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Did the Wanderling Fly?

"When the Wanderling awoke the next morning in the trees there was actual in-reality beach sand gripped in the palm of his hand, yet the spot he was found was at least seven miles inland from any sandy beach and several thousand feet up the mountain. However, the night before sand was scooped on a pass over Lime Cay during the journey."

If a person has an actual physical item, say a handful of beach sand as cited above for example, others upon hearing, conjecture it must have been a figment of the mind, a dream state, or a hallucination, could it be that it was not a figment of the mind, a dream state, or hallucination at all, but instead, an experience that actually transpired in reality?

So too, can a person KNOWN to have been in a dream state and rather than reality, bring back from that dream state an actual physical item, an item that can be held, seen, felt, and shown to other people?

The two sentences quoted below are from an article titled Apportation, wherein the reported creation, movement, or transference of actual physical material within or between the conventional plane and other possible environments is discussed:

"A conjectural manifestation arises as well in the determination of a hand held physical item being retrieved through the prospects of interdimensional slip-shifting [1] and one obtained within the existing context of the conventional plane.

"Both items could possibly be similar in physical charateristics and attributes, so either would not necessarily negate the possibility of the actual source nor prove which environment, one way or the other, it was originally obtained."

  1. "...a hand held physical item being retrieved through the prospects of interdimensional slip-shifting..."

  2. "...and one obtained within the existing context of the conventional plane."

As an example of the first one above, Mary Sutherland writes in THE WHITE STONE:

"I awoke to the sounds like that of a roaring train coming through my bedroom window. The curtains of the window were blowing straight out towards me as I jumped up from my sleep. It was so loud both my children jumped up too. But as soon as I woke and jumped up with a start, the roar ceased and the curtains dropped down to their normal position.

"I noticed a pain in my right hand (palm area). I looked down to see my fist tightly clenched. My fist was clenched so tight my finger nails had dug deep into my palm, causing the sensation of pain I was feeling.

"I opened my fist and found a very small rock sitting in the palm area of my hand."

It is clear, at least as Sutherland views it in the whole of her paper, that the rock crystal that ended up clenched in her fist ended up there while she was asleep. She went to bed to go to sleep and woke up from that sleep still in bed. Although somewhat befuddled by the event nowhere does she intimate or claim that during that sleep period was her physical body anyplace in "real life" other than bed, yet the stone in her fist, retrieved during the experience, was "real."

There are at least a couple of ways such an event can be resolved. Scientifically and not so scientifically. In The Ally In Shamanism there is mention of such a thing as a Tulpa described thus:

"A Tulpa is a being (or object) whose existance comes to the conventional plane through nothing but the sheer willpower of the thought process, taking on a fully materialized and functional physical form as endowed by the processor of the thought."

On the more scientific side of things, without getting excessively over technical, in the context of the everyday world (i.e., on the conventional plane or physical plane, or the Samsara world as Buddhists would call it) the First Law of Thermodynamics, a cornerstone of classical physics, states energy always presents itself as being "fixed." That is, energy can be exchanged between the system of interest and its surroundings, however, the total energy of the system PLUS the surroundings remains constant. Because of such, the First Law is also stated as the Conservation of Energy. Nevertheless, in spite of the "rules" observed throughout history in classical physics, in quantum physics, energy can and does appear and disappear out of nowhere spontaneously. The famous equasion, E=mc2, by Albert Einstein clarifies it somewhat. The equation E is equal to m c-squared, in which energy is put equal to mass, multiplied by the square of the velocity of light, which showed that mass may be converted into energy and VICE VERSA.

The creation of matter from a state of zero energy arises because energy can be both positive and negative. The energy of motion and the energy of mass is always positive, but the energy of attraction from gravitational or electromagnetic fields, is negative. Circumstances arise in which the positive energy that goes to make up the mass of newly-created particles of matter is exactly offset by the negative energy of gravity or electromagnetism.

In the case of gravity the gravitational field, according to Einstein, is actually the curvature of space -- a spacewarp. Energy tied up in a spacewarp can be converted into particles of matter and antimatter. Thus matter would appear to spring spontaneously out of empty space. [2] See also Vortexes as well as The Great 1947 Sunspot.

