all releases can be ordered through the (releases) page. you can find mp3s there too.


there hasn't been much news to report lately, but rest assured wheels are in motion. we're holding to our goal of getting the 'field of flowers' 7" series started this year. the 2-track tape machine is in the shop getting calibrated by someone who knows what they're doing (tyler took a crack at it and it ended up not working as well as it had been before) and money is being saved to master the tracks at magneto mastering before sending them to pirate's press to be pressed to tasty, beautiful, black vinyl. we're hoping we can get the first two released before the year is out. stay tuned.

in the meantime we are playing a show in april at the burlington, with more in the works with other bands for the summer. the shows we've already played have been super fun and we've begun debuting a great deal of new material.


we finally deleted the band myspace page. it had gone dormant and wasn't attracting any attention like it used to, plus we'd quit using it to book shows ages ago. we have two shows scheduled for december- one is on the 14th at martyrs' (we're playing 2nd), the other is at the empty bottle on the 27th. we're looking for other bands to fill out the bill (so far everyone is out of town that day). obviously we enjoyed ourselves at pancho's and plan to continue to play shows. the first steps have been made towards getting the 'field of flowers' set into the final mixdown stage and we're hoping that the tracks will be mastered early in the new year at which point we're going to start a kickstarter campaign to release the first 7". i'd also like to give the look of this site a bit of a more smoothed-out look. it's gotten a bit cluttered and messy over the last few years.


in an odd coincidence we were able to book a show as a two-piece. it will be at pancho's in logan square/humboldt park with morrow from bloomington, in (who we've played with before) on monday, october 10th. after the somewhat disappointing aftermath of the final shalloboi strings show stefanie and i spent a great deal of time talking wishing that we could do something to end things on a better note. what is happening now is that we're going to play this show and if we enjoy ourselves we are going to keep playing as a duo. we've started putting out the feelers.


so, the final shalloboi show was quite good. thanks to everyone who was able to be there and thanks to katelyn, aleksa and merilee for making an invaluable contribution. thanks to chris for his help as well. if i can ever get the recording cleaned up (there are some issues) i'll post it on here for free (of course). it's been real folks. the recordings will still be released.


the final shalloboi strings show is up on the (shows) page- the date is the 23rd of july at approximately 8pm and it's going to be an intimate invite-only thing at our house. we're looking into the possibility of playing a final show as a two-piece in august. more on that as events warrant.


announcements are in order, and there are a few. we taped a live performance for airplay on WNUR 89.3fm on wednesday night. it was broadcast live at 8pm on wednesday and will be rebroadcast during airplay's regularly scheduled time on saturday at 4pm at some point and then archived on their website. to listen tune in to 89.3fm in the chicago area or visit we played a more restrained set, focusing mostly on 'all hope is blind' songs as well as a handful of new songs as well as a cover (!!). the set will be archived and available for download through this website as well as on

this summer will be a bittersweet one for us as any shows that we play over the summer will be our last. the band will continue to release new music for the foreseeable future, but playing live will no longer be part of the equation. our longtime violin player katelyn eldridge is moving away and we simply don't have the wherewithall or patience to find a replacement and don't see much point as that permutation of the band seems to have come to a suitable and natural conclusion. there is still a deep well of unreleased tracks that will definitely see release in digital form at the very least. the 'field of flowers' 7" series will be released as planned. 'chinese blue' will still be released as planned. tyler ritter, stefanie goodwin and aleksa lederer will continue on in the form of a new band which will be expanded and will also be more of a group effort where shalloboi was always primarily tyler's project. the as-yet unnamed band looks like it will spin off in a significantly different musical direction from the focused minimalism that shalloboi has always operated under.

it's a shame that we didn't get further than we did considering all of the effort and time that was put forth, but realistically becoming huge rockstars (or even modestly well-known) was never a concern. the records stand quite well on their own merits and continue to somehow attract attention to themselves. these are mysterious times in the musical landscape of today- 'dandelions' (which was never reviewed or properly promoted) has roped the most listeners on of any shalloboi release. our touring resources appear to have dried up and our reserve and unwillingness to 'play the game' continues to prevent us from playing as many shows as we would like.

for now the 'all hope is blind' dvd project continues- the latest video of which is one for 'under the flood' with the remaining three tracks to follow quickly. our performance at wnur was filmed, so hopefully one of the performances is usable.

thanks for all of the memories. the music will keep coming.


a decision has been made that the first 'field of flowers' 7" will not be released until next year. i need a chance to recharge my batteries and my wallet before releasing anything else. this will also give me the opportunity to get them mastered properly before then. we are hoping to play some more shows this year. only time will tell at this point. i'm also hoping to finish videos for the remaining five 'all hope is blind' tracks.


finished a video for 'falling stars' and added it to the (videos) page. ipod version coming soon.


a show at martyrs on december 13th is confirmed- we shall play the entire 'christmas suite' (which recently became a four-parter- recording to follow very soon). also, i'd like to welcome merilee phillips into the fold. back to a five-piece. also there is now only one boy in shalloboi.


another 'all hope is blind' review. view here.


wow, almost five months with no news update. while we've only played one show since then quite a bit has changed. two of the people in the videos below are no longer with the band- brandon wordes (guitar) and chris gagnon (viola and violin as early as spring of 2008). brandon was sacked and chris quit. why sugar-coat it, right? i suppose the famed 'creative differences' excuse would be in order, but really it's because shalloboi is my band and i'm not interested in giving creative control to guitarists who have been in the band for four months or violists who don't write the string arrangements or pay for the releases, tours and general band expenses. i'm doing my best not to sound bitter here but this summer was very difficult for me. we were able to complete the 'field of flowers' 7" set- which will be four 7"es and mark another change in direction for the band (again). we've been playing the two songs from the first 7" and one from the second 7" live already. brandon recorded a guitar part for the third 7" which will remain intact. chris played viola on all of the songs. it was a shame to lose someone i'd been working with for two years over the firing of someone who'd been around for four very turbulent months, but how people i work with feel about me isn't up to me in the end no matter how nice or considerate i (think) i am being. on the plus side i have a new appreciation and admiration for those who stuck around.

komakino fanzine reviewed 'all hope is www.angelfire.lycos.comeen added to the press page for 'all hope is blind.' i've also finished three videos for the songs on 'all hope is blind.' a fourth will follow soon, probably coinciding with a digital single release for the song 'falling songs amongst them- and i was planning on making a video for each track. for what? well, i'm not entirely sure of why i do much of anything in this band to be perfectly honest.

speaking of which i've got a good start going for 'chinese blue' which will be a proper double album released probably around 2013. i've been going through tracks that i started for it back in 2006 and adding onto them or remixing them what have you. so far it's been a very solitary affair and is carrying a much more 60's vibe, albeit through a shalloboi type of filter. the song 'blind for you' will be on it (which we've also been playing live) and can currently be heard/downloaded via on a pile of lo-fi vol. iii. a 'down to sleep' outtake entitled 'cloudburst' will be on vol. six of the series.

i hope to begin mixing the various digital singles down to tape and having them mastered properly. i'd like to release them on vinyl if possible, but of course money would be the main issue. i've thought about it from every angle- the 'song to the stars' single as a 7" (not a terrible idea) and the 'wish' and 'christmas suite' singles as 12" releases and i've also thought about compiling the whole thing onto a double lp. right now it's beginning to look like it might come out as a tour-only cassette due to the economy of mass producing such a thing and also to cater to that whole 'cassette resurgence' thing that all of the kids are talking about right now. plus the whole thing is out of control long as a compilation.

i'm pretty much out of gas as far as touring goes (har dee har) but there's been talk of getting a tour together with mangled bohemians (who are really good at getting their own tours together) in 2011. while we've sold a lot more copies of 'all hope is blind' than i was expecting it would be wonderful to take the record on tour and get more of them out there as i am over-the-moon satisfied with how the vinyl release came out and would love the opportunity to play some out of town shows and jettison as many copies of it as possible.

i had thought that we were never up to enough to warrant an update, but seeing as how this one is so large it would probably behoove me to stay on top of this aspect a bit more.

oh, and also i foresee the first 'field of flowers' 7" (which will be 'cut from marble' b w/ 'i am') coming out in march of 2011. the artwork is even finished up and the vinyl will be done through pirate's press. coloured 7" vinyl is kind of terrible so it's probably just going to be on black vinyl. the second 7" ('you're a vision' b w/ 'dried blooms...') will come out around september 2011. the third and fourth will be on the same schedule in 2012.

luv ya,


the mortville show footage surfaced on youtube a week or so ago.

