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Title: Sunnydale Elementary

Author: Margie

Rating: G

Pairing: B/S, X/A, W/T (friendship - they're only in the 3rd grade people!)

Summary: What if the gang had met back in 3rd grade? AU, everybody's human. Giles is Spike's dad.

Disclaimer: Own nothing. Joss owns all.

Author's Note: This fic was inspired by the elementary series found at


Chapter 1 -

Buffy didn’t like this place. She wanted to go home. Why did they have to move? She missed her best friend Allison.


Her mom helped her out of the jeep and she looked around. There were lots of kids playing on the playground. There was one boy standing by himself in the corner and shuffling his feet. Buffy giggled. He had spikey hair!


As she watched him, he looked up and noticed her staring. His eyes got narrow and his eyebrows scrunched up and he stuck his tongue out at her!


Buffy was so mad! Here she was just minding her own business and he’s all mean! She turned away when her mom tapped her on the shoulder.


"Buffy, say hello to your new teacher…Mr. Giles"


"Hello Giles." Buffy said sweetly.


"Mr. Giles, Buffy!" Her mom looked annoyed.


"Oops sorry! Hello Mr. Giles." Buffy put on her "who me? I’m innocent" face.


"Don’t worry about it Mrs. Summers. I’m sure Buffy will get along here just fine." He looked down at Buffy and smiled. "Why don’t you go play until the bell rings for class? I’ll come and find you and show you to the classroom."


Buffy scampered away calling goodbye to her mom as she looked for something or someone interesting. She decided to go tell that meanie what she thought of him but by the time she found him again he was with two other little girls. She didn’t think she could take all three of them. So instead she veered off to the jungle gym.


She started climbing and when she reached the top she saw a little boy with brown hair staring at her. "Hi." Buffy looked down shyly. She was new after all.


"Hello pretty eyed girl…uhm…I mean….pretty high girl. Yeah! You’re pretty high on the jungle gym."


"Oh! I think that’s why my mom calls me a tomboy. Cause I climb like a boy and some other stuff too." She wiped her hand on her jeans and held it out for him. "My name’s Buffy."


"My name’s Alexander, but everyone just calls me Xander." They shook hands and swung their legs out as they sat and looked out over the playground.


"Hey. Here comes Willow. She’s my bestest friend. I bet she’d be friends with you too." Xander was talking a mile a minute as he climbed down the gym, Buffy following.


By the time they reached the ground Willow was waiting for them at the bottom. She had long red hair and a pretty flower print dress on. When Xander let of the gym, Willow threw her arms around him and gave him a hug. "Hi Xander!"


"Hi Wills. This is Buffy. She’s new." He pointed at Buffy as she came down next to him.


"Uhm. Hi." Willow held out her hand and Buffy shook it. "Are you in third grade too? If you want I can help you catch up. I’m good at school. Mom says I’m a genius. But I don’t believe her. I think all moms have to say things like that. But I am pretty good...I think. Am I talking too much?"


Buffy giggled. She liked this Willow girl. She hoped that she could be friends with her and Xander. It would be nice to have some friends.


She smiled at Willow and gave her a hug. "No. You’re not talking too much. And I bet you are a genius! Better than me anyway. I’m not so good with school."


"Well I’ll help you…We could start – " Just then the bell rang and they headed towards the school building. Mr. Giles was waiting for them at the door so that he could show Buffy the way.


"I see you’ve met Willow and Xander. That’s good. I’m sure they will both be very helpful in showing you around the school." Mr. Giles ushered all the kids in and led Buffy to room 12.


When she entered the room she saw that Xander and Willow were sitting together, Xander behind Willow in the second row of chairs. She was relieved to see that there was a free seat next to Willow in row 1. She wanted to be near her new friends.


Before she could sit down, Mr. Giles had her stand in front of the class and tell them about herself. She was nervous because she didn’t know anyone except for Xander and Willow. So she just looked at them while she spoke.


"I’m from Los Angeles. My mom got a new job so we moved. I’m in the third grade - "


"Well duh! Otherwise you wouldn’t be in this class!" The spikey haired boy had interrupted her!


"William James Giles! You apologize this instant! And then go stand in the corner for five minutes!"


The spikey haired boy was Mr. Giles’ son!! Buffy was shocked. He was so mean and rude. And Mr. Giles was so nice. But they did both talk in a funny way.


"Sorry Da." William stood up from his seat but before he could move into the corner his dad stopped him.


"Not to me. Apologize to Buffy." Mr. Giles was looking sternly at his son.


"Ah Dad!" William did not want to apologize to some stupid girl. And in front of the whole class! But his dad would not let him go until he did, so he spat out a quick "Sorry!" before heading for the back corner.


When she finally took her seat, she found that William was sitting behind her! Darn! She hoped he wouldn’t bug her too much. She looked across at Willow and smiled. She noticed that one of the girls who had been with William was sitting next to her and the other one was next to Xander. They looked nice enough but she wasn’t sure if they were friends with HIM.


Mr. Giles started writing something up on the board. Willow was taking notes and Xander was staring off into space. Buffy winced has her head was tugged backward. She turned in her chair and stared menacingly at William.


"Stupid Goldilocks!" William stuck his tongue out at her.


Buffy’s fist balled up and swung at his shoulder. "Quit it spike head!" God he was such a meanie!


"William! Buffy! Stop that this instant and pay attention."


Muttering under their breaths they turned to face the class.


"Stupid barfhead boys!"

"Dumb butthead girls!"



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