies are planning a new ad campaign entitled "Invest -- Start Smoking" coupled with a new line of unfiltered, extra-wide, extra-long, extra-addictive "flavor" cigarettes. Tobacco industry bigwigs could not be reached for comment, but Marlboro's spokesperson did comment "Hey, anything that gets people smoking..."

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