'petals in a rainstorm'

'cut from marble'

'you can choke on your own breath'

'i am'

'voices in the air'

'on the bridge'


the two shows went reasonably well- the new stuff went especially well at the mortville show. many thanks to the chicago metaphysical circus for asking us to play.

not a lot of plans to play more shows, as previously stated i'm a bit reticent to get back into the habit of bothering booking agents to play. right now we're working on finishing up the songs for the 'field of flowers' 7" series, which has revealed a bit more of its shape- currently the plan is for it to be four 7"es available in fairly limited quantities of coloured vinyl. the first 7" will feature the song 'cut from marble', which can be heard at our myspace page and one of two other nearly finished tracks. the 7"es will come in hand silk-screened arigato paks with artwork by different people- the first will be done by tyler, another by stefanie and the other two will be revealed later as the details surface. the plan is to get this all going at the start of the year. as things are going right now i'd like to have the eight tracks mixed down and mastered to be heard digitally before the first 7" is released. if, by some miracle, the 7"es all sell out they'll be reissued on a single 12" lp. the whole 7" series will be coming out over the course of 2011-2012. hopefully. whenever it's finished there will be a year long buffer between the series and the next full-length which looks to be titled 'chinese blue' and will be a proper double lp (by 'proper' i mean that it will fit on two lps but be too long to fit on a single cd). holy update, huh? after all of this happens i have no idea what we're planning on doing. i'd like to reissue all of the old records on vinyl, but money and time are both pretty major issues as they are for pretty much anyone.


yeah, 4.20... haw haw haw... *yawn*

by some strange turn of events and without really trying at all we're playing a show at the empty bottle with relaxation record and tadoma on sunday, may 9th. we're playing first, so get there early. we're bringing the string trio along. it's also possible that they'll be playing with us again a little over a week later at mortville. this remains to be seen. we've also been playing with a 2nd guitar player in order to make the new stuff more translatable live.

in a further twist of irony there might be even more to report. sometimes it pays to stop trying so hard...

also, 'all hope is blind' vinyl can be purchased at permanent records in chicago for $12. you can also order through their online shop if that tickles your fancy.


the first copies of 'all hope is blind' are available to order. you can do so by clicking on the 'add to cart' button on this page.


sometimes our hopes are false ones. i didn't end up getting the screen made until a few days ago. i've also been too busy to get started on them. i should have fifteen ready to go by tomorrow night, though. i've got sixteen promos all ready to be mailed out as well. everyone is primed and ready to go. sadly, none of the shows we were trying to get together came to fruition. even a show at the empty bottle that was in the process of being confirmed seems to have fallen apart a month out. i'm sorry to say that my patience for dealing with booking agents has now been completely exhausted and pretty much every local contact in my arsenal has dried up and i don't really have the patience, time, inclination, connections or social skills necessary to remedy this band's perpetual booking woes. maybe we'll play at some point in kansas city. i don't really know. it is a shame to have to sit on such a great record and not be able to tour on it and instead watch the boxes languish on shelves. that said a handful should be available to buy at permanent records in chicago within the week. i'm planning on looking into selling some at reckless records as well. thanks folks, it's been real. i don't really know what's going to happen next. my money's on pretty much nothing. on the live front we are pretty much at a dead-end. i'll keep recording until the world ends, though. i know that much...


the records arrived today. i hope to begin silk-screening and printing the covers and copying the zines for the first ones within the week. please bear in mind that i HOPE this will happen.


test pressings arrived on tuesday and i've listened to six of the seven that were sent. the record pressing has begun. the zine is completed and is being edited. the promos are in the mail. prepare for a complete media blitz.


there are many things going on underneath the surface at the moment. hopefully some of it will materialise into something worth posting about here. only time will tell. i don't want to mention a thing because i'm afraid i will jinx it.

the fine folks at shinto records are distributing our stuff and doing some promotion for us. they are very on the ball and already have a page set up for us- after mailing them a loaded package a mere 2 weeks ago. we're looking forward to working with them. the prices are a bit cheaper than the cdbaby prices- good stuff.

in other news we're still waiting on the 'all hope is blind' vinyl (we haven't even gotten the test-pressings yet). we've come up with something for our next release and it's going to be a series of 7"es under the umbrella title of 'field of flowers' and we've already started work on a few new tracks as well as sprucing up some old tracks that will be included in the set. the plan is for at least four 7"es to make up the series (this might change over the course of the coming year as we work on it and it takes a more concrete shape) with hand silk-screened artwork for each 7", which will come in a stumptown printers arigato pak. the artwork will be alternated between me (meaning tyler) and stefanie (think the 'dandelions' cover). the 7"es will most likely be on coloured vinyl and limited to 300 copies each.


'all hope is blind' is still away at the vinyl pressing plant.

we will be releasing a christmas single within the week- the tracks are nearly completed. a video of the four songs on the single will follow quickly on its heels- we will burn copies of dvds to sell at shows as well. tracklist and cover art-

1. christmas song
2. christmas song revisited
3. christmas song, pt. iii
4. pale

'christmas song' is a re-recorded/re-imagined take on the song from 'petals.' it will feature our string trio that we've been playing live with. 'pale' is an 'all hope is blind' outtake that turned out too well to let it languish on a shelf.


'all hope is blind' has been posted for download on the (releases) page. it's also up in a more user-friendly streaming kind of way on the tapes are going to be sent off to the vinyl pressing plant in about a week. happy times!


'all hope is blind' is finished. the final mixdown was done yesterday and it's now ready to be mastered. as soon as this is done it will be available to listen to/download on here, just like all of the others. not sure if i ever went into great detail, but apart from coming on coloured vinyl (odds are it will be green) it will come with a zine that will include the liner notes and tons of artwork. if anyone has had the good fortune to pick up a flier for the show at uncommon ground then it will give you a good idea of what this zine will look like- the flier is the first completed page for it. a scan will be up on sunday or monday i'd guess. the front page image of the website is also the cover of the new record- it will be a full-colour print of that image mounted onto a hand silk-screened white sleeve. the vinyl will also include a cdr copy of the record.


mixing 'all hope is blind' down to tape today. also added a last-minute show at beat kitchen with dr. killbot on the 14th. not 100% confirmed just yet, but in these cases time is of the essence! naturally it'll just be a loud, loud, loud standard 2-piece show.


'all hope is blind' is finished. the mixes are nearly finalized and the tracklist is being smoothed over. it's just a matter of saving up the money to get it mastered and (ideally) pressed to vinyl. it is my personal mission to have the vinyl pressed before the year is over. i set out to do this and, dammit i'm going to do it! i expect that the recordings will make it up onto this page for your downloading pleasure within a few months hopefully. there is lots to do still.


the 'dandelions' ep will be available to purchase on tuesday (just since records are supposed to come out on tuesdays) for $5 postpaid. i'll add paypal buttons to the release page for it. here's hoping the last silk-screening process goes as smoothly as the first did (basically this means that i didn't make any mistakes with the first colour). the second screen (for the inside of the sleeves) is drying. i hope i have the motivation to print up the 20 sleeves i have tomorrow or monday.


yes, there actually is now an upcoming show on the (shows) page. it's not your imagination. more to come? who the fuck knows?...


hope everyone had a good day shooting fireworks (or hearing others shoot off fireworks) yesterday. yay america. anyway, since 'all hope is blind' is almost finished and i have hardly anything else to do on it i have been bored out of my skull. so bored in fact that i made a new video for 'field of flowers' which is a hidden track on the 'dandelions' ep. it features a knitted alien-looking rabbit that stefanie made. view away-

standby for an ipod format downloadable version- it'll be a 180mb monster!

happy viewing!


'dandelions' ep is being pressed as we speak. it's been away for about a week already. 'all hope is blind' is actually nearly finished surprisingly- what i thought were the rough mixes are actually ending up to be good enough to keep as final mixes. very surprising, and just the slightest bit bittersweet... it's possible that it might be available digitally within a month or two.

i'd really love to report a new show(s)- we've been asking around a lot and so far nothing's quite materialized. the east coast tour is still looming as a possibility. we are planning on giving it another shot in the future (possibly in the spring of 2010). we are planning on going back to the west coast in 2010 as well. no releases planned for that year, but we would like to make up for that with a fair amount of shows. we shall see...


the 'dandelions' ep finally arrived in the mail and it sounds quite nice. thanks again to the nice folks at magneto mastering for all of the great work they do. naturally the sound files have been posted in the (releases) section. the page has also been streamlined a bit so as to make a bit more user-friendly. our prolificacy was beginning to make the releases page a bit chaotic. anyway, enjoy!


we made deli magazine's list of the top local chicago bands. naturally we are near the bottom at 219. our dear friend nick butcher is a few rungs below us and our old friend james eric is up at number 159. check it. ah, lists... it's nice to get a little something i suppose and one of the writer's did put 'down to sleep' in his top five list for last year- not to mention featuring us on two other blogs that he writes for.


happy earth day everyone. and a happy 50th birthday to robert smith (yesterday... ooops...)- holy smokes!

the strings show went well on saturday night. the nice folks at elastic recorded the set as well and it turned out quite well. the results can be listened to and downloaded track by track here and a download of a zip file with the whole thing can be downloaded by clicking here.


a friendly reminder to listen to our live set on wnur 89.3 in evanston tomorrow at 4pm. to listen online go to

also, we resurrected our neglected myspace page and added some new tracks- there are 10 tracks up to listen to. all are final mixes and/or finished tracks just so you know-


the strings show is rolling. it's finally safe to announce who the actual players are- chris gagnon- viola/violin, katelyn eldridge- violin and aleskandra lederer- cello. first practice happened last night and was definitely a great start to the proceedings. it brought a good deal of focus to some problems i was having with the setlist (if i had my fairy-land wishes we'd play a blistering 2 and a half hour set, but that's just not realistic or a good idea at this point).

in order to promote the strings show shalloboi are playing a live set on wnur 89.3 in evanston. we'll be on 'airplay' which airs on saturday nights from 4pm to 7. this set will just be the normal two-piece band.


a show has been added to the (shows) page. this is the near-mythical strings show. cross your fingers.


happy valentine's day folks if that's your bag.

we played a show last night and it went quite well (better than expected). a few of our friends made it out and it was a really good time.


there is a shalloboi track on a mixtape that comes with the latest issue of 'nothing but crazy'- a zine based in anchorage, ak. you can get it by going to their myspace- you also might have noticed that on the (shows) page there are links to download the recording from the record bar acoustic show. it's also been made available through the link would be here.

not much on the horizon on the show front. we are trying to get the pot stirring again. realistically we don't plan on playing that many local shows right now. our hope is that we can do some touring later in the year (probably about the same time as last time). we are still definitely planning on doing a strings show here in town- it's just a matter of finding the right venue at this point. as it stands now the 'dandelions' ep is finished, blank tape is in the mail to get it ready to be mastered and in the meantime i've already gotten pretty deep into the making of 'all hope is blind,' which is coming along very nicely (there is already at least one completed track out of the 19 in contention). it would be a dream to have it finished in time for a september tour, but we'll see.

hope everyone had a good new year. we stayed at home and watched movies and dvd sets that we got for christmas. we did also get quite drunk.

finally, i just found this. thanks to jason behrends for the love. it's nice that he also put us right next to our good and talented friend nick butcher's new record.


the christmas comp is up on you can stream and download the whole thing here. thanks to mr. james eric for putting it together.


oooooh, fancy, huh? yes, things look different. the first page image might change subject to the vagaries of some silk-screening that should go down this weekend (really it'll just change colour is what i mean).

i sent links to the homemade lo-fi psych blog a week or so ago and they got around to it and posted a blurb and a download link. you can see it right here.

the acoustic show is fully on. live strings aplenty- cello, viola and violin. it's going to be something fairly special- hopefully i will have the good sense to record the proceedings.

