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Title: He! What? Angel?!

Author: Margie

Rating: NC-17 (for the naughty sex parts)

Pairing: X/S

Summary: Wanted something light, so I decided on a New Year's fic. It's got a bit of angst, but I think it's mostly humorous.

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Joss owns it all damn him!

Feedback: Yes please!

Archive: If you want it just email me to tell me where it's going. It will eventually be on my own website when I get the chance to update (

Author's Note: This takes place in my Who? What? Huh? Universe. Since I did a snippet for Christmas, I thought I'd do one for the boys' first New Year's together as well. Enjoy.

Oh - Also, since I wanted this light and fluffy, for my purposes Spike never tortured Angel with hot pokers, 'kay?

Thanks to Edi for being my wonderfully prompt slash beta! And for not clubbing me over the head for all of my darn comma problems!



"Hmmm?" Xander nuzzled his nose more firmly into Spike's neck as he slowly woke to the sound of his lover's voice.

"New year's coming."

"Yeah?" Xander shook himself awake, opening his eyes to focus on Spike's face.

"Made any resolutions?"

"Uhm..." Xander chewed on his bottom lip. "Some. I do every year. Why?"

"Made a couple," Spike mumbled.

"Yeah?" Xander's mouth turned up into a grin, and he poked the vampire in the stomach teasingly. "Like what?"

"Stop that, you git!" Spike pushed at the poking hand, but couldn't prevent a grin of his own. "Just..."

Xander recognized the shy, serious tone and stopped his teasing. "What is it, Spike?"

"Just...all your mates know about us, yeah?" Spike asked.

Xander's brow furrowed. "I told you, Spike, I don't want to hide our relationship from anyone. I wasn't going to sneak around with you in secret." Xander wrapped an arm around Spike's middle, pulling him close. "What's this about?"

Spike sighed, closed his eyes and pressed his forehead against Xander's. "WannatellAngel," he mumbled quickly.

"What? Slow down there, Speedy Gonzales," Xander teased.

Spike opened his eyes, but kept their foreheads pressed close. "I want to tell Angel."

Spike watched as Xander's eyes widened, and laughed when Xander leapt away, falling off the bed and onto his ass.

"Who? But? Angel?! " Xander was up again, standing at the edge of the bed, looking down at his lounging lover. "Why?"

Spike's chuckles died away. "He's the only family I've got left, luv. You've told all your mates. I want to tell him." Spike looked away, not wanting Xander to see how the thought affected him. "Stupid sod probably won't care, but...he's bound to come back here to help the Slayer sometime and...guess I just wanted to be the one to tell him." Spike shrugged.

Xander studied Spike for a few moments, taking in the bent head, slumped shoulders, and resigned air. Slowly he knelt back onto the bed and leant toward the vampire. Placing his warm palm on Spike's back he began to rub soothing circles, while he placed soft kisses on the nape of Spike's neck. When he felt Spike relax, and some of the tension ease, he moved in and nipped at Spike's earlobe. "Okay, Spike. Anything you want, sweetie."

Spike turned so that he could nuzzle Xander's neck, sucking softly at the pulse point. "Thanks, luv. I knew you'd understand."

They lay together for several minutes before Spike moved out of Xander's arms and off the bed. "Best get packed, luv."

"Packed?" Xander was still in his bubble of contentment from all the Spike snuggling.

"Yeah, luv. We should head out at sunset. Only got a few more hours to do the deed." Spike was already pulling a pair of jeans out of the dresser and stepping into them.


"Yes, luv." Exasperated, Spike turned back toward Xander. "You know, the whole telling my Sire about us? Want to start the New Year out right."

"Why do we have to pack?" Xander's brows drew together in confusion.

"Well, luv, I don't mind if you wander around bloody starkers, but Peaches might have a problem with it."

"What? We're *going* there?"

"How did you think we we're going to tell him? Send him a bloody telegram?"

"What about the phone? Why can't we just phone him?"

"Luv," Spike knelt on the floor next to Xander, taking his hand, "want to do this right. There''re wearing my mark on you." Spike traced the bite on Xander's neck making Xander shiver with want. "Please?"

How could he say no? Xander was beyond freaked by the idea that he would be standing in front, and within reach, of Angel when he found out that Xander and Spike were now a couple. How would deadboy react? Xander wanted anything but to find out the answer to that question. But looking into Spike's wide, ocean blue eyes, he couldn't deny the vamp anything. "Okay," he sighed and stood, reaching under the bed for their duffle.