In the second example, which is turned back and referenced to the Wanderling's sand scooping episode for our purposes here, is on the unclear side because, except for perhaps what appears at Codex Atlanticus, the whole episode, unlike the Sutherland article, is NOT presented in one single spot, but spread somewhat ambiguously over several different sources and several different pages. However, among those pages in a somewhat more specific manner, the Wanderling relates in the ADDENDUM found at the bottom of SHAMANIC TRANCE STATES the following:

"...there is a relatively interesting tid-bit left unmentioned that is highly related. And that is when the Wanderling awoke the next morning in the trees there was actual in-reality beach sand gripped in the palm of his hand, yet the spot he was found was at least seven miles inland from any sandy beach and several thousand feet up the mountain. However, the night before sand was scooped on a pass over Lime Cay during the journey."

In the Wanderling's case the whole episode seems to have manifested itself in some fashion from the initial ingestion of a "warm tea-like broth" given to him late one night high in the mountains of Jamaica by a man of spells called an Obeah, a totally different situation than what occurred with Sutherland. The Wanderling ended up being found following the episode in the trees of the thick jungle-like forest with physical material, that is, scooped beach sand, "gripped in the palm of his hand" --- "at least seven miles inland from any sandy beach and several thousand feet up the mountain" PLUS being miles from the Obeah's hut, the originating point of the experience. The thread implies throughout that the situation actually occurred in "real life," that is, on the physical plane or conventional plane and that the sand, for example, was scooped NOT materialized in some fashion out of thin air --- and a lot of background material is presented to substantiate the probability that the event did or could happen in physical reality --- from such Zen, Hindu, and Buddhist related sources as Do You Think Flying in the Sky Is Magical? by Venerable Master Hsing Yun to several pages and links related to supernormal perceptual states known is Sanskrit as:


The Wanderling is able to draw an inference for that to be the case because of an earlier experience that transpired before he even reached his teen years. His Uncle had taken him to a sacred Native American site called Fajada Butte that his uncle wanted to climb. The Wanderling, a ten year old boy with no mountain climbing skills, was somewhat apprehensive to either go by unmarked trail or scale the straight up 400 foot cliff walls of the butte. The two of them were traveling with a local tribal elder at the time, who, sensing the Wanderling's apprehension, went into the desert to obtain something he thought might help. The following is presented by the Wanderling in The Sun Dagger outlining what happened:

"When he returned he had some plants with him he said warriors used sometimes before going into battle in order to make them strong and brave, and if I used some I would be strong and brave too, inturn alleviating any concern about making my way to the top of the butte. As my uncle nodded an approval, I did as prescribed under the direction of the tribal elder. Then I was told to lay down and rest as there was a difficult trip before us."

"At sunrise my uncle shook me awake and said he and his friend would be gone for a while and not to leave, telling me there was food and water in the corner if I wanted it. I rolled back over thinking I would go back to sleep when it dawned on me my uncle had said "corner." When I sat up I could see I was in some sort of a room. Actually, it was more of a "some sort of ruin" barely stuck on a ledge on the side of the butte hundreds and hundreds of feet above the valley floor."

Athough there is no mention of something like a rock crystal or sand being apported, the Wanderling himself was translocated in some way. He was on the valley floor when he fell asleep and the next morning 400 feet up the butte. Considering how rugged and steep the terrain is, there almost zero possibility anyone would be able to climb the butte at night, even under the light of a full moon, and especially so somehow lugging or carrying a ten year old boy. In an effort to clarify how it happened the Wanderling asked the tribal elder, whose response translated into something like "Eagles don't climb, they fly."

In the article THE WORD OBEAH: What Does It Mean, How Does It Work? it is related that if an Obeah priest wanted to display his power he would prepare an infusion of rum and the macerated leaves of a plant known as the Branched Calalue, which is identified as being a member of the Solanum genus. When the potion took effect the recipient would collapse to the ground unconscious showing no sign of pulse or heartbeat. What was done with or during that state is not made clear, however, in the Wanderling's case the Obeah threw water on the fire causing a huge burst of steam after which the Wanderling goes on to say:

"I jumped back and turned away, stumbling to the ground while covering my face and eyes. Then it got cold, very cold. The breeze began to blow harder and I could no longer feel the ground underneath me. It felt as though I was moving very fast, yet as far as I knew I was still on the ground by the fire."