'christmas song revisited' is one part away from being done. the strings turned out very nicely. thanks to andrew royal from wummin. the ep is also one part away from being finished. it is coming along nicely.


we are playing an acoustic show in kansas city at the record bar. we will have live strings at this show. it will be awesome. it will also be very early.


winter time is here. also known as our favourite time of the year. we just finished a song for a zine mixtape. it is an outtake from 'down to sleep' that needed a bit of fixing and is called 'ada.' we are also almost done with a song for a christmas compilation that will be available through (which is also a place you can download and listen to all of our albums). our song is called 'christmas song revisited' and is indeed based on 'christmas song' from 'petals.' it is somewhat festive, therefore it shall be on the compilation. it might be the fastest shalloboi song to ever come together (the current count is four days and we have the guitar and drum parts done). somehow i remembered to document the creation of the song for a watch-paint-drying type of video document to be shared on youtube. the cta christmas train is coming through this week so a video for the song will probably be filmed as well if we can get our shit together enough to get our asses on it and do some filming. woohoo!
we promise that the ep inches ever closer to being finished. it will come in some uber-diy packaging for the first hundred or so copies and then we might mix it up on the off chance that any desperate collector types might want to snatch it up. stefanie did the artwork for it. her handwriting will soon cover every nook and cranny of this website.


it's nice to get good news on election day for a change. about fucking time.

in order to distract myself from my nervousness and depression i finished the 'on the bridge' video which i've been working on since we got back from tour. it turned out fairly well. if you're going to watch it through youtube, however, i advise you to go to the link and watch it in high quality there. it can also be downloaded by clicking here. it's in ipod format and requires quicktime.


i added another review to the 'down to sleep' press page- it's from foxy digitalis. i also added the link to the (releases) page to the 'down to sleep' press page, which has never been there. oops.


you can now buy t-shirts via paypal below or on the (releases) page. they were hand silkscreened by tyler and nick butcher at sonnenzimmer. the t-shirts are from alternative apparel.

select size

select size


we've been back for a few hectic days- we saw my bloody valentine at the aragon and nick cave twice at the riviera. good stuff. we have a ton of t-shirts for sale that we didn't make much of a dent in on tour. i have access to a decent scanner for the next few days, so look out for some links. basically we have black ones in large or x-large and light navy ones in small, medium, large and x-large. both feature line drawings a la 'invisible against the sun.' the black t-shirt is the 'angels floating on the head of a pin' single artwork. the light navy one is in a similar vein. they are $10 and are made by alternative apparel and hand silk-screened by me and nick butcher at sonnenzimmer (thanks nick).


sadly the last date of the tour at mama buzz cafe was cancelled. we didn't find out until we got there and started wheeling our equipment in. a shame since it looked like a pretty cool place. i've had an idea to record a live set here in stinson beach, record it and post it here as a podcast since we have all of our equipment here and we came all this way. tomorrow we get to relax and then we'll be headed out on i80 all the way home.


one show left for the 'asleep in the west' tour at mama buzz cafe in oakland, ca. the 'what's this called?' live set can be downloaded by clicking here.


as before, if you want to keep up with us on tour we are more likely to update through tyler's blog.


we are being featured on 'what to wear during an orange alert' as the band of the week. you can read the interview here.


if you missed our show at the empty bottle i have only one thing to say to you- i'm really sorry. we played the best that we have ever played. conditions were just ideal. thanks pete and bruce for running such a ridiculously amazing club and booking so much ridiculously amazing bands.


the reviews for 'down to sleep' are starting to roll in. terrascope just sent me theirs early this morning. so a press page has been created for 'down to sleep.'


if you are interested, here is a flier that i made for the empty bottle show. feel free to paint the town with it if you are so inclined-


the audio from the wzrd show has been edited and tinkered with enough for us to post it on the site. it's on the (shows) page. just for the sake of immediacy and convenience it's also below-

the sun is so bright
don't go
to the sky
you turn down
angels floating on the head of a pin
down to sleep


all of a sudden all of our records are available through the full gallery can be found here.

if you tuned in to wzrd last night at 8pm and (surprise) did not hear us and gave up waiting we apologize. when they say that it's 'freeform' radio it literally is free form. some scheduling conflicts happened and long story short we didn't end up playing on the air until 10pm. it turned out well, though, and the engineers sent us home with some very nice-sounding cdrs of the performance that came straight from the board. we'd like to thank anthony sobun from anon good nurse for asking us to play. they are playing their last show at reggie's on wednesday the 20th if you can make it. we have added them to the growing list of bands we have outlived (for some reason).


we are playing live on wzrd tonight. we will be playing most of the new record live and in order. possibly more (if there's time- i doubt it). we will be on from 8pm-9. if you don't live in the chicagoland area (or even real far out in the chicagoland suburbs) you can listen to an online stream by clicking i hope you will tune in (seriously you don't even have to leave your house).


'down to sleep' is now available to buy at several local independent record stores in chicago- voila!-

permanent records
reckless records (the wicker park and lakeview locations)
laurie's planet of sound


while we are out on the road, feel free to stop by tyler's blog and there will probably be pictures and long, aimless rambling entries to read. sound interesting? inquiring minds click here.


several shows have been announced on the (shows) page. one is a fundraiser for 'two with water' that we were asked to play, one is a live radio broadcast and the last is a record release show for 'down to sleep' at the empty bottle. i am worried that the world will be knocked off of its axis at any minute... or that the sky will turn green...


'down to sleep' is here in physical form for you to buy (lucky you). yes, indeedy. we're sending out a shitload of promos as well, so get ready world, we are taking over. there are purchase buttons on the (releases) section. as usual it costs $8 postpaid in the u.s. i would also like to add that it sounds about a million times better on cd than it does on shitty old mp3.


'down to sleep' should arrive here in chicago on july 23rd. the tour is progressing along at a reasonable rate. hopefully this reasonable rate will continue.

we also added a digital single for 'angels floating on the head of a pin' to the (releases) page.


'down to sleep' is currently in the duplication stage. it is scheduled to ship here on july 15th. we want to throw at least one fun release show, so stayed tuned for that announcement.

speaking of shows the booking of the tour in september is coming along okay. mostly it's just a waiting game at this point, but it so far appears that our early planning is likely to pay off. that said if anyone reading this can help us out with a few good shows we would be very grateful. the itinerary looks kind of like this at the moment-

september 13th- minneapolis, mn (help please)
september 15th- montana state university- bozeman- bozeman, mt (noon)
september 15th- missoula, mt(?) somewhere very nearby(?) any ideas/help?
september 16th- we will be in spokane, wa. if anyone wants to help us set up a show there then that would be nice. we'll be there either way.
september 17th- the office of doctor glorious- seattle, wa
september 18th-19th- portland, or (we have a few things in mind, but any help or offers would probably be good)
september 20th- live on 'what's this called?' kpsu- portland, or
september 21st- davis, ca or arcata, ca or somewhere in that vicinity. help?
september 22nd-23rd- bay area, ca (help?)
september 24th- los angeles, ca- we mainly need to get hooked up with a few good bands to get a show set up at the smell. that's mainly what we want to do.

so that's about it. we have to be home on the 27th because we have my bloody valentine tickets (so that we can feel like talentless chumps right after our long, thankless, doubtlessly disenchanting and money-pit-esque trip).


yes, there are two west-coast shows on the (shows) page. that is because we are, indeed, going to the west coast to do a short tour in september. we're still looking to get another portland show, possibly play in davis, the s.f./bay area and los angeles. we're kind of biding our time to start doing this more seriously- but the shows listed are very solid and serve to firm up the framework. help out if you can.


the record is up on the (releases) page. download away and enjoy.

we have another record that's almost finished as well (tyler was busy on a recent unexpected trip to kansas city), coming up soon. it'll be more in line with the 'learning how to crawl' ep but will feature distortion and more real drums a la 'down to sleep.' also some pretty serious string arrangements and hopefully a vocal contribution from stefanie's grandmother (knock on wood). tyler now has a permanent recording setup in kansas city, and will be armed with many megabus tickets to get him back and forth in the late summer and autumn months to finish yet another record before christmas time (well, hopefully). why all of this creative energy now? because the songs are flowing so fast there almost isn't enough time to get them laid down before they are gone and hopefully if we get them all released this year then we can take next year off from releasing records and thus save money to move on to the next phase (and maybe do a bit more touring as well, hopefully).


we finished a new video for 'to the sky' (which is on the new record). it's on youtube-

incidentally it's also been uploaded to our site for download. it's in ipod format (m4v), so you need quicktime to play it. it's right over here.


james eric once again filmed us playing live- this time at the castaway collective last night. 'narcoleptic' is a song that is part of a set of songs for a record called 'all hope is blind' which is one of two new records that we're working on next.

thanks to james for filming and editing the footage together and thanks to the nice ladies at the castaway collective for putting on a really good show, and thanks to bearries, raise high the roof beam and ladybird for all playing.