Traffic was light and in less than two hours Xander was standing nervously on the steps of the Hyperion. Unconsciously picking up on Xander's tension, Spike clasped his hand in a firm grip.

"Ready, luv?" Xander nodded and they moved together up the steps and through the main doors.


Angel studied the pair in front of him. He had definitely not been expecting this. He'd known about Spike's chip for quite some time, and knew that the vampire had been working with Buffy, but...Xander hated vampires, especially Spike. So what the hell were they doing here, together?

"What are you two doing here?" When neither answered he began to get worried. "Is it Buffy? Did something happen to her?"

"No, you stupid sod. Not everything has to do with the bloody love of your life," Spike answered snappishly.

"Okay. So what are you doing here? Does Giles need to borrow some books?" Angel tried once more, ignoring Spike's surly attitude.

"Uhm...well, Spike has something to tell you." Xander nudged Spike forward.

Angel waited but Spike remained silent. "Well?"

"Tookaconsort." Spike's words all jumbled together in his rush to get them out. When he lifted his eyes to Angel's the older vampire thought he saw a hint of something he hadn't seen from his Childe in a very long time.

"You what?" Angel asked, not sure he'd heard correctly.

"Took a consort." Spike emphasized each word carefully, a trace of sarcasm echoing in his voice.

"And you're here because?" Angel prompted.

"You're my bloody Sire, aren't you?!" Spike exclaimed, then threw up his hands in disgust before turning back to Xander. "Told you the bloody wanker wouldn't care. Let's go."

Xander could see the hurt in his lover's eyes, so he threw a scalding look at Angel. For his part Angel was shocked at Spike's outburst and even more so by Xander's reaction to said outburst.

"Spike, wait," Angel called.

"What?" the vampire growled back without turning around.

"Don't... Look, you just surprised me. Stay," Angel urged.

"Come on, Spike. We came here to tell him." Xander led Spike over to the hotel lobby couch. "Let's do what we came here for and then if you still want to leave we can, okay?"

"Okay, luv," Spike answered, giving in to the desire to nuzzle Xander's neck as they sat.

Xander nearly laughed out loud when he looked up to see Angel's wide eyed stare.

"Who? What? Xander?!" Angel couldn't believe what he was seeing.

"Told you, I took a consort," Spike restated, his arm coming around to grip Xander around the waist.

"Spike, this is New Year's, not April Fool's," Angel rebuked.

"It's not a soddin' joke!" Spike yelled, and in one swift move he pulled Xander's shirt collar down to bare the mark he wore.

"You bit him?" Angel was shocked. "You marked him, without coming to me first?"

"Were special circumstances," Spike mumbled.

"You took a consort, Xander Harris no less, without coming to me, your Sire, first?" Angel was shocked at Spike's choice, and a little hurt that he had only been told as a kind of after thought.

"Actually..." Xander interrupted sheepishly, "I did it."

"Excuse me?" Angel's brow was furrowed in confusion. "You did what?"

"I did the biting. I, I guess." Xander shrugged. "It's kinda a long story."

"Huh? You bit Spike?"

"Yeah, well sorta. I bit Spike when Spike was me and I was him." Xander tried to explain.

Angel rubbed his forehead trying to figure out where the pounding headache had come from. "What?"

"Red did a spell," Spike intervened. "Switched me with the boy." He indicated Xander. "Got to know each other." Spike shrugged.

"Why would Willow want you to be Xander?" Angel asked, thoroughly perplexed.

"Willow's spell kinda went wacky," Xander answered. "She was just trying to separate us before we killed each other."

"So you were fighting?" Angel asked, more in tune with that scenario.

"Yep." Xander nodded his head.

"And now you're in love?" Angel was trying to wrap his mind around that idea.

"Yep." Xander nodded again.

"And you claimed Spike, while Spike was you?" Angel wanted further clarification.

"Yep." Xander was smiling now.

"And now you're here because?" Angel prompted again.

"Because you're my soddin' Sire!" Spike had had enough. "You're supposed to care! Supposed to approve, or at the very fuckin' least show your disapproval by trying to stake me, or him, or both of us!"

"Spike!" Xander cried out. "Don't give him any ideas!"

"Spike, I'm not going to stake you." At Xander's small groan he turned to the boy. "Or you." Angel paced back and forth in front of the pair, trying to work out exactly how he was feeling about these new revelations.

