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Shaky Ray Discogrophy

SRR001 Giljunko "North of the Mason/Nixon Line" cassette out of print

SRR002 Giljunko "Still Treatable" cassette out of print

SRR006 Giljunko "Gaspump Graveyard" 20 songs that trace the band's earliest 4 track recording to their 7" singles, to their first wanderings into 'real' studios. CD $12.00

SRR007 The ATF Plays Giljunko Plays The ATF. Back in the day, theses bands battled head to head every chance they got. This little record documents that war. 7" $3.00

SRR009 Static Taxi "Take City" How lucky are we to put out Bob Stinson's band after The Replacements? Ahhh, the Boxcar Years. Out of print, but you can find one on E-Bay for around thirty bucks.

SRR014 Dirty Secrets Compilation. Some real history here, Bob Stinson's Static Taxi, Glenrustlers, Jamie Ness, The ATF, Father Hennepin, and tons more early stuff including Chirs Monroe art from when we actually had day jobs. CD $10.00 (limited stock)

SRR015 The Dames/Both After a yearlong feud played out through the local media, these two hard rocking outfits came together on vinyl. Out of print.

SRR018 Jamie Ness "Dodging The Landlord" Perhaps the finest songwriter in the Midwest. Perhaps. Jamie does us all very proud playing the prettiest songs about broken bottle fights and being a jobless songwriter that you've ever heard. CD $12.00

SRR019 Father Hennepin "Crooked With Gin" My own personal favorite from Duluth's finest alt-country boys and girls. Recorded beautifully by our mentor Eric Swanson. CD $12.00

SRR022 "Let's Get Sloppy Compilation" featuring The Black Labels, Slow Dancing Umbrella, Al Sparhawk, Gild, Giljunko, Fair Weather Friend, and more. CD $12.00

SRR023 The Black Eyed Snakes "Chicken Bone George" 7". We warned you to get one while they were plentiful. Out of print.

SRR024 Both "The Inevitable Phyllis" One of our best to come out of the studio and into your headphones. It's unplastic and unstraight. Math Rock plus Art Rock equals "Hart Rock" or something. Biggest selling Shaky Ray release in Arizona. CD $12.00

SRR026 Mr. Lindquist "Evil Says Eight Ball Side Pocket" Lo-Fi Acoustic fun. Features the sing songy songs "X-mas Coma" and "Don't Blame Kieth Richards." CD $12.00

SRR027 Charlie Parr "Criminals and Sinners" After all is said and done, this record remains timeless; and up to this point, Shaky Ray's finest moment. Winner of the 2002 Sawyer Award for Best Folk Album. CD $12.00

SRR032 Altronix "3L33T3" This is an electronic sound track to the movie about you that stars your ex. CD $12.00

SRR033 I Am The Slow Dancing Umbrella "Origami Whiskey and Something" If Nine Inch Nails played Fugazi covers with Robert Smith on vocals; then you'd have the coolest 11 minute CD released in 2002. CD $8.00

SRR034 The Keepaways "Get Held Back" You love them, we love them, they love to play two minute punk songs for us. Big things in the future for these gals...this recording is just the introduction. CD Single $5.00

SRR035 Giljunko "The Accomodater" The last official release from Giljunko. Very sad indeed. As reviewer guru, Tim Anderson of the RipsawNews stated, "The ballots are in and Giljunko still rocks." 6 song CD $8.00

SRR036 Crew Jones "The Kids Are Alright" Round number two for the best kept hip-hop secret in the Midwest. Fun stuff for everybody. CD Single $5.00

SRR037 Mr. Lindquist "Save Our Clique" Trying to secure his place as the king of the 6 song e.p., Lindquist teams up with memebers of the Keepaways, Slow Dancing Umbrella and others to put out a car stereo's best friend. CD E.P. $8.00

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