the new record is done. i have the final mixes for eight of the ten tracks. the remaining two are very close mixes. i would wager that the album should come out sometime in the may/june area. it depends on when those $600 government stimulus payments hit our bank accounts. who would've thought- the american government is going to help us release our fifth record and where will it be pressed? by the nice people at cdman in vancouver, canada. hee hee! i am gleeful at this thought. hopefully the mastering will be done fairly quickly, and once that part is done the mp3s will be posted on the (releases) page as usual. they will also be posted with all of our other releases at


i am going to make it my personal commitment to have the new record finished by the end of the month. i have the money to master it, but not have it pressed just yet. i thought that it was a long time to being finished, but i discovered to my own surprise (and delight) last night that this was not so. everything edges closer to completion and a few good weeks will have it finished and then it will probably be mastered by april. once it's mastered, of course, it will be posted here for free. have we ever done things any differently?


once again we learn our lesson about shitty bar shows. this one will stick- believe you me. after a decent run of restrained sets, go figure that the show we were most excited about fell flat on its face (and so did we). we have learned a few lessons. given this new learning curve i am optimistic about the coming year of shows. the house of grey noise is a wonderful place and i want to give big kudos to james eric for having shows at his place- he's doing wonderful things and we are incredibly lucky to have met him.


james filmed the bulk of our set at uncommon ground (which went surprisingly well considering we both had really severe chest colds). one of the videos is up on youtube. it's for the title track of the next record, which should be finished fairly soon (we're hoping within a month's time- it's painfully close to being finished). it should be released fairly soon as well as the money to release it is pretty much rounded up. anyway, here's the video-


happy belated new year, everyone.
the first review of 'learning how to crawl' has filtered back. you can read it here. it's not the most complimentary of reviews, but that's alright.


the eardrugs podcast was posted last night. you can listen to it and download it here.


there is an article about us in 'sharp darts.' you can read it right here.


a few updates- we'll be on the eardrugs podcast on december 15th. it will be available here.

'learning how to crawl' can be purchased through iTunes now by clicking here.

we are still trying, to no avail, to get an acoustic show after christmas in kansas city. if you can help out to get us a show then please do get in touch- we are looking to play on december 27th or the 28th, but the dates are flexible. we will be leaving town on the 29th, however.


i've silk-screened enough of the back covers to hold things off for a while. it is quite a process, but we have them now and it's available for purchase- i've added links on the (releases) page.

in other news i have a job lined up that starts next week. i may be getting a second job to go along with it since the one i just got is a seasonal position. the intention behind working two jobs like this is that it might help expedite the process of getting the next record done and released faster. equipment must be bought to make the panda room into a better recording studio.


the 'learning how to crawl' ep is here. i have to silkscreen the back covers and glue cards to the front and make copy inserts and they'll be ready to go. $5 postpaid will buy one. paypal button to come. cdbaby setup as well.

i quit my job last week. i have a lead on another job which i'll probably hear about tomorrow, so we'll wait and see. until then i shall scrape by as always. is there ever enough money in the world for anyone?


the 'learning how to crawl' ep is up on the (releases) page.


happy summer solstice everyone! it was a really beautiful day here in chicago. if you know anything about us you know that this means that it wasn't typical summertime weather because we don't like the heat. we hung out on the beach and watched the sun set.

in some real band news- the first reference disc for the 'learning how to crawl' ep finally came in the mail today (the first copy of it got lost) and it sounds quite nice so far (we're about 3/4 through it right now- it's playing as i type this). once it's been listened to on a few other formats and makes the cut it'll be on the (releases) page to be listened to. the 'wish' single got kind of lost in the shuffle as it is right now. hopefully that'll be up soon, too. once the final decisions are made hopefully the ep will be pressed and available to buy within the next month. we're going to be doing the packaging ourselves this time out, so it should be muy interesting. talk to you later-



you can now download the 'learning how to crawl' video right click here. it's in ipod format, so it only plays on quicktime. if you don't have quicktime go to this site and download the latest version. enjoy!


happy memorial day weekend everyone!
we didn't realise how much time had passed between updates. there really wasn't much to update besides a few new shows that have come and gone.
tyler turned 28 on the 17th. he's not too thrilled about that, but he did get some good presents.
the 'learning how to crawl' ep was sent to magneto to be mastered at some point last week.
speaking of 'learning how to crawl' tyler finished a video for it and posted it to youtube and myspace. the youtube version wins the competition for least crappy compressed version-

so at the moment we're shooting for a 7.7.07 release for the ep. we'll celebrate with as many acoustic shows as we can get together around then. the show at cal's will be (for better or worse) an acoustic show. an acoustic show in a dive bar. sounds great doesn't it? life is full of surprises.


it's tylers' mom's birthday today- happy birthday!

all of the mp3s are up. our new connection is much faster thus all of it was done in a few hours. enjoy! as a side note the mp3s you'll find here of 'petals' sound better than the ones that itunes offers. you can find everything in the (releases) section.


i was browsing our info page for this website when i made a startling discovery- angelfire has upgraded disk space for all paid account websites- by quite a bit in fact. so much so that as soon as possible i'm going to be able to fulfill a dream of mine- i wanted to offer all of our music for free on mp3 to all of the people who are goodly enough to visit this website (and that is not many). this, of course, will take time and it might not all fit (i suspect it will). our discography is about to get a bit bigger as well as the 'learning how to crawl' ep is finally ready to be mastered. the final mixdown will occur this weekend. i'll attempt to upload a new song every day starting tomorrow.

we love you.


we posted a video for 'neversong' on youtube and our myspace profile. have a look-

shalloboi- neversong

Add to My Profile | More Videos


we will have a cellist playing with us at the show at the empty bottle. it will be hannah trobe's first show with us. hopefully the first of many. she will be playing cello for us live whenever possible.


we finally updated the (pictures) page with some current pictures including a bunch of pictures from the davey's uptown show. these are the first pictures of the full band playing together in, well... ever. have a look. here's a picture from the short bus kids reunion show. it was taken by ailecia ruscin. for more pictures from the entire night go to


happy new year. already this year our hardrive crashed and all of our stuff went down the toilet save a handful of things. fortunately those include artwork for the next two releases. sadly the recording of the acoustic show at davey's uptown went down with the ship. quite a shame as it turned out quite beautiful.

we have a show booked in the spring. we will find out about if there will be more shows soon.


added another 'petals' review to the press link from the (releases) page. it's another good review. if you want you can just click here.


i forgot to mention last time that all of our records can now be purchased through, the ultimate nerdy record collector's website. we're sort of undermining our distributor (cdbaby really) by offering the records at their pretty much their normal price.

looking forward to the acoustic set on the 27th. hope some people will come out. we are the only act playing that night. mike from ad astra is also going to sit in on at least one song. new songs that no one's heard from us yet will abide. there will also be some strange things that are alien to us called 'covers' that we will also play several of at the show. 'try to keep it together, or make it to kingdom come...'- anton newcombe 1967-2006


our trip to kansas city just got a bit more interesting. besides the acoustic set with billy, there will be a short bus kids reunion show at the valhalla gallery in the west bottoms on december 30th with crap corps. i'm a bit apprehensive about listing it on our (shows) page or on our myspace page since it's not a shalloboi show, but nonetheless we're pretty excited about the whole deal. tyler's been hard at work practising his hardcore bass chops. that's right- tyler has hardcore bass chops.


yeah, there's a new show on the (shows) page. i know we said we wouldn't play anything until february, but an opportunity came up to play an acoustic show with billy (our cellist who lives in kansas city) while we're home for christmas. this show will be completely acoustic- no percussion at all or samplers. this idea was also inspired by the j. spaceman acoustic mainlines british tour- it's just jason pierce, one of spiritualized's other guitarists playing fender rhodes, a string quartet and three gospel singers. if you do some meandering on the spiritualized webforum you can find live mp3s from fan recordings of this unique tour. go to go to.


we would like to take a moment to post a few links about malachi ritscher- a man who we didn't know, but who recently committed suicide in a very grisly manner, but for a very important reason that hasn't really been given much notice in the media at all, which is heartbreaking. he ran the website amongst others- pretty much the only local website where we would send all of our show listings. his suicide was a strong protest against the war in iraq and the fact that this has been so widely ignored in the media is inexcusable. to read more about him please go here or here.


'petals' can now be orderd via iTunes by clicking here. the link is also above and on the (releases) page. the cdbaby page now works as well.


happy halloween everyone!

i'm also very pleased to post the first review of 'petals'- very promising.

"Working in that area where rock music and drone collide, although drone does seem to have the edge here, Shalloboi have produced the sound of a slow descent into confusion on their album �Petals�. Using only guitar, bass, percussion, voice, cello and the occasional piano loop, the band have produced a startling array of sounds that engulf the listener like sudden fog, the thickly layered sound so dense it places that it becomes impenetrable noise. This is a good thing, creating a cohesive mood that means the album is more than a collection of soundscapes, and gives dynamic tension to the sudden break in the clouds, that appear from time to time. Definitely a labour of love, this is an album that defies time, working its magic at its own pace."- simon lewis, terrascope fanzine


finally updated the (shows) page with corrected info. the show that was going to be on nov. 6th at south union arts has been moved to oct. 27th (which is a friday) and it will be the LAST SHALLOBOI SHOW UNTIL AT LEAST FEBRUARY, so if you're thinking of coming please do. there are whispers of another podcast appearance and a few other radio type deals, but that's pretty much it, and they are just whispers, which tend to fade away.


'petals' cd are here as evinced by the options to buy it all over the page and the deletion of half of the free mp3s. there will be a 'wish' digital single online soon.


the 'petals' cds are in the mail. we'll have them on the 28th when we get back from new york, so most of the song downloads will be taken down.