Spike and Xander were in love. Xander was Spike's consort. They were here for approval, a blessing on their union. Angel still wasn't sure this wasn't all some elaborate joke cooked up by his wayward Childe. The only problem he had with that scenario was that the Xander he remembered would never agree to help Spike with a joke, or anything else for that matter. Angel stole a glance at the dark haired boy, who was currently running his fingers through Spike's hair in a soothing manner and murmuring soft words to the clearly agitated vamp. This was definitely *not* the Xander he remembered.

"Well, I..." Angel couldn't figure out what he was trying to say. "I guess I approve?" he ventured.

"You *guess* you approve!" Spike stood, seething. "Bloody wanker!" He threw Angel a disgusted look before bolting up the stairs.

"I'll go after him." Xander stood giving Angel a scowling, yet sympathetic look. "It was hard for him to come here, you know. You're the only family he has left. He just wanted someone to care besides all of *my* friends."

"Everybody knows?"

"Yeah, everybody knows. I wasn't going to hide him." Xander was offended at the idea.

"And nobody tried to stop you?"

"Stop us from what? Loving each other? No."

"I'm sorry." Angel actually looked repentant.

"I'm not the one you should be apologizing to."

Angel looked down, as Xander moved off toward the stairs. He really needed some time to think about this.


"Spike?" It wasn't difficult for Xander to find his mate, he just followed the small tug he always felt when Spike was near. The room was dark, but he knew his vamp was in there whether he could see him or not.

"Sorry, luv." Spike answered quietly.

"For what?" Xander asked, sitting on the edge of the bed and reaching over to clasp Spike's hand in his. "You know, he just has to get used to the idea."

"Who am I kidding, Xan?" Spike asked. "He doesn't care. Why should he? He gave up being my Sire the moment he got his bloody soul."

Xander heard the slight hitch in Spike's voice and moved to lay beside him, draping his free arm across Spike's torso. He knew words weren't what Spike needed so instead he peppered light kisses across Spike's neck and jaw.

When Spike began to moan and lean into him, Xander pressed their lips together and let his tongue invade Spike's mouth. He loved the taste of his vampire, the cool spicy tang that made up the flavor of Spike. Xander's hands roamed the hard planes of Spike's chest as he deepened the kiss, his cock hardening at the rumbling purr that Spike couldn't help emitting.

For a small second he let the fleeting thought that they were in Angel's hotel sneak in. Xander peeled away Spike's shirt, exposing his pale skin to Xander's questing mouth. Xander lapped at Spike's nipples, biting them teasingly as they hardened under his ministrations. "Fuck, Xan!" Spike cried out, arching his back into the touch. "Want you. Need you in me, luv," Spike begged, already undoing his tight jeans and pushing them off.

"Spike..." Xander hesitated, again wondering how Angel would feel knowing that they were about to make love in one of his rooms.

"Please, luv." Spike's voice was plaintive, his hands groping for Xander's erection. When he found the hard bulge in Xander's pants, he rubbed his palm roughly over the denim, making Xander groan and buck his hips.

Undone by the plea in Spike's voice, Xander shucked the rest of his clothes. When they were both completely naked, Xander crawled back onto the bed, letting his body rub over Spike's shuddering form as he went. "Ready for me, Spike?" Xander asked saucily, already knowing the answer. Their cocks were rubbing vigorously against each other, Spike's stiff member already slick with precum.

"Yes, Xan. Fuck!" Spike's hips were bucking uncontrollably, seeking more and more friction. "In me now, luv!"

"Wait!" Xander stopped the vampire from impaling himself on Xander's dick. "Where's the lube?"

"Fuck it, Xan. Don't need it. I'm a vampire. I can take it." Spike was needy and desperate.

"No! I'm not going to hurt you." Xander was adamant. "Just hold on a sec."

Xander groped in the dark until he found his discarded jeans. Dipping his hand into the pocket he found the small tube of lube he had learned to always carry. As he settled back over Spike, he felt the vamp's cockhead brush up against his abdomen. In the darkness of the room, he really couldn't see much, which for some reason heightened his arousal. Reaching down, Xander grasped Spike's cock in his hand and began stroking him gently.

Spike let out a shuddering breath at Xander's light touch. "Please, Xan. Need more."