Interestingly enough Solanum, the same ingredient reportedly used by Obeahmen to concoct their potion is said to be used in magic done for Astral Projection and as an ingredient in ancient recipes for Flying Ointments.

The Wanderling cites sources from Buddhism and Zen as well as the supernormal perceptual states called Siddhis, none of which incorporate, require, or use any sort of plant, potion, ointment, or drink such as implemented under the auspices of the Obeah or the tribal elder. However, being careful not to reveal any "secrets," the Wanderling goes on to say (see) if such outside ingested ingredients are used to actually accomplish the results or simply a placebo to placate the recipient is not always clear. A lawyer that shows up in court in an expensive three piece suit will probably garner more success than if he shows up in a wrinkled tee shirt, shorts, and flip-flop shower shoes. Perhaps an Obeah or tribal elder might incorporate some sort of ritual or substance to convince a non-initiate to such a level that the expected result would transpire --- OR perhaps even, and possibly in a combination of both, some part of the substance's ingredients could be such that it would replicate, trigger or mimic an untrained, albeit short term, shortcut path to the same mind-strength ability of a person versed in Siddhis.

So how could all of this come about? In the opening quote found in AUSHADHIS: Awakening and the Power of Siddhis Through Herbs, it is written:

"In the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Chapter IV, verse 1 it is stated that the supernormal perceptual powers of Siddhis CAN be reached through the use of certain herbs, replicating on the short term a mind-strength ability and potential execution of powers similar to or equal to that of a person versed in Siddhis garnered via the highest levels of Spiritual Attainment."

According to the precepts as presented by Patanjali in his sutra [3], although the Wanderling was NOT versed in Siddhis or their application at the level necessary to produce the results that transpired at the time of the incident, the warm tea-like broth brewed and administered by the Obeah had within itself, via the experience and ritual of the Obeah, the capability to act in its stead. Patanjali goes on to say:

"The power of Siddhis can come because of previous Karma and genetics (janma), from herbs (Aushadhis), the use of Mantras, the kindling of the psychic fire (tapas), and/or from Samadhi."

The key word above being HERBS --- that is, Aushadhis --- of which for example, plants of the species Solanum are of course. The curandera Maria Sabina, speaking of the Velada ceremoney and the sacred plant species used in the ceremoney says:

"The purpose of the Velada, and the role of the mushrooms in it, is to unite the priestess with their sacred power, and to use her wisdom to bring that power to bear as it is needed. The identification between practitioner and power, and the mushrooms as both source and conduit of that power, is complete: "If I say I am the little woman of the Book, that means that a Little-One-Who-Springs-Forth is a woman, and that she is the little woman of the Book. In that way, during the vigil, I turn into a mushroom -- little woman -- of the book.... If I am on the aquatic shore, I say: I am a woman who is standing in the sand...Because wisdom comes from the place where the sand is born."

Please note as well, the curandera's reference to sand and how she draws a relationship to wisdom.

Carlos Castaneda writes about his experience using the herb Sacred Datura in both his first and second books. Castaneda states that following the precepts of a certain ritual as layed out by his teacher, over a several day period the Datura plant was mixed into what could be called none other than a Flying Ointment similar to what is found in witchcraft and other ancient occult practices. Castaneda then rubbed himself with the paste and what followed was "an extraordinary experience." Later he and Don Juan Matus, the Yaqui Indian sorcerer he studied under, discuss the lessons learned. Castaneda asks, "Did I really fly?" Below, in the copyrighted transcript of a taped interview between Jane Hellisoe of the University of California Press and Castaneda, he relates, in part, how the question was answered:

"That is what you told me, didn't you?"

"I know, don Juan. I mean, did my body fly? Did I take off like a bird?"

"You always ask me questions I cannot answer. You flew. That is what the second portion of Datura is for. As you take more of it, you will learn how to fly perfectly." (source)

A fully conscious bilocation experience comes from the venerated Indian sage the Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, who throughout his life NEVER exhibited the slightest interest in using psychic powers or abilities outwardly to most of his followers or devotees. Arthur Osborne, Ramana's biographer writes in Ramana Maharshi And The Path of Self-Knowledge (York Beach: Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1995, pages 96-97):

About a year after his first meeting with Sri Bhagavan, Ganapati Muni experienced a remarkable outflow of his Grace. While he was sitting in meditation in the temple of Ganapati at Tiruvottiyur he felt distracted and longed intensely for the presence and guidance of the Bhagavan. At that moment Sri Ramana entered the temple. Ganapati prostrated himself before him and, as he was about to rise, he felt the Maharshi's hand upon his head and a terrifically vital force coursing through his body from the touch; so that he also received Grace by touch from the Master. Speaking about this incident in later years, Sri Ramana Maharshi said:

"One day, some years ago, I was lying down and awake when I distinctly felt my body rise higher and higher. I could see the physical objects below growing smaller and smaller until they disappeared and all around me was a limitless expanse of dazzling light. After some time I felt the body slowly descend and the physical objects below began to appear. I was so fully aware of this incident that I finally concluded that it must be by such means that Sages using the powers of Siddhis travel over vast distances in a short time and Appear and Disappear in such a mysterious manner. While the body thus descended to the ground it occurred to me that I was at Tiruvottiyur though I had never seen the place before. I found myself on a highroad and walked along it. At some distance from the roadside was a temple of Ganapati and I entered it."

A second equally interesting incident, cast in in a similar vein, and involving the Maharshi but too long to put here, can be found by going to: THE MEETING: An Untold Story of Sri Ramana and it's lead up article or prelude, SRI RAMANA MAHARSHI: The Last American Darshan.

A couple of more items that may be of some interest, one directly related, the other in a circular route. In the original source (see) outlining the experience with the Obeah in Jamaica the Wanderling writes:

"Around ten the next morning a couple of Jamaican kids found me unconscious in a ravine about a mile from Bamboo Lodge and miles from the Obeah's hut, naked, all scratched up, and in the bushes, as though I had crashed through the trees or something."

Castaneda, commenting of his experience turning into a crow and flying, writes, after what he refers to as waking up:

"I was naked! The motion of standing made me sick again. I recognized some of the landmarks. I was about half a mile from don Juan's house, near the place of his Datura Plants."

Part of the definition of Apportation, which might or might not be applicable and could even confuse the matter somewhat, reads:

"Clothing and personal items worn or carried are transported within the limits physical encumbrance, although some applications of apportation may not allow it."

Again, from the original source the Wanderling writes:

"As for me, I just wanted to know for sure. A couple of days later when I was able to walk and was much less sore I hiked back up the winding mountain trail to the Obeah's place. When I got to the clearing where his hut should have been, and had been a few nights before, nothing was there. No hut, no fire pit, no nothing. Not only that, to me, it looked as though nothing had ever been there."

That inturn is compared with an experience of a young man in a rite of passage test of manhood from "Yurok Medicine Man" called Making of the Land Medicine:

"His teacher directed him to find a cave and to spend the night there in chanting and prayer, making a Medicine Packet from the materials in the pouch he had brought. Then he was directed to find a ledge in the cave and to feel for the packets of medicine left there by candidates who had endured this very trial at some time in the past."

"I find this cave and I do my medicine thing...then I reach up to put it on the shelf and, just out of curiosity, I run my hand back and forth to feel and know what’s there. I feel a crumbly packet and another, hardly a bundle at all, and then only dust with a few lumps, so I get the hell out of there. It’s a sacred and spooky place. I spend the day as directed and later, just for the hell of it, I go back and look for the cave. I couldn’t find it. I must have made a wrong turn but I couldn’t find it. Even the ones I did find did not have any shelf."



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[2] RESEARCH SOURCE: MARK VULETIC Creation ex nihilo
Vuletic's References Include:

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Interdimensional slip-shifting is a phenomenon that allows the movement or transference within or between the conventional plane and other possible environments or dimensions. Similar to and sometimes equivalent to a sister phenomenon that is thought of as, refered to, or called Astral Projection and/or Astral Travel. Interdimensional slip-shifting generally envelops the movement of pyhsical phenomenon from the coventional plane while Astral Projection and/or Astral Travel by definition is typically understood to incorporate an out-of-body aspect. See: