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Margie’s Home for Lost Fan Fic

Margie’s Home for Lost Fan Fic

I created this page to host my fan fic for those few who are interested in reading it…

They are broken down by show/category.

The only thing I ask is that if you have the time please feel free to email me your comments/reviews. Thanks!!

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Click on Michael and Maria to read my Roswell Fics

Click on Buffy and Spike to read my BTVS Fics

Click on Mulder and Scully to read my X-Files Fics

Last Updated January 27, 2004

*** Salvation - Up to Ch 8 (Jan 27) ***

***Remember Me - is Nocturnal Light's #2 Fic of the Moment! Yay! (Jan 7)***

*** Both Who? What? Huh? (humor/light) and Where? When? Gah! (angst/dark) have been nominated in the 2003 slashfest! Go Vote! Slashfest 2003 ***



Okay I went ahead and created a group for the one or two people who want to know when I update, click on the link below to join up.

Lost Fanfic Update Group


(Since June 2003)

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