"Wait, Spike. Wanna taste." Xander turned his body until his mouth was just inches away from Spike's salty goodness. At the same time he thrust his hips forward, delighting in Spike's sharp intake of breath as the mushroom head of Xander's own leaking cock swiped lazily against the vampire's cheek. "Suck me, Spike," Xander demanded as he took Spike into his own mouth.

Xander groaned deep in his chest as he felt Spike's mouth encircle him. They sucked each other in rhythm, Xander thrusting into Spike's mouth in time with his own bobbing head. Spike let Xander's cock pop out of his mouth just long enough to beg, "Xan, please, lick my balls, luv."

Xander complied taking his mouth off Spike and letting his tongue trail down until he encountered the skin of Spike's sac. He licked thoroughly, loving the sounds that were pried out of his lover. When he felt Spike's mouth make the same trail down his own body, Xander nearly came. The feel of Spike's rough tongue against his sensitive balls was too much.

"Spike, stop!" Xander cried out, not wanting to cum. He felt around the bedspread until he found the lube, then carefully squeezed a dollop onto his finger. He circled Spike's puckered opening, before gently pressing his slicked digit inside. He took his time preparing Spike, letting his own arousal ebb slightly. He didn't want to pop the moment he slid into his lover; he wanted this to last a bit.

"Hurry, Xan. Want you," Spike moaned, pressing back onto the probing fingers.

"Shhh, Spike." Xander kissed Spike's neck just below his ear. "Soon, sweetie." When he was able to scissor three fingers with no problem Xander slowly withdrew, still peppering Spike's neck and shoulders with kisses. He moved into position, his cock pushing gently against Spike's opening.

"Xaaaaan." Spike moaned his name.

"Ready, Spike?" Xander teased, pressing ever so slowly into Spike's tunnel. But without warning Spike pressed back hard, sheathing Xander completely.

"Fuck me, luv," Spike demanded, already moving his hips to prompt Xander's timing. "Hard and fast, luv. Need it."

Xander took Spike's cue and began to piston his hips, the slight sting as their skin slapped together only enhancing Xander's desire. He gripped Spike's hips hard enough to leave finger shaped bruises, knowing that Spike loved the mix of pain and pleasure.

"You're mine, Spike!" Xander cried out. "No matter what Angel or anybody else says. I claim you and you're mine!" And then Xander bit down hard just where Spike's neck met his shoulder.

Spike howled, climaxing hard, his whole body quaking from the explosion. "Yes, Xander, yes!"

And then quick as lightning, Xander pulled out, flipping Spike over so that they were now face to face. Within seconds he was inside Spike again, thrusting his still hard cock as deep as it would go. Xander bared his throat and leaned down. "Claim me, Spike. Make me yours," Xander urged.

Spike took a moment to bask in the sight of his lover. Though Xander was virtually blind in the pitch black room, Spike had no problem committing every detail of Xander's expression to memory. The boy's face was scrunched in his effort not to climax; a light sheen of sweat covered his forehead, his sexy brown locks tousled from their exertions.

Spike reached up. Palming the nape of Xander's neck, he pulled until the boy's pulse point was only centimeters from his fangs. "Mine!" he growled, then bit down, his fangs sinking into Xander's sweet flesh. Xander's whole body stiffened and then Spike felt every blessed pulse as Xander shot inside him. Spike pulled out, licking languidly at the tiny puncture wounds. "You're mine, Xan. Claimed good and proper."

"Yours, Spike." Xander nuzzled his neck. "And you're mine."

"That I am, luv." Spike smiled. "That I am."

After a few moments Xander pulled out, and rolled to his side, snaking out his arm to pull Spike close. They were quiet, Xander wondering what he could say to make Spike feel better about Angel's response to their news. Xander was shocked out of his thoughts as Spike spoke aloud.

"Enjoy the show?"

Xander was about to ask what he meant, when he caught a blur of movement to his right. "Eep!" Xander squeaked when he realized that the faint light that bathed the room was coming from the open door of the suite.

There was a faint growl, before Angel's quiet, "You have my blessing." Then the broody vamp swept out of the room, leaving Spike and Xander alone.

"He! What? Angel?! Saw! Heard! Eep!" Xander was babbling and pointing and blushing profusely.

"Got what we came for then, yeah?" Spike smirked, pulling Xander back down to cuddle in the rumpled sheets. "Happy New Year, luv."

Sighing, Xander gave up. "Happy New Year, Spike." Then he kissed his devious little vampire, before snuggling into his chest and falling into an exhausted sleep.