'petals' will be here soon. the final artwork was approved today. hopefully the discs will arrive before we leave for new york. i'm not sure when this will happen exactly, but i do know that those cdman people are fast at shipping cds once all the bugs have been worked out.

special thanks to my sister lauren for letting us use her computer to download a free trial of adobe illustrator. without her help this would not have been possible.


we have been added absolute last minute to a show at south union arts on thursday night at 9pm. yup- this thursday. hope you can come whoever you are


just as a warning, 'petals' has been at the pressing plant for a few weeks. once we have it here i'm going to take down the sound files for most of the songs (there will be one or two left over), so download away kids- this may be your last chance. once the ep is mastered there are plans to do the same thing... we shall see when it's done and if there's enough time.

the tour is, of course, just the three new york shows. big surprise. we are shocked. we are still hoping to get some weekend out of town shows going for october and thereafter.


things have been very quiet lately. stefanie is in the midst of possibly her most stressful time at massage therapy school. because of this the show at the red line tap will be the last one in chicago for quite a while- probably until early september or october. we are also in the process of booking a tour as well. more on that as it happens- no info until things are more solid. we are planning on releasing the 'petals' album as a full-on cd before the tour. the 'learning how to crawl' ep is set up to follow before christmas-time (our favourite time of the year). the ep is nearly done- i think that people will be pretty surprised by it. there isn't a single bowed guitar on it (there is plenty of weird sounding guitar though, as always).


we have a new song on the beecher kids fest compilation, which will be available at the show tomorrow. not sure if it'll be available anywhere else or if we'll be given any to sell afterwards... anyway, the song is called 'dahlia' and it's a revamped version of an ancient 'petals' outtake originally recorded in the fall of 2003. this version was recorded over a period of roughly a week or two. anyway, it'll be posted on the myspace page and we'll leave it there until we know what will become of it. hope to see some people out at the festival tomorrow. we sadly won't be able to be present for the whole thing as our working lives dictate that we won't be able to get there until sometime probably late tomorrow night- we're going to have to battle rush hour traffic on the dan ryan to get there- yikes...


'petals' is up on the (releases) page. download away kids. it'll be there in full until we somehow miraculously find a giant stash of cash somewhere up our asses. enjoy. all of the artwork is up (well nearly anyways) as well, so you'd better look at it while you listen.


the show in indianapolis at the big car gallery has been cancelled. it looks like we might be added to a show sometime in august there.

we are getting a stack of the 'oregone' compilation in the mail and the first reference disc from magneto mastering of the 'petals' album in the mail sometime soon.


the 'oregone' compilation #1 is now available to order through the oregone website. the link is posted above, but in case you're too lazy here it is right here- click me. it costs $10 (which includes shipping). 'on the bridge' is our track on it and there are also tracks from metal and cup na cup which are most likely quite excellent (we haven't heard them yet).


stephen colbert is a golden god! please watch if you haven't seen- click here.


happy belated may day folks! it is inspiring to live in chicago when at least (most likely more) 400,000 people turn up to rally for immigrant's rights. not a surprise given the latino population here. still, it's always inspiring to hear about that many people risking their jobs to let their voices be heard. i think the only other american city that rivaled the numbers in chicago was in l.a. wow.

as far as projects related to us go, after much heartache, toil, sleep-deprivation as well as misery and pain the final mix of 'petals' has been sent to magneto mastering in minneapolis. it involves a tale of woe in which the devil has revealed his face through digital recording technology. let's just say that shalloboi will be 100% analogue from here on out (at least as far as the recording and mixing process is concerned)- well, hopefully.

after the mastering is over it is possible that the album will have to be put on hold, however. this is very hard news to us because (especially to me) we've lived with these songs in some form for as long as 8 or 9 years. the oldest track that ended up on the final album was recorded in fall of 2002 shortly after we'd moved to portland. a rough version of the album was pretty much done before 'blue-eyed' even came out, but we had to sit on it until a few other pieces of the puzzle could be revealed so it would make more sense. it's our 'disintegration.' that's a bold statement, but it really is true and so much has gone down to prevent it's completion and release.

we're still shooting for a june 6th release. hopefully some touring as well, but we're not going to lose our heads about it as these things have rarely worked out in the past. once we have the mastered tracks they will be posted in a secret location for people to hear until the record comes out.

for details on who is going to be on the first oregone compilation (which i've been told is 'done next week' whatever that means) can be found here.

for those of you actually look at the photos that are labored over by shallowful art there is now a sizeable update in the (photos) section of the (shallowful) page. go look at them. it's beautiful, sad stuff.


we have our 8-track back now, so it's time to get down to mixing the 'petals' album. the final mix for 'on the bridge' was finished and delivered yesterday. details on the 'oregone' compilation will be posted as soon as they're clear.


two new shows have been added to the (shows) page. also notice the new site redesign. yes, that is the artwork for the new album. our 8-track is now in the shop, so hopefully a spring release is still possible.


ricardo wang played a song of ours on his radio show on kpsu in portland, which is called 'what's this called?' he always plays a plethora of other awesome stuff on his show and you can listen and download old episodes here. we were on the episode from today (although the song that was played is up on our myspace page).

as far as an update on any of our happenings our tascam 8-track was dropped down a flight of concrete stairs en route from the airport.

needless to say it's a little messed up and will require repairs, which will delay the mixing and completion of the 'petals' album.


the new album is done. it's entering the final mix once tyler's back from the twin cities. this means it will hopefully be out by early or mid-april. the song for the 'oregone' comp is finished too and there will be more details on that project as they surface. to co-incide with the completion of the new album there will be a site-redesign built around the artwork for the new record, which is called 'petals.' we're very excited about this record. some of these songs were first laid down in july of 2003 right after they were written and one was started as early as fall of 2002. it was recorded in several places in portland, a few places in kansas city, a few more places in chicago and finally with cello parts recorded in st. paul. there is more in the works for release later this year. we're going for a record- 3 releases in one year (there's a lot that's piled up in the last few years).


the time has again come for tyler to embark on a journey to st. paul, mn (where he hopes this mysterious and elusive creature that some call 'spring' may be present as it is in damn-near every other city in the country, possibly even the world except chicago) to record cello parts for the forthcoming 'petals' album and 'on the bridge,' shalloboi's contribution to the first 'oregone' compilation with fellow former short bus kids member billy speer. tyler can now tell anyone who cares to listen how to fit a tascam 8-track cassette machine and a metal microphone stand into your airplane luggage.

in other news somewhat band-related news, you'll notice that the 'stores where you can buy 'blue-eyed'' section has been removed. this is because we are crushed to announce that the last (and for several years the only) great record store in kansas city is closing. anyone currently living in kansas city understands the dismal state of affairs when you're trying to get ahold of anything that's even moderately obscure outside of recycled sounds. in addition to music exchange (which is closing as well) recycled sounds was the last store in town where one could peruse rack after rack of these bizarre artifacts from the dinosaur age that have always been the best medium for holding and listening to recorded sound called 'records' or 'lps' or 'vinyl.' when we're home for christmas record buying trips will have to be conducted out in lawrence at the love garden where they know how to keep decent music and vinyl in stock. the fun ends at recycled sounds on march 29th. thus, you can't find our cds for sale at any record stores for the moment. you can, however, order them through tower records' website and i believe even special order them through best buy. of course why would you do any of that when you can get them from us directly for $8 (full-length) or $5 (ep) which includes shipping.

anyway, this is our requiem for what we considered to be the sole musical oasis in a truly barren landscape. kansas city's gotten a lot better since we left, but for god's sake you can't even find a spacemen 3 album in that town anymore- you're going to have get your ass on the k10 for that sort of thing now... *sigh*. sweets to the sweet...


we were guests on the 'talk hard' podcast with james eric/automatic pilot. you can listen and download it here. we are grateful to have been guests on it- it was a lot of fun. we played a mostly acoustic set and gave a really incoherent interview.


happy greeting card-company day!

we finished a track this weekend called 'on the bridge' which will be on a comp called 'oregone' which is tracks by oregon-based bands. i know we live in chicago now, but we were an oregon-based band for three years. info should be up at about it soon. it'll be a 500-copy affair. it's nice to be on something that we haven't had to bank-roll ourselves. since we're so excited about the new track we will probably post it on the myspace page soon along with a newish track from our forthcoming 2nd and untitled ep.

we're going to be on the 'talk hard' podcast in a week and a half doing a semi-acoustic set.

after that we have an album to record cello parts for, mix, master and release. we're going for a year of extreme prolificacy (by that we mean bjm-style). where the money will come from is a different problem altogether of little consequence.

little by little digital downloads of the 'invisible against the sun' ep are trickling in- talk about a part of the business that's slower than molasses. the first link is-

yahoo music

please note the new record label address.

so that's an update.


we are currently knee deep in nearly finished tracks and since we're moving to a new place next week we're utilising the echo of the rat-infested stairwells and concrete crannies of the congress theater to their full extent.

we're going to be on the 'talk hard' podcast soon as well. more news on that when it's done.


another quiet month. phyllis' show was nice- thanks to everyone who showed up. i just received confirmation that we're a last minute addition to the flabby hoffman travelling caravan show at the underground lounge on 1/19/06. there is a cover ($6) but i hope that people can come. anyone who saw us at phyllis' would be pleased to know that we will play almost an entirely different setlist at the underground lounge (well, except for 'wish'- which has been sounding pretty amazing these days). anyway, the info is on the (shows) page. hope to see some people there.


it's been a quiet month to close out the year. we're hoping to get an orgy of shows going after the beginning of the new year. until then here's our demented idea of a christmas card-

and click here, please... mmmyes...

oh yeah, i linked this from my journal, but i might as well here too. if you have or are planning on seeing that 'just friends' movie we recorded a version of that cheesy ass song in order to enter the contest they had related to it at myspace. it's probably illegal for us to put it up here, but the way i see it i'm talking to myself mostly right now. if i'm not then enjoy. merry christmas motherfuckers.


the cdbaby page is up for 'invisible against the sun.' i'm not sure if the songs are available digitally as of right now, but as soon as i do that information will be available here as well.


here is a link that you should read. 'who is this andiy character and what does she have to with shalloboi?' you ask. well, when she was 16 and 17 she was singing for the short bus kids (the hardcore band tyler played bass in from high school up until he started shalloboi) and doing some artwork for us. if you have one of those 50 tapes that we sold and hand coloured you have some. also mentioned in the article is ailecia ruscin who helped us out a great deal and was a friend of the band throughout the time we were playing at the pirate house in lawrence. from hardcore to... well, whatever the fuck it is we play in about four years... just like old times...


'invisible against the sun' ep is now here. you can order it by sending cash, check or money orders payable to tyler ritter for $5 (postpaid) to the following address-

Tyler Ritter
2121 n. milwaukee, #308
chicago, il 60647

you can also send $5 to shallowful at hotmail dot com via paypal.

soon you will be able to order 'invisible against the sun' through and it will be distributed digitally through download sites such as iTunes and emusic and all of that other fancy pants crap where you can download songs and not the full record without ever having seen the artwork. you dern kids!

some shows are in the works right now. tour whispers have started. it won't be for a while, but it will be in april and it will be with real live tigers- stefanie won't be able to come along, so tony will learn some of her percussion and bass parts and play them in her place and tyler will be backing tony up as needed as well. fun stuff. it'll just be a brief east coast/midwest jaunt hitting the highlights. hopefully there will be more highlights than last time.

i'm going to put up the sound files for the ep until it's available through those 'legit' websites, so get it while you can you animals. i'll be taking down the soundfiles for the 'blue-eyed' album though to make room for more future soundfiles. the 'song to the stars' digital single will eventually be available as a zip file with the two songs and the artwork (hee hee hee- like you care about that shit) and won't be taken down. it'll be available permanently in that state. it might become substantial eventually as a 3" cdr or otherwise. maybe even a real cd single someday. we'll just see. and more digital singles will continue to be released.


'invisible against the sun' packaging is in the mail now i have been informed and should be in by the end of the week. the cd's? well... that's a different story- we haven't heard from cdman at all this week (or much of last week for that matter). i'd place their arrival at around early/mid november, which probably means later since i'm such a good judge of timing and whatnot (aren't all record label people).

speaking of record labels endless december will soon become a real label as we're going to be releasing real live tigers' full length coming up in the spring. tyler's going to be recording with tony when he's here in chicago in december- rerecording the songs on his current cdr 'there is a storm that sleeps inside us' for a full-blown cd release and also five songs for a split cd coming out on another label. we're quite excited. we're also going to begin construction of an official endless december website so we can trick people into believing that we're a real label.


we're playing at phyllis' musical inn on wednesday as part of the flabby hoffman showcase taping. i guess we're going to be on his late-night public access tv show. the info is on the (shows) page and it looks like this-

wednedsay, october 13th
w/ mark minelli, matthew j, hump night thumpers, and possibly one more TBA
phyllis' musical inn
1800 w division
9pm, 21+, free

we play at 11. we will sleep our way through the next day at our respective jobs.

cds are going to be pressed soon (the plant has received our master and artwork but not our order forms) and the covers are being printed at stumptown printers. i'm hoping for about two weeks, but as things tend to go a bit awry who knows when. we're working on finishing up the second album which is called 'petals.' mainly this constitutes recording stefanie's parts and mine have been done for a long time. i'm going to travel to the twin cities to record billy's cello parts as well in november. in december tony's going to be in town again and i'm going to be recording him and stefanie and i may be helping out by playing on the recordings (i'm not sure exactly what he has in mind). either way i'm very excited to record tony's music (which can be found at here and here).


we're playing a low-profile show (as if we've ever played any other kind) at the congress theater with real live tigers and others this sunday (october 2nd). it's from 4-7pm. here's the goods-

sunday, october 2nd
w/ real live tigers, the basement ghost, dan solomon and the ERE
congress theater
2135 n milwaukee
4pm, free


the 'invisible against the sun' ep has been mastered. it'll probably be available in roughly a month i'd guess. maybe a little less. the finished versions of all of the tracks (except for the title track) can be listened to and downloaded on the myspace page. enjoy.

i'm very happy with the job that dave gardner at magneto mastering did- it sounds even better than i expected it to.


the site redesign is now complete. pretty spiffy eh? well, maybe not that spiffy- there may be a few new touches added.

the 'invisible against the sun' ep is in minneapolis at the mastering house. it should be out hopefully in early october. after that we have to get going and finish the 'petals' album for a christmas time release. a few split 7 inches are possible in the future as well... we'll see if the money rolls in (haw haw haw). as soon as the mastered copy of the ep comes in the mail the final versions of the songs will be added to the myspace page and to the (releases) section of this page.

it's possible that we may be playing at the flabby hoffman showcase at the underground lounge on the 22nd (which is this coming thursday), but we haven't been given the final go-ahead, so it hasn't been added to the (shows) page. we may also be playing a private (well, not really anyone can come it's just that you have to come in with us promptly at 4pm) afternoon show with real live tigers and others at the congress theater on oct. 2nd, but we're not sure if that's certain yet either. speaking of real live tigers- tony is on tour right now and you should go see him play and buy his new record- which is completely excellent. he's probably coming to your area at some point over the next four months- go check right here.


added a new show to the (shows) page-

wednesday, september 28th
pressure billiards and cafe
6318 n. clark
9pm, free


we're at the black spot gallery right now waiting for the show to start. i recorded some bird sounds outside. we backed tony up last night at his show at the hideout and i killed one of his beautiful songs with my white-boy mojo on the tambourine. joel gion i am definitely not. here's one of two recent reviews of 'blue-eyed.' these will be compiled and linked from the (releases) page next to the 'blue-eyed' section eventually.

Artist: Shalloboi
Album: Blue-eyed
Rating: 7/10
Label: Endless December

As far as I can make out Shalloboi is currently composed of Tyler Ritter and Stephanie Goodwin. This archival release claims that Tyler played and sang pretty much everything here, but seeing as it sounds like a girl is singing on each track, either Stephanie contributed something here or Tyler�s got one hell of a voice.

Whatever the case, this is some pretty damn engaging homemade music. Taking a lot from the sound of Jessica Bayliff, these songs are heavy in the way that Cure songs sound like ten feet of manacles around your ankles, or like too much Valium on a summer�s day when you want to get somewhere and can only drag your feet along the pavement. Lots of droning textures courtesy of bowed guitars and delay pedals, with effected drums, a guest spot of cello and keyboards and loops fill out the sound nicely, leaving a whole that would appeal instantly to fans of My Bloody Valentine and Sigur Ros. On the negative side, though the sluggish pace and twisting long melodies are consistent and make a coherent whole, at 54 minutes it does seem to drag on a bit. A bit more ruthless editing or trimming would have turned this impressive selection of songs into an excellent and highly recommended album. Especially if they ditch the AM radio samples that are already on far too many records made in recent years.

In the meantime, I�ve reserved it for use on those occasions where sleep eludes me, or for when I can�t muster the energy to make myself vertical. Look out for more material in the future from Shalloboi, because they�ve certainly got some good ideas and sounds nailed down, and I�m sure there�s greater goodness to come. More please!- Dave Stockwell

punk planet

Shalloboi - Blue-eyed, CD

This album is filled with atmospheric, lush, droning orchestration, while hushed vocals flow in and out of each song. For the most part, this post-rock creation is good. My one complaint is that songs can unnecessarily drag, but this is still worth checking out. (Missy Paul)

Endless December, 1404 SE 23rd Ave. #3, Portland, OR 97214


we're in chicago now. that's about all there is to announce at the moment. the shipping address for the record label has been changed up above if you'll notice and on the (releases) page. if anyone could help us out with more shows we would love you forever and ever and ever...


we've been recording a ton of new material that's been piling up over the last year or so. the new ep is done as well and mixed and ready to be mastered (well it needs a mixdown first). our guess is that it will be out in mid-september, hopefully a bit earlier.

here are some pictures of some recording highlights-

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

and then here's our defacto visual tour diary of our brief trip.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

that's all for right now.


the trip is officially over as we were unwittingly removed from the show in albany.

we're in chicago right now looking for a new place to live and then we're headed back to kansas city to rest, recuperate and record some new songs that have been piling up and finish the last vocal on the forthcoming ep. thanks to everyone in st. louis and new york city who helped us out, we had a fantastic time and can't wait to go again (hopefully we can fill in more of the holes next time).


things are going well.

added a new show to the (shows) page-

thursday, september 1st
w/ number none and real live tigers
the black spot gallery
2315 w. huron
chicago, il
all ages

that's all for now-



to read our version of a tour diary (amongst other undoubtedly boring and self-indulgent things) you may go either here or here.


we're in st. paul right now listening to some fine metal music in the next room. um... yeah... how we came to play at station 4 is anyone's guess. show was good- we cleared the room in less than five minutes. we didn't take any pictures or record the show though, sadly.


p.s.- if you are a band that isn't a metal band you should avoid this club like the plague. seriously. they'll book you, but they'll do it with metalish bands.


we're in kansas city now. rough trip. bad story.

the show on july 21st has been officially removed because it's been officially cancelled. it's officially a bummer too.



not much has changed around here. there is a new song up at the myspace page which is from the forthcoming 'invisible against the sun' ep. the music on our end is done. the vocals might need some fine tuning and we're going to be in st. paul during the first week of july recording cello parts with billy and then the ep should be out in mid august. the two songs from 'blue-eyed' that were on the myspace page have been moved to the (releases) page with the other mp3s.

in other surprising news we still need some help getting on a few shows for the upcoming tour-

july 26th- ohio/indiana/kentucky/pittsburgh/anywhere
july 27th- pittsburgh/washington d.c./baltimore
july 29th and 30th- new york/brooklyn
july 31st- boston area/mass
august 2nd- detroit
august 3rd- chicago

we'll play anything. seriously. if you'd like to add us on to a show please feel free to email-

the show on july 21st in kansas city is probably cancelled. at least it's listed that way at the kc/lawrence diy page. if it's still going to happen (and we're going to be added to it officially) our guess is that it will be moved to loose park.



the show last night was fantastic. thanks to metal and cup na cup- they were both awesome and we'll try and come back as soon as possible to play with them again. here are a few pictures of metal's stage setup-

and here's kate our number one groupie who took all of these pictures. if you can find her in this picture you win $50.

everyone go to the show at the artistery.



added another show to the (shows) page, thanks to tony presley from real live tigers, one of the nicest people we've ever met. it looks like this-

wednesday, july 20th
w/ real live tigers and a bear (hee hee...)
ruta maya
3601 s. congress ave.
austin, tx
9pm, $3, all ages


added two more shows to the (shows) page. they look like this-

thursday, july 28th
lit lounge
93 2nd ave.
new york, ny
9pm, $5, 21+

monday, august 1st
w/ struction, awesome and grabass cowboys
the fuzebox lounge
12 central avenue
albany, ny


added two shows to the (shows) page. they look like this-

thursday, july 21st
w/ ad astra per aspera, battletorn, guns fire mayhem and anxiety attack
? (we don't know yet)
kansas city, mo
all ages

saturday, july 23rd
w/ ad astra per aspera and the belles
the bottleneck
737 new hampshire
lawrence, ks
10pm, 18+


we still need a great deal of touring help. if anyone can help out it would be greatly appreciated. please feel free to email the rather lengthy list looks kind of like this-

july 9 and 10- chicago, il
july 26- ohio, indiana, kentucky (somewhere)
july 27- pittsburgh/anywhere, pa/washington d.c./baltimore, md
july 29 and 30- new york, ny
july 31- boston or northampton or anywhere, ma
august 2- detroit or ann arbor, mi
august 3- chicago or ohio/indiana/kentucky (somewhere)

hopefully someone can help. if you're here because i emailed you go to the (releases) section to hear some music or go to-

thanks for looking, hope someone can help.


the (shallowful) section is up to date. i hope you enjoy all of my weird photos and fliers. lucky you.


believe it or not this is me crossing abbey road, even though it doesn't really look like it. my dad didn't really want to risk life and limb by standing in the middle of this fairly busy street.

there are about 50 new pictures up in the photos section of the (shallowful) section. there are still a few more to come as well as a bunch of new flier scans (well, if you live in portland then probably not for you depending on which area you live in). all of the songs are up at the myspace page finally. there is a cover image to go with the 'song to the stars' downloads, it just hasn't been updated quite yet (i don't know where the cable is to load stuff from the digital camera- i'm a luddite- i'm sorry). enjoy all the new stuff. more to come soon.



happy may everybody! i'm enjoying allergy season. a few miracles happened since the last update and now you can find mp3 links on the (releases) page. if a song title is green and underlined then you can click on it and download the full song. there's a 'song to the stars' single with the 2-year old b-side 'ariel.' some artwork for it will be put up once i get some time to scan about 120 new pictures in (which means i need to convince stefanie to take me to her office so i can use their computer to scan and upload things). i haven't tested the mp3's yet, but they should work fine. there are also mp3's up (and functional) at the my space page. enjoy!


we have a myspace page since those seem to be all the rage at the moment and we're such trendy people... we are, however, such losers that we still don't have any songs up on it. oh well... it's hidden at enjoy.


hey, some new links have been added to the (links) page- so go look at them you nosy bastards!

happy belated 46th birthday (eeep!) to robert smith (you should've quit while you were ahead- 'bloodflowers' would've been the perfect stopping point- now you're going to be up onstage at age 50 in requisite hair and makeup snoring your way through 'just like heaven' and 'inbetween days'- NOOOOOO).



hey, happy 4/20 everyone (haw haw haw). i'm celebrating by doing jack shit and being on call tonight for someone at work.

tony and nathan (real live tigers and purrbot) played in the living room of our tiny apartment last night for about 7 of their friends. it was really awesome and intimate. i wish that i could've helped tony out with a real show, but i'm glad we could at least help them out and i know they did sell some cds so that's a good thing. they got bitten by the portland scene monster. go to tony's website dammit- for god's sake!

that's all for now. hopefully there'll be some more shows to announce at some point soon.



the show was awesome. it was the best place we've played in a long time. probably ever! please visit the artistery for one of their events. seriously.

our friend tony of real live tigers is on tour right now with purrbot. they're trying to get a show together in town on the 19th (which is tuesday). if anyone can help please email me at basement show, coffee house show, whatever. i'm going to try and get something together, but if anyone has any bright ideas i'm open to those too.

added some pictures from the show and a few others. i just sent off a monster package of undeveloped film and we have a huge backlog of fliers to update. expect some goodies in the (shallowful) section soon. there are already 100 photos up there btw by shallowful art (which, let's face it, is me).

that's all for now.



back from london now (unfortunately). a new show has been added to the (shows) page. it's like this-

saturday, april 16th
the artistery
3796 se milwaukie ave.
w/ winfield
7:30 pm, $4

listened to the show from brooklyn and once again i overreacted in saying that it wasn't very good. the version of 'wish' that we played is good enough to share with the world. i'm planning on getting some mp3s up on the site- sort of as a way to release singles as we have a ton of stuff that's earmarked to come out and (of course) no money to put behind it at all. so some day there will be full soundfiles available for download here.



not much to announce at the moment (yet again). the show in st. paul has been confirmed. the show in brooklyn was kind of crappy. we had to play acoustic because we had thought that we were scheduled to play on tuesday the 15th and we were planning on renting a guitar amp so we could've played electric, but we ended up having to rush from the airport to our hostel then to the show. because of that we were a little freaked out. the first thing we saw in brooklyn was a guy being pulled out of a 24-hour diner on metropolitan on a stretcher.


not much going on at the moment. a few show possibilities coming up. here's one in particular that's kind of little interest to probably most people-

saturday, july 16th
kansas city, mo
our wedding
my parents' backyard
w/ ad astra per aspera
invitation only

this should make for some nice picture opportunities- ad astra playing in matching tuxes, my and stefanie's inebriated family members and stefanie and i playing in our wedding garb in kansas city in the middle of freakin' july.

other than that here are the beginnings of our midwest/east coast summer tour-

tuesday, july 5th- st. paul, mn- station 4
monday, july 25th- st. louis, mo- lemp neighborhood arts center

more to come hopefully soon.


here are some links to some reviews of 'blue-eyed.' (i'm very sorry, but you must scroll down to see it... i know it's hard)

and just in case you all are too lazy to click on those links then i pasted them into the update. enjoy!

culture bunker
SHALLOBOI "Blue Eyed" - Endless December Records (Feb 2005)
The beauty of cheap recording gear and computer studios is that artists like Shalloboi can create shifting, ethereal, saturnine soundscapes without interference. MegaLabel might have forced a more accessible sound, but it's this stubborn adherence to a narrow sound that makes a unique and interesting listen. This Portland, OR artist takes a page or two from the Flying Saucer Attack playbook, and the melancholic raining vocals on "Invisible Against The Sun" echoes Black Tape For A Blue Girl. Shalloboi loves drenching songs in shimmering, undulating reverb that makes you feel the songs are ebbing and flowing like the tides. A blanket of sound decays around you while tiny sparks infiltrate the haze. The first three and the seventh tracks tower with a sustained moment, clocking in at 9, 8, 7 and 12 minutes. The effect of these sounds pealing back in reverb and feedback is almost a warping of time. The songs stretch way, way out and become almost hypnotic. Look out for "Leslie And Tonia" and its hovering notes that are backdrop to a lilting, fragile melody sung in dulcet tones, nestled back in among the melting guitars. It's like what you expect to hear when told that a song is elusive and secretive yet full of elegiac beauty. This song calls to mind the otherwordly grandeur of Sigur Ros, and it's no surprise that Shalloboi also uses a bow to play his guitars. Shalloboi shifts focus on "Burning Star," and strums an acoustic coffehouse poem. His voice works better when washed in guitar feedback, the clean tones of an acoustic isolate his voice too much. On "Colourblind" piano and cello are fed through a My Bloody Valentine shifting machine and come out the other side bent and bowed back into a 3 a.m. dreamy fuzziness. The 12 minute "Blue-eyed" uses found sounds and voice samples all muffled down to where they sound like conversations in another room, with occasional words like "abortion" leaking through. Just read the liner notes, and this fact is spelled out: "contains segments of the tape 'arguments on abortion'�" This song bleeds into the next song, so maybe it's really an 18 minute drifting treatise, which does seem a bit on the excessive side. Still, Shalloboi offers a rain-drenched moodscape with flashes of emotional brilliance. --- Leeds 7/11

indie workshop
adam richards | 02.03.2005

Endless December Recordings
Shalloboi rock the ethereal goo. Awash with distortion, tremolo or whatever-the-fuck from the get go, this seems like a guilty pleasure of excessive shoe-gazing, full of borrowed vibes and ready to fall off of the tracks. The songs definitely borrow rather heavily from countless groups, but this isn�t even all that guilty of a pleasure. In part. At times Shalloboi are an American bedroom Sigur Ros of a sorts. Without the funny sounding words. The only thing I am guilty of is playing the first two tracks on this album very loud, downing half a beer real quick, and drifting for a bit. Riffs layer one upon another, all drugged up and otherworldly. Try it with red wine. It works. And it works on its own. The second or third time I played this album was in my car on a bitter zero degree morning a week or two back. The car was struggling to warm up, my chest hurt and my head ached. Everything was frozen. Work is only two miles away but now I was in the barren, icy plains of the Antarctic, not New York. Two miles was forever. The roads were buried and it seemed like I was the only person outside and awake. The CD player grabbed the disc right away and I was floating before I knew it. I glided and slid all the way to work, like in a dream, and these songs couldn�t have been more appropriate for the setting. It was like a strange dream. The album isn�t perfect though. Actually, I�m primarily enamored with the beginning of the album, especially the first two tracks, �Invisible Against the Sun� and �Because is the Reason�. Both tracks are deliriously hypnotic and utterly distorted. �Eilsel and Ainot� is almost as good but the momentum drags and then trips a bit with �Burning Star�, track four, which is a rather blah acoustic track. The album never really regains the momentum it began with and wanders into melodrama and some emo-ness. By the time the random sound clips of abortion related news clips come in, I�m gone. Not for any political or personal belief related reason, it just doesn�t work. In this context, an argument for abortion is no more engaging than an argument against. Luckily it becomes unintelligible at times and basically works as decent texture. The song itself, the title track, has some of the burnt glimmer of the first two songs, but still does not reclaim the loin tingling bliss I feel at the beginning of the album. The sound clips segue into the next song and close out the album. The remaining songs are not strong enough to keep the album interesting. Hopefully there is more of the �good stuff� to come from this group. And maybe a name change. But damn, those first two tracks are raw.
Endless December Recordings
Grade: B-
As initially a demo jaunt, this is now a proper record � recorded over several years � for Portland, OR�s Shalloboi. Shalloboi consists largely in part of one Tyler Ritter with help from Billy Speer on periodic cello and digital help from Mike Tuley. As part of the amazing Portland music scene, particularly in reference to the relocated Temporary Residence Ltd. label, Shalloboi focus on ethereal, ambient soundscapes that dance on instrumentals with light vocals by Ritter. And when they are doing this is when they are at their best. When Shalloboi goes to acoustic guitar and out-front vocals as on the series of �Burning Star,� �The World Is Waiting� and �Colourblind,� they are at their worst. If you throw out those songs, leaving the ambient instrumentals, you are left with an impressive record. For fans of TRL, check out �Invisible Against the Sun,� �Because is the Reason� and �Blue-Eyed.� With a little more time, Ritter and co. will be on track for greater things.


so we're back from l.a. the show was pretty good. it was stefanie's first show playing bass and we couldn't hear any of the loops we were supposed to play along with through the monitors, so we're sorry if anyone noticed. we played with real live tigers, flying douglas and anchors for architects and they are all really nice people and good bands. hopefully more shows are forthcoming. ideally shows in *gasp* portland.



scratch the santa cruz show. it got cancelled at the last minute. we're still playing in l.a. though.


here are the details on the two california shows in february-

thursday, february 10th- los angeles, ca
the knitting factory- alterknit lounge
7021 hollywood blvd., suite 209
w/ anchors for architects, half mantis group, flying douglas
doors at 8pm, $5


i hope everyone had a good new year. i spent mine at work.
some good news. a new show is going up in the (shows) section-

tuesday, march 15
pete's candy store
709 lorimer street
brooklyn, ny 11211
9:30 pm
w/ elodie0

there also may be a few california shows in the section coming up (hopefully) soon.



happy holidays everyone (even though it is a bit belated). we're in kansas city right now. it looked like we were going to be playing a show tonight, but the venue we were set to play at was shut down. we are very lucky people, it goes without saying, and we carry our luck with us wherever we go.

there should be a few things to report soon, so sit tight and there should be some news after the new year starts.


the show was a raging success. well, not really, but it was a lot better than i thought it was. stefanie sang her first song with me. there are whispers of a show in kansas city on december 30th. if this show comes through it will be her first show playing bass as well. more news once this date is confirmed.


come to the show it's free!

monday, december 6
1905 ne mlk
folk the police night w/ the bike ensemble, dj unity and glamorous pat
10 pm


there are also 40 new photos on the (shallowful) page as well. sorry there are so many, it had just been a while (even for us) and the pictures just piled up and up and up. but they are very nice (at least i think so).



the incredible shrinking tour has officially shrunk out of existence. the show in santa cruz isn't happening.


'blue-eyed' is here. currently setting up a account so we can sell it easily. i just picked the cds up today and they're sitting in our kitchen. i hope to get some sound samples up soon (hopefully next week). until then if you want a copy you're going to have to send $8 via check or money order to-

Tyler Ritter
1404 SE 23rd Ave., #3
Portland, OR 97214

please make checks payable to Tyler Ritter.
more info will be up soon on the (releases) page than is up there now.

this is the best news in... well since yesterday. talk about ups and downs. we're even pondering leaving the country. you think i'm kidding don't you?



waiting for the cds to come back from the plant. the incredible shrinking tour has turned into one show, which is already listed on the (shows) page.


the record was mastered today at super digital. it sounds pretty fantastic. super digital will also be doing the duplication as soon as the artwork is finalized and put together.


another landmark day. the "tour" is looking a bit different now. please email if you can help book a show.

thursday, november 11- santa cruz- soundbox- porter college ucsc- 301 heller drive- w/ tides, max foreman, and a few more tba- 7pm, free (donations requested)

the moe!kestra is also coming back to town. the piece being played is called 'piece no. 7: an inescapable siren within earshot distance therein and other whereabouts.' depending on how things for the tour pan out i may be playing guitar in both the seattle (i'm pretty sure the seattle one at least) and portland performances. the dates for those are thus:

saturday, november 6- seattle, wa
sunday, november 7- portland, or

i don't know where the performances will take place right now. when i know i'll post them.



a landmark day. 'blue-eyed' has been sent away to be mastered. this means a mid-october to early-november release. once it's released it should be available through and possibly through amazon and insound. sadly billy's parts didn't make it on, he wasn't happy enough with them, so there's only cello on 2 songs.

a good three years in the making. glory be!



sorry kids. i couldn't make it to the voyeur last night. car trouble and no money to fix it. somehow i doubt that anyone noticed, call me crazy.

i wait with baited breath to see if billy's parts will arrive in the mail or not.


the record is done. at least my half is. it is possible that billy might still send me the cello parts. the record will be sent away for mastering during the first or second week of september, which would set it at an early november release date. this will coincide with the tour, which has been postponed until november. it will basically look like this-

november 3 (or4)- redding, chico or manila,ca
november 4- san francisco (possibly)
november 5- berkeley
november 6- san luis obispo
november 7- los angeles
november 8- san diego
november 9- las vegas, nv
november 10- bakersfield
november 11- sacramento
november 12 (or 13)- eugene, or

so, it's basically exactly the same, except moved up to the first week of november. if you can help out with a show, please email



new show on the (shows) page.


the show that was supposed to happen at the meow meow ended up being cancelled. no one showed up except my friend kate. if you're reading this kate, thanks!

in further news i have been turned down to play in musicfest northwest for the third consecutive year. bummer. i actually thought i might get in this time. oh well.

if anyone reads this i'm going to announce the supposed dates for the upcoming brief west coast tour.

monday, september 13th- redding/chico or anywhere in northern california
tuesday, september 14th- san francisco
wednesday, september 15th- off or anywhere between sfo and la
thursday, september 16th- los angeles
friday, september 17th- san diego
saturday, september 18th- las vegas
sunday, september 19th- bakersfield
monday, september 20th- sacramento
tuesday, september 21st- eugene, or

if you can help, please please please don't hesitate to email


the final info for the show at the meow meow is like this-

the meow meow
320 se 2nd ave.
8:30 pm- $5
fort rile dog, shalloboi, ad astra per aspera, anchors for architects

sorry for the lack of updates. currently it looks like the cd will be mastered in a few weeks, minus cello.
booking a west coast tour for september with a few northwest dates in late august. details when any of it becomes finalized.


i didn't get to play in the moe!kestra. i also didn't get to go because i'm broke. but, here is some good news: i've added a new show to the (shows) page which will look like this-

wednesday, july 21st
the meow meow
320 se 2nd ave.
w/ ad astra per aspera, anchors for architects, fort rile dog +1 more tba.
8 pm

so there's the good news. it's been a while hasn't it?

i am confident that the record should be out by the time of this show, ideally it should be ready by the end of june/beginning of july.



the moe!kestra is coming back to town. i may be playing in it. it's not for sure yet. the info is:

the moe!kestra
sunday, may 23rd 8:30 pm
international club mummy, 332 ne san rafael at mlk

in other news it's my birthday tomorrow. in yet more news i just got fired from my job just before leaving town for a few days. i am now a true portlander.

the record shall be out soon. there is some chaos to sort through, but it should be sorted out by around june.



we got rid of the ads and now you should be able to reach the site by just typing in ''. you can also now reach me regarding all questions by mailing me at it's about time isn't it?

in other news i just finished a cover of elliott smith's 'no name #5' which should be included on a sweet adeline message board tribute. i still haven't heard the specifics for where i'm supposed to send it, but thus far it's finished, mixed and ready to go.

because of the increased webspace we're going to look into posting some sound samples of finished tracks...



we updated our webrowser so now we can update our websites at our own computer. imagine THAT! when i say 'our' websites it means that stefanie has one as well. it's at it's got her art stuffs there, all of which is quite fantastic. i updated the (shows) page with stuff about the show at the voyeur in olympia. the fun never stops...



updated the (shows) page yet again. yawn. billy's working on his part of the record now. the tour is being booked. no news until confirmed shows show up. check the (shows) page for details. check the (releases) page for info on how to get your smelly little mitts on the record once it's released. 'watch this space' as they say before they disappear without a trace.



updated the (shows) page again. the show at coffee messiah this coming week will be at 7pm instead of 8. nothing much else to say as usual...



updated the (shows) page. the meow meow will have moved into the old b-complex by the time of the battle of the bands show. the new address is�

320 SE 2nd Ave.

there you go. tickets are $8. if you don�t want to pay $8 please contact me and we�ll work something out. please email me if you want to go because on the day of the show the tickets are $10.