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Obviously, I like to give credit where credit is due.  Plus, in my own experience, I sometimes had trouble weeding through other people's resources.  What's important to one person may or may not be to someone else.  So I have compiled a list of my favorite sites for you, in one easy to use page.  Because I'm really nice like that.  

These are certainly not all the web has to offer, but are my personal favorites.  I still occasionally use each and every site listed here.

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Font Sites:

  • misprinted type - My favorite source for free grunge fonts.  
  • 04 bitmap fonts - The best source for free bitmap fonts.
  • fuelfonts - Original foundry with some great freeware fonts.
  • blue vinyl fonts - Jazzy retro styles.  Some are commercial and some are free.
  • fancy and unique fonts - mostly a fantasy font archive site, but they have an interesting collection.  
  • who fonted? - If you can get past the ridiculous name, it's a great font site.  Everything is arranged by theme, which is always helpful.
  • nick's fonts - I love this guy's style.  Original foundry with commercial and freeware vintage fonts.
  • grunge fonts - Looking for an archive of "grunge" fonts all in one place?  
  • type fonts - An archive of old typewriter fonts.  Most of my favorites came from here.
  • funky fonts - Another font archive--this one is "funky."
  • space fonts - Space font archive.  
  • graffiti fonts - The final installment in the archived series from
  • scriptorium - Beautiful script fonts.  Most of my favorites are from here.  They offer freeware versions of all of their fonts, and feature new seasonal themes.  Great site!
  • mr. fisk fonts - Original foundry with a few nice freeware fonts.  The collection is small, but I'm guessing it will grow pretty fast.
  • font-o-ville - Free retro fonts with some cute themes.
  • larabiefonts - Ray Larabie's original font foundry.  All are free, and many have been around for a long time.  I think he has the most recognizable font collection I've ever seen.
  • 1001 - Great font archive site.  All fonts are free, and arranged by theme.
  • themeworld - Another font archive site.  
  • fontalicious - One of the most fun free foundries around.
  • dafont - Another huge font archive site.  Fonts are arranged by theme, and have both PC and Mac versions.
  • fontgarden - Huge font archive that also offers your own personal handwriting font for a very cheap price.


  • houseoflime - Decorative dingbats with some interesting themes.  This is a graphic designer's dream site.
  • dingbatpages - Free dingbat fonts categorized by type.  Very easy to find what you want here.
  • dingbats archive - HUGE resource for dingbats.  Lots of popups, but they make up for that in content.
  • wf dingbats - Who fonted's dingbat section was so impressive that I had to add it here.
  • fontgarden's dingbats - Fontgarden's dingbat section, categorized by type.  

Font Search Engines:

  • fontseek - It's as reliable as doing a google search, except it automatically sorts out font sites only.
  • WhatTheFont - Font identifier.  Load an image and find out what font it's using.



  • nocturna  - The original grungy brush resource.
  • relique - Beautiful, grungy brushes.  I have her entire collection.
  • brusha-brusha - More grunge brushes
  • faded - Grungy butterflies and insects.
  • pinceaux - Again, more grunge brushes.
  • v-brush - An archive listing of sites that offer free brushes.  She updates frequently, and categorizes them by which graphic program they were made in.  I visit v-brush almost every day.

Masks and Tubes:

  • freetubes - Tubes to use in paint shop pro, photoimpact, and photoshop.
  • free masks - Great masks and edges for your photos.  The collection here is quite extensive, and may take some sorting through.

Filters and Plugins:

  • flamingpear - Great commercial filter sets.  They offer some very useful freebies, too.
  • alienskin - Eye candy and Xenofex are probably two of the most used filters around.
  • the plugin site - This site profiles most of the filters available on the net, and offers a few downloads of their own.
  • auto fx dreamsuite - Amazing filter plugin that automatically generates stunning effects.

Free Graphics:

  • fullmoongraphics - Miz Kitty's always been my biggest source for inspiration.  Her site is the sole reason I got into web graphic design.
  • groovy lizard ltd. - Linkware sets for every occasion.  Seasonal, children's themes, etc.
  • elated - Offers free ready-made page kits.  They are fully customizable and have some great modern themes.
  • kvt design - Websets free for personal use.
  • daydream graphics - Free site layouts, fully customizable, use css.
  • Mayang's free textures - free textures, stock photography, etc.


Free Images:

  • image search engine index - Just about every single photo sharing site is profiled here.  Very useful for when you need to see what's free and what isn't.
  • freephoto - Great free images, and none of them are watermarked.
  • istockphoto - Free stock photography.
  • PI users photo gallery - Gallery of free stock photography submitted by photoimpact users.
  • free images - More free photos.
  • fonts and graphics (categorized by type) - Clipart and photos.
  • imageafter - Stock photography.  Much like doing a google image search.
  • gettyone - Beautiful images, although all larger versions are watermarked.


Graphic Program Tutorials:

HTML and Site Design:

  • lissaexplains - Lissa's html tutorial site is actually aimed at teaching children.  But I can name about ten adults (myself included) who learned most of the things they know from her site.
  • web monkey - Probably the most popular source of html help you will run across.
  • gifpile webpage design links - Lots of great tutorials and resources listed here.
  • html goodies - You can't get a more self-explanatory title than that.


Website Freebies:

  • dreambook - Very nice free guestbook service.  The books are customizable, and only have one banner ad.
  • cgispy - Jump boxes, feedback forms, and other great freebies.  Great for those of us with limited programming knowledge.
  • hostedscripts - Another great website add-on resource.
  • visibone color lab - A virtual color wheel that can be used to match color combinations, and show their hex codes for use on the web.
  • bravenet - Counters, guestbooks, email forms, free-for-all-links, and just about anything else you could possibly think of.  And all for free!
  • angelfire - Great free site host.  They offer plenty of free space, ftp access, and almost unlimited bandwidth.  I feel I should plug them since I'm currently hosted there.
  • my idz - URL redirection is  a wonderful thing.  Since I'm hosted at angelfire, this site makes my URL much shorter and easier to remember.  They also offer email forwarding and a few other things.  I don't know how I ever got along without them.



  • Ulead PhotoImpact - My favorite graphic editor, and the one I use the most.  You can do virtually anything with this program, including web design.  It's got great photographic filters, and amazing web effects.  I can't say enough about it, but I'll spare you.  Check it out for yourself.
  • Adobe Photoshop - The most popular graphics editing software around.  I'm still a beginner with photoshop, but I have an idea of what it's capabilities are. 

HTML Editing:

  • Microsoft Frontpage - WYSIWYG editor with endless possibilities.  Its simple interface makes for an easy web project every single time.
  • Web Weaver - My favorite text editor.  I use it for raw html editing.


  • The Font Thing - A wonderful font utility that allows you to preview every font on your computer and temporarily install or uninstall a font each time you open it.
  • Eprompter - Great little email program that allows you to check multiple email accounts at one time.  AOL, hotmail,, and any other pop3 email account is compatible with it.  Best of all, it's free.
  • Cute FTP - The best file transfer program you can find.  Very simple to use.  
  • Ad Aware - Freeware program that scans your computer for spyware components.
  • Dyro Pop Maker - Nice little popup window tool.  You can make your own javascript popups very easily with this.
  • Saver Wiz - Freeware screensaver creation tool.  I used it to make my own screensavers.
  • Winzip - Unzipping tool for windows.  Necessity when it comes to downloading graphics, brushes, and pretty much anything else.



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