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At the Board of Directors aka the Tribal Council Meeting of August 21, 2005, the following three (3) Board of Directors/Council Members were impeached/removed from all office positions within the Wea Indian Tribe, Inc. by a majority vote of the Board of Directors/Tribal Council, and from this day forward DO NOT represent the Wea Indian Tribe, Inc. in any way NOR do they have ANY authority to act for the Wea Indian Tribe, Inc. in any way.

Impeachment/Removals effective on August 21, 2005 of:

The Wea Indian Tribe, Inc. does not have an office of business in Clinton, Indiana. Mr. & Mrs. Terry & Betty Stuff, Sr. have been ordered to close the contact office at their home in Clinton, Indiana and to return all Tribal property to the only official Tribal Office in Lafayette, Indiana.

The final results of our Meeting Minutes and reasons for the impeachment/removals of the above three (3) named persons are available to our members and the public, upon request.

Until we can fill our vacant Board of Directors/Tribal Council positions the following people are your contacts as of September 4, 2005:

We wish to thank all of you, for your support and bearing with us,
through this last year's long inter-tribal ordeal.

Wea Indian Tribal Council

Official Tribal Office:
Fishers, Indiana 